Police arrest drunken woman

An intoxicated Sandusky woman was arrested Monday after she tried to enter her boyfriend’s home, insisted she would drive home, then returned upon her release from jail, according to a police report.
Sandusky Register Staff
Mar 12, 2014


Samantha Mahler, 31, 1600 block Central Ave., was charged with disorderly conduct.

Perkins officers went to a Columbus Avenue home shortly before midnight Monday to find Mahler punching a door, according to a police report

She said she was upset she caught him with another woman and demanded he return her phone and keys, the report said.

The man dialed her number, and it rang from inside her purse. Officers told Mahler she would be charged if she didn’t leave, but Mahler yelled and cried and fell to the ground, refusing to get in their cruiser, the report said.

She wanted to drive herself home, then wanted to take a taxi, then finally agreed to go with the officer. As the cruiser began to pull away, Mahler said the officer could drive her home, but she’d just walk back to the man’s house to retrieve her vehicle, the report said.

Mahler was taken to the Erie County jail and released to a sober person — who then dropped her back off at the man’s house to pick up her car. Perkins police then denied her request to file a domestic violence report, so she went to Firelands Regional Medical Center and tried to file one there, the report said.


From the Grave

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Nice. On a side note, how is this woman only 31? She looks older than the dog guy!


me too. about the dog being okay.


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