EHOVE students arrested

Two EHOVE Career Center students were arrested Wednesday after one admitted the other sold him marijuana at school, according to an Erie County deputy’s report.
Sandusky Register Staff
Feb 13, 2014


A 16-year-old New London boy was charged with marijuana trafficking, marijuana possession and unruly juvenile. A 17-year-old Castalia boy was charged with marijuana possession and unruly juvenile.

A teacher tipped off the EHOVE school resource officer that a student may be selling marijuana to other students Wednesday around noon, the report said.

School administrators pulled the New London boy out of lunch and he soon admitted having two bags of marijuana in his pocket.

Officials seized the bags and had the teen identify the Castalia student to whom he sold a third bag, the report said.

The Castalia boy then admitted he’d bought marijuana from the New London boy and handed over his purchase, the report said. Both boys were taken to the Erie County Detention Home.



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Peachy Keen

And GW Bush was an alcoholic, so not much difference there! And what does Obama have to do with this story anyway?



Faaip De Oiad

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It's weed stupid, not heroin or meth. Educate yourself so you don't look so ignorant.