Brawl at grad party leads to car, foot chases

Officers dish out a slew of charges to four people.
Andy Ouriel
Jun 1, 2014
What started as some uninvited guests crashing a graduation party quickly escalated into a fight and then a car chase.
The end result: Local law enforcers chased down four of five suspects causing a ruckus late Saturday night.
The chaos began at around 11 p.m., when several police officers from both Perkins and Sandusky swarmed the 2700 block of Campbell St. by the Firelands Association of Realtors building to break up a fight at a graduation party.
Officers first arrived on scene after receiving reports of anywhere from 15 to 20 people fighting and screaming. They also believed at least two people could be wielding guns.
Upon one officer arriving on scene, he noticed a car trying to leave the area, the likely culprits of this tumultuous saga.
The officer carefully positioned his cruiser to try and block this vehicle from backing out. The officer, at gunpoint, then demanded all five of the vehicle’s occupants to exit.
The driver, however, ignored these commands and started driving north on Campbell Street.
Two police cars, one each from Sandusky and Perkins, began tailing this car in their cruisers.
As this occurred, the car drove into an intersection at Campbell Street and West Perkins Avenue jam-packed with vehicles.
As the driver stopped, with police quickly catching up, three of the vehicle’s five occupants left and began running away.
Police ended up catching two of the three runaways and charging four people in total:
• Charles C. Hathorn Jr., 20, 1300 block E. Larchmont Drive, two-count disorderly conduct to fight or threaten others, obstructing official business, resisting arrest, failure to comply with orders, marijuana possession and underage consumption.
• Shakill Fenderson, 20, 500 block Camp St., riot to commit misdemeanor, disorderly conduct to fight or threaten others, obstructing official business and underage consumption.
• Boy, 15, 1800 block Remington Ave., obstructing official business and underage consumption.
• Boy, 17, 1000 block Carr St., two-count disorderly conduct to fight or threaten others, obstructing official business, resisting arrest, failure to comply with orders, marijuana possession and underage consumption.
One person remains on the loose.
“This is not an everyday occurrence,” Perkins police Chief Ken Klamar said. “We’re thankful for that, but it was interesting.”
Officers urge anyone, including those wishing to remain anonymous, to provide any information about this situation. You can call Perkins police at 419-627-0824.


Perkins Resident

Former DJ's crowd?


What does the local branch of the NAACP have to say about this?


What are they supposed to say?


The NAACP only seems to spout off when there are perceived injustices perpetrated against black people. How about trying to be proactive in a situation like this? Condemn what happened and ask for peace in the black community. Try to find a solution instead of only pointing the finger.


Should have kept DJ's open. I knew this was going to happen. This is only the beginning, mark my words. Instead of having 80 to 100 people fighting, stabbing and shooting each other, at one location, your now gonna have 5 to 20 people fighting and attempting to murder others at multiple establishments all over town. Being able to go out and have fun with a couple friends, is a thing of the past. Unless of course you don't mind getting beat unconscious, shanked, or shot.


Haha YOU.....u are totally correct


Officers...will you please slow down your response time to these places so some of.these people can start thinning each other out ??? If you hear that a couple people might have guns, go even slower


So we want gun fights in Perkins?


Nooooo....we want these stupid thug, gun carrying underage drinking punks to start thinning themselves out, so us innocent people dont get hurt or killed by a stray bullet, or police car chase.


For all of you posting on this it happened in Perkins Township. All these kids that they mentioned are white and low end people. White Trash. So please dont be trashing Sandusky. You have your own problems.


So shakil and Charles are white? Lol, Interestinggg. Le me axe you a ? Is sakura and DaMarcus white as well?


Are you f-ing color blind?? The proof is in the pic..


LOL !!!! for being a life time resident, you need to get out of the house more ! Unless there was really bad lighting for the mug shot, they kinda look black to me

Stop It

Wow. Is this one gonna fry or die?

You know you people in Perkins are considered as Sanduskians by out of towners, right?

Maybe SR should do a poll to be clear?

I'm serious. Every one in a fifty mile radius of Sandusky and Perkins considers Perkins as Sandusky.

From the Grave

I didn't hear about this party, or I would have gone and started some trouble myself.

Stop It

Kinna like your your new City Manager is from Ohio City which is in the Flats that Cleveland swallowed a long time ago. I have a bud from Ohio City that hates being called part of Cleveland.

Dwight K.

But isn't Perkins still Sandusky? What do people that live in Perkins put on their mail when sending or receiving something??


I live in perkins. I call it Sandusky. I put Sandusky on my mail. our neighborhood homes cost the same as first street and we don't have sidewalks. the only time I ever make a distinction is when I have to pay for plates, it is cheaper.

Gyro Cart Guy

Perkins is merely a township of Sandusky that will eventually be recaptured. The economics and schools make it inevitable.


I'd have to agree with you, and not just because you have a cool screen name.

The recent whispers of this around town are very interesting, and it would seem that some people in positions of power are actually becoming much more comfortable with the idea of Perkins and Sandusky (at least the school systems) merging for the betterment of all.

Is it true that the football teams will train together this summer as "one"? Now, THAT would be interesting.


"Perkins is merely a township of Sandusky that will eventually be recaptured. The economics and schools make it inevitable."

No, Sandusky is a city incorporated within Perkins Township. A township is a not some breakaway from a city to be recaptured. It is an entity that falls between the status of a city and that of a county in nature.

Regarding the inevitability of Sandusky annexing the unincorporated remainder of the township, dream on. 90% of Perkins residents are there BECAUSE they don't want to live within Sandusky, and the economic and housing exodus after a merger would be devastating to all involved.

The same result would happen if the school districts merged. Property values in Perkins would drop so fast it would make sense to bulldoze the subdivisions and plant cornfields in their place.


I see little difference between the City of Sandusky and Perkins Township in socioeconomic terms and it makes little sense to have duplicate services and redundant government.


"I see little difference between the City of Sandusky and Perkins Township in socioeconomic terms "

Yeah, right:
Median household income:..$34,018.......$49,662
Homeownership rate:.......32%...........84%

"and it makes little sense to have duplicate services and redundant government."

It's no more redundant than the US and China are redundant. Perkins residenta do not wish to live under Sandusky's government any more than Americans wish to live under China's. Of course, the value of having choices and self-determination doesn't register to statist/collectivist leftists like you.

I'm sure Sandusky would love to merge school districts - just like a leech wants to latch onto a large warm body. The more numerous but financially less responsible voters of Sandusky would suck Perkins dry to throw more pointless interventions at kids in a vain attempt to overcome lack of real parents.
People like you have long dreamt of merging all of Cuyahoga County into the city of Cleveland. If they ever get their way, the populations of Geauga, Lake, Medina, and Lorain counties will explode overnight.


I didn't know there was a Perkins, Ohio. What is the zip code there?


Lifetime resident, what are you smoking. All white people......give me a break. Even the addresses offer a good hint.


I wish I could afford to get out of Sandusky and move to Perkins Township. Same zip code or area code or whatever, I wish I could afford do that for my family.


And Rebuild Sandusky wants wants to put the screws to tourists to hire more police to deal with the inability of locals to raise their offspring not to behave like animals. In other words, they want CP and its customers to subsidize the poor parenting skills of local residents.

Stop It

Somebody has to do it.


Fine, I'll get behind the admissions tax increase if it's written into the ballot issue that the money can only be used to offer a $2000 payment to anyone in the county over the age of 14 for getting irreversibly sterilized.


Ah but you'd still allow middle aged white guys in Perkins Township to impregnate their 12 and 13 year old neighbors, nieces and or daughters?