Deputies use naloxone to revive man

Just nine days after Erie County deputies were issued a new drug to combat heroin overdoses, a Huron man was revived with the substance Sunday night.
Sandusky Register Staff
May 13, 2014


Huron police asked deputies for mutual aid at about 11:30 p.m. Sunday after they received a report of a possible overdose in the 2000 block of Linden Drive.

When deputies arrived, they found a motionless 23-year-old man on the floor, according to a deputy’s report. The man’s father said he’d just entered their trailer then became totally unresponsive.

Noting track marks on the man’s arm which are indicative of heroin use, Deputy Daniel Orzech grabbed a dose of naloxone — commonly known as Narcan — and administered it to the man. Within two minutes, the man jolted awake.

He was able to answer paramedics’ questions and was taken to Firelands Regional Medical Center for treatment. Deputies just began carrying Narcan in their kits May 2.



Great work, Deputy Daniel Orzech. Not many people can say that they actually saved someones life, let alone brought them back from being dead. From one human being to another, I applaud you

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I really hope this was an eye opener for the user.

Great job Mr. Orzech, not only for your quick thinking, but your decision to follow through.


Awesome work, Deputy Orzech. You definitely rose to the occasion.


you cant prosecute a dead person. heroics..


It's great to hear that a young man's life was saved. Now hopfully he will turn it around.


Yes DGMutely, you are absolutely right! Thank you to those that made it possible for this drug to be on hand for our LE personnel. Hopefully follow up is made with this addict, to let him know he is a human being with a right to live regardless to the poor and lousy decisions he has made up until this point in his life!! Maybe, just maybe, he realizes that people care for his well being. Even the LE community that get such bad press. Good job Deputy Orzech!!!!'


...and soon the revived man will be back at work and paying taxes....

I love a happy ending.


... and soon the revived man will be laying on the bathroom floor with a needle in his arm!


The smart money bets with you...


And soon YoMamma gets hit by a car. You know what YoMamma. There is an old saying it goes like this, karma's a b!tch, with a comment like yours, so are you.


Maybe they should keep records to see how many are repeat users or actually turn their lives around. How many find this as a "get out of jail free card" and how many finally decide to turn their lives around and realize that they almost DIED! The news stories on TV and the articles I have only prolongs the inevitable, many just OD a few years later down the road. Do they realize the chance they are given? The chance at life? NO, they just go back and do it again, knowing that someone will come with the magic drug to bring them back from the brink to do it again, and again, and again. Many of them do not really want help.


THIS by far is not new, the squads around here do this everyday and have been for YEARS.


Youmustbejoking - karma may indeed be a b##tch but reality is a kick in the a$$!


@goodtime1212 - no it's not new, the good thing is: the ECSO Deputies are often the first ones on the scene (and on many occasion, waaaaay before the squad). For them to have the ability to administer the Narcan before squad arrives is definitely key in someone's survival.