Edison teachers get pay bump

New contract freezes base pay but reinstates step increases
Alissa Widman Neese
May 31, 2014



Edison Schools inked a new deal with its teachers union this past month, a two-year contract offering modest pay hikes for the first time in two years.

The agreement reinstates step pay increases, which teachers receive as experience grows. 

Base pay, however, will remain frozen, according to the contract.

Teachers will also contribute more to their insurance plans and the state retirement system, meaning the deal is nearly an even split.

School board members officially OK'd the new agreement at a meeting May 21.

"These were very amicable negotiations, and it's a nice, mutual agreement," superintendent Tom Roth said. "We feel everyone gained and gave on things."

In their past two-year agreement, teachers agreed to freeze both their step and base pay increases, Roth said. This past month's agreement is retroactively effective, meaning teachers will receive any experience-based pay increases, or "steps," lost in the past two years because of the freeze.

Anne Arnold, the district's treasurer, wasn't available Friday to explain how the contract specifically impacted the district's updated five-year financial forecast.

The new forecast, which board members also approved May 21, projects a positive cash balance through the 2016-17 school year. The district's annual operating budget is about $15 million.

Projections have improved since voters approved a 7.9-mill, five-year levy this past May, which generates an additional $1.8 million annually for the district, Roth said.

"We want to make certain the community understands we're very grateful for the passage of the levy, and we still want to be as fiscally prudent as possible," he said.

The district's financial forecast is available on the Ohio Department of Education's website.

Note: This story has been modified to correct a previous version, which contained inaccurate information regarding teacher compensation.


Azure Ray

[Insert typical teacher-bashing comment here] Blah, blah, blah.


insert typical teacher bashing comment here... here it goes. Got their huge tax levy! Of course its not going to the kids. Its going to the teachers. How did we know that was going to happen...

Finn Finn

Exactly . . . but of course, you can't point that out for fear of appearing to "bash" the anointed ones. I'd have just a little more respect for the teachers if the pay increases were not retroactive. So many people, myself included, have gone a lot longer than two years (8 in my case) without raises. It's not difficult to agree to a two year pay freeze if you know you will be reimbursed when the two years is over. Oh how they give, give, give of themselves, for the children; to the community, with no thought of themselves. (That was what you would consider a bash, Ray, steeped in sarcasm.)


Teachers perform a valuable and very important service to our society. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say their job is the most important one, since many parents are doing less and less to teach their own kids. To not agree is to say that your/our kids aren't a high priority. And they do it for less $$$ than other professions requiring college degrees, and have to put up with angry anti-education people such as yourself. I think they are an unappreciated bargain.

Steve P

"And they do it for less $$$ than other professions requiring college degrees," please give examples. Make sure you consider most full time employment work 240 plus days a year, compared to 182 for teachers and pay a higher percentage for their health care and pensions than teachers. Also what other profession get an automatic pay increase (step raises) just for showing up each year.. I am not anti teacher but compare the teachers apples for apples..

JMOP's picture

For once Coaster I agree with you, except for the fact you called someone anti-educational.


Agreed. since when should teachers not be paid a fair wage? I find it deplorable and insulting that some feel they should be paid poverty wages.

It seems fine teachers should spend thousands $$$ for a college education abd then be required 5 years into teaching to have a masters with thousands more $$$ out of pocket for their education AND they should be down right tickled to get paid...........what at the level of a person who works the counter at McD's?

Thinking like that is not even funny its just plan ignorant.


You're an idiot, anyone can homeschool, doesn't take a degree to teach, use a pencil , a pen, a chalkboard.


People thinking like this is exactly the problem.


I can clearly see why US is where it is in education rankings in the world. You are a clear example of that. Thankfully you are in the minority.


BTW my child's six grade teacher (yuengling) doesn't do a minute of work outside of school, takes her weeks to grade papers and is always letting the kids know how perfect she is (3.9 in college). But the moment you email her or try to get "involved" she gets defensive and very rude! Edison has a great school system but needs to take a look at some of the teachers. She might be book smart but can not relate to any parent!


So involved in your kid's education that you don't even know how to spell their teacher's name? Funny stuff!


I just didn't fell like editing it, but being that this is the only comment you know it's true! My son is a Honor roll student and works hard for it! I love his other teachers, but I refuse to just sit by so I email and try to be involved. Some teachers, well one makes it very hard! I don't think everyone should get a raise just to get one, you earn them!


BTW telling ppl you do have kids and saying they have four legs and being dead serious makes her look stupid! She can not relate at all, as much as she tries, she can't!

Steve P

Calling others stupid that is what your personal vendetta does for you. Sixth grade curriculum at Edison, more than half the kids are on honor or merit roll, not exactly rocket science. If this teacher is so bad how is your kid in her class and yet in the honors program?


Not honors program, honor roll. Means he has a GPA of 3.5 or higher genius! Maybe you should go back to school. The first sentence makes no sence! I get what you are "trying" to say but you need to learn the proper way of displaying your frustration. I would have put another word there but the profanity police block me here! Kisses!

Steve P

I will attempt to keep it very simple so even you can understand between bon bons. Reading comprehension is not your strength.Iit makes "no sence." Your 8th grade education is amazing. Honors or honor roll, Einstein had clearly something you didn't have to worry about when you were a student.


What, you don't like when a woman proves you wrong honey, so you go to that! Please! I stated something about my child and you tried to correct me, which you couldn't. You now just look sad! Man you must have been fun to play sports with growing up!


Yet many defend the obscene amount of pay & perks CEO's get. Or look @ what most School Superintendents make. Willing to bet teachers have to deal with many jerk parents and or jerk students too.




I don't have an issue with step increases being reinstated, but retroactive? That's a bit of a smack in the face, but not unexpected.


The best part of this is that in most school districts only about one-half of the teachers get a step increase (the other half is maxed out). These are the lower paid teachers. By agreeing to a base freeze, the highest paid teachers are really taking a true wage freeze and are probably actually taking a reduction if they are picking up more of their insurance and retirement.

Many times it is the more senior teachers that are negotiating so getting a step freeze is not as hard as you may think, especially if the district agrees to give a base increase which all teachers share in. I would have to commend the Edison teachers for taking this step since they were looking out for their younger and lower paid teachers.


Another tax levy will be coming up.


If you don't like teachers benefits, here's a thought: go to college, get the grades, work hard to find a teaching job and be good at that job. No one said you couldn't do it too. It's all about personal work ethic, and if you expect what you get, or go out and earn it for yourself


And here we are. They waited long enough to give the levy money out between their selves. And the next levy will be for the kids..Fox ruling the hen house.

Alissa Widman Neese's picture
Alissa Widman Neese

Thank you for your comments, readers. 

During a conversation with superintendent Tom Roth this past week, it appears I misunderstood what he meant when he described the new contract's retroactive compensations. 

After talking with him today, I have modified the following paragraph to correct an error, and I wanted to direct your attention to it: 

In their past two-year agreement, teachers agreed to freeze both their step and base pay increases, Roth said. This past month's agreement is retroactively effective, meaning teachers will receive any experience-based pay increases, or "steps," lost in the past two years because of the freeze.



Would be nice if this mistake and correction were given the same exposure the incorrect story got. The public should know instead of being bitter with teachers. That happens often enough without help.