Man allegedly injects drugs into girlfriend

Sandusky police charged a Margaretta Township man with two felonies after he allegedly injected heroin into his girlfriend’s arm Friday night.
Sandusky Register Staff
Mar 9, 2014


Alexander M. Vanscoy, 19, 8700 block Oxbo Road, faces charges of tampering with evidence and corrupting another with drugs.

Officers responded to a home within the 400 block of West Osborne St. in Sandusky for an unresponsive woman who wasn’t breathing. Firefighters informed police the woman, 20, had a weak pulse and took her to Firelands Regional Medical Center for treatment.

The woman, upon feeling better, told police Vanscoy, her boyfriend, injected her with heroin.

Officers then arrested Vanscoy and took him to the Erie County jail, where he remained as of Saturday night on no bond.



He was wanting sex... he'll be getting plenty of it where he's going.


She was probably too chicken to hit a vein herself


I really doubt that he did this against her will..not that it makes it better, but if she was a willing participant, it kind of changes how I feel about the whole situation. I hope she is OK , and at the same time learns a valuable lesson on the dangers of drugs


Was this action with or without consent ? Kinda depend on the charge of corruption with drugs or attempted murder .


Why not like attempted manslaughter?


They do carry Narcan


Sounds to me like she couldn't hit a vein, so instead of "wasting" the dope, she asked her boyfriend to help her. From what I've heard there's nothing worse then a "miss" (which is when you're an IV drug user and you inject the drug, but it doesn't go into the vein, instead its injected under the skin) because they don't get the "rush" feeling that they're looking for, essentially it was a waste. If that's what happened here, then this guy should NOT be charged. It's basically the same as the person that pours a beer into a funnel, while the other is doing the shot from said funnel. If this was not the case, and she was not a consenting participant, then the guy should get the book thrown at him.


From what you've heard????


Right! I know nothing like that and I am far from sheltered! Sounds like someone use to be a user!


You know, I've lived a pretty long full life and no one's ever cornered me to inject heroin against my will lol
Raise your hand if this has happened to you...
This is the stupidest thing I've ever read. It really and truly is.
I hope they're BOTH locked up (but of course they're at home now sitting back reading our comments haha silly me!)


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