Two land drug trafficking charges

“The drug problem in Sandusky is unreal right now, we don’t discriminate against any drug dealer. Big or small, we’re going to take them all”
Courtney Astolfi
Feb 22, 2014


Police arrested two men for drug trafficking this week after serving search warrants at each of their Sandusky homes.

Dylan Ridgeway, 21, of the 800 block of Fulton St., was charged with heroin trafficking and possession, weapons under disability, criminal tools possession and marijuana possession.

Travis Clinton, 20, of the 400 block of E. Washington St., was charged with cocaine trafficking and possession, possession of marijuana, drug paraphernalia and criminal tools.

When officers served a warrant at Ridgeway’s Fulton Street home on Wednesday, they found him incoherent after they burst through his door, Sandusky police Detective Adam West said.

Officers found more than 15 grams of heroin in a shoebox, as well as about $550 cash, a .22 revolver, ammunition and digital scale, West said. Found elsewhere in the home was marijuana.

Ridgeway’s trafficking charge was upgraded to a first-degree felony because a 17-year-old girl was in the house with him and he lives within 1000 feet of a Jackson Street school.

Officers continued the purge Thursday when they also served a warrant at Clinton’s East Washington Street home.

Clinton was asleep on his living room couch when officers knocked down his door. Inside one of his coat pockets was a wad of more than 30 grams of crack, West said.

Officers also uncovered $130 in cash, marijuana and paraphernalia. Clinton’s trafficking charge was enhanced because of the amount of crack he was carrying, West said.

The two men were taken to the Erie County jail following their arrest. Both warrants are part of a recent push by Sandusky police to crack down on narcotics use in the city.

Investigators receive information about drug dealers in a variety of ways, but most often, residents will phone a tip to Sandusky’s drug tip hotline. From there, patrol officers may conduct surveillance on suspicious homes or enlist the help of confidential informants.

“The drug problem in Sandusky is unreal right now,” West said. “We don’t discriminate against any drug dealer. Big or small, we’re going to take them all”



I'm sure this has something to do with that bust on Westport blvd in Huron. those users snitched out their suppliers why else would they bust the house in Huron and all 9 people are released and not charged but these guys get busted and go straight to jail????


You are correct Huronguy, they will talk and walk for now. Once the empire falls and the King pin is locked up LE will go back out and take the snitches down on their next offense. If the snitches can help topple another big player then they will go free again. The snitches are getting their rocks off and then selling out their suppliers just to keep out of the pokey.


Then one day when the snitches finally get locked up they will meet up with the people they helped put behind bars and well, you know the rest.


All nine may have been released because they did not find anything to hold them on lol


They found drugs, drug instruments and bullets. They're was convicted felons in the house with access to ammo that's a felony. The boys on Westport blvd are snitching. I've never read in this paper or any other how a house was raided and drugs were found and no one goes to jail??? And a few days later other search warrants are served on the dealers after the 9 users are busted. 2+2=4

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Huronguy and cowboy you are both correct. I tried telling people in another thread that Chris hofer is a informant and at least a few of these 8 people from Huron are snitching Only fools assume. You must be one of the nine that were arrested. Did not find anything??? It said right in the newspaper what they found duh these 9 ppl from Huron are snitching out the Sandusky dealers, why else did no one get arrested?


Im not saying they aren't idk. Just saying if they found marijuan and stuff they cant hold them on it. Also its illegal for a felon to have a gun not ammo



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Ammo or a gun is illegal. If a felon is in possession of ammo it is the same as having a gun and it wasn't marijuana it was heroin they were caught with.


I was taught as a child that, Snitches are B1+che$ that get stitches and whined up in ditches


who cares sooner as long as they get some of the heroin and the junkies off the streets . let all of them get put in jail the less heroin one more life saved


Huron = white criminals = no jail time. DUH??????????