Police arrest 22 in Ohio drug sweep

Police say the arrest of 22 people on drug charges this week should put a dent in central Ohio’s heroin trade.
Associated Press
Mar 15, 2014


Police in Marion, about 45 miles north of Columbus, said they arrested 22 people during a sweep in the city on Wednesday following a fourmonth investigation.


   Investigators said suspected drug dealers from Marion, Detroit and Chicago were sought in the drug task force’s round-up. Heroin, cocaine and marijuana were seized during the operation.


   Most of the defendants are charged with trafficking or possessing drugs, or permitting drug abuse. Marion police Maj. Jay McDonald said he expects additional charges will be filed as the investigation continues.


   Other suspects are being sought.


Simple Enough II

Extract the information we need, then give them a double dose of what they are dealing. Parasites.


No details? Amounts of drugs & money!!!! Would be helpful info

Darwin's choice

"Sensationalism sells"
21 were probably some small amount of pot, which is still held in the some horror as heroin, but the headlines vindicate moneys spent on "the war on drugs". The CIA is the biggest distributor of heroin in the world...

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The CIA are the largest importer of 'illegal' drugs into the USA and have been since Clinton was governor of Arkansas and G, H.W. Bush (nicknamed "poppy" by his frat brothers for his involvement in the blackmarket opium trade)was flying in tons of cocaine from the contras into a small Mena AK airstrip by Berry Seal (a well known smuggler used by the CIA since the late 1950's)

The War on Drugs is a war on you...


Don't you people watch the world news? Our own Attorney General has made HEADLINES across the country! Ohio has shown that drug dealings in Ohio have DROPPED with the sweeps they have done and other actions taken by he and his task forces in Ohio. My goodness. CNN had it on their newscast this past week.

And Sonja Gupta had a special on the uses of medical maryjane and how it may not be as bad as everyone has thought in the past. about the different types and how it is being used to treat children and some very bad problems from leukemia to epilepsy. People are moving to Colorado in droves and Colorado made 2 million in tax revenue in the first quarter alone on their pot revenue. WOW.


actions taken by he and his task forces? is that english? anyway, I do see an upswing in heroin arrests but I still see many of them get out of jail and go right back to it. in between they're breaking into homes and cars. so maybe less dealing but more crime overall? not sure 'he and his task forces' are accomplishing anything.

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No one on this planet has the legitimate authority to dictate what you can or can't put into your body. The "War on Drugs" is just another way for the state to steal from citizens.


Amen Winston!


By the same token, no one has the right to dictate whether or not, I decide to put a piece of lead into the drugged up sonofabitch who decides to steal from me or break into my house, to pay for his drug habit.