Four arrested on drug charges

Police seize guns, drugs, cash after serving search warrants at two homes.
Courtney Astolfi
Feb 8, 2014


Police arrested four men on drug charges this week, after serving search warrants at two Sandusky homes.
On Friday morning, Sandusky police officers served a warrant at the West Perkins Avenue home of Tavon Pace, 22, and Deandre Hunter, 28, after receiving information they were selling narcotics, Sandusky police Detective Adam West said.

A search of the home yielded 11 heroin bundles wrapped in notebook paper, along with $1,800 in cash, West said.

Also allegedly found were three loaded handguns — one of which was an automatic pistol. One of the guns, West said, was reported stolen from Phoeniz, Ariz.

Officers seized the contraband, charged both with heroin trafficking and possession, and hauled the pair to the Erie County jail. Pace was additionally charged with having a weapon under disability, as he was indicted in December by an Erie County grand jury for heroin possession.

Hunter could also face weapons charges, as soon as West learns the status of a Michigan felony case against him.

And on Wednesday morning, officers arrested two other Sandusky men when they served a search warrant at a Wayne Street home.

Resident of the home Cordale Robertson, 35, was charged with cocaine trafficking and possession, marijuana possession, tampering with evidence and criminal tools possession.

Another man inside the home, Mark Milner, 55, 600 Hancock St., was charged with cocaine and marijuana possession and two counts drug paraphernalia.

As officers surrounded the residence, a detective spotted Robertson fling a plate of crack rocks onto the floor in an attempt to hide them, West said.

Officers then entered the home, seizing three grams of crack and more than $1,100 in cash.

They also found a digital scale, crack pipe and razor blades with suspected crack residue, West said.

Both men allegedly had marijuana as well, and Milner had a crack pipe on his person, West said.

They were held at the Erie County jail.


Stop It

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Which one your brother or the black guys.

Stop It

All of them. I worked with Mark for a few years.

Simple Enough II

Okay, so you say it was an automatic handgun which one? Now if you learn the difference between a. "Semiautomatic " handgun and a true "automatic" firearm please let me know. Now lets see if erie counties prosecutors office hammers these "alleged" drug dealers and don't dropped the weapons under disabilities charges


It drives me absolutely crazy when reporters babble on about "automatic" this and "automatic" that. They mean, of course, "semi-automatic." And my best guess is that you're not going to get an answer because they clearly have NO CLUE what an automatic weapon is and is not, and just how different the laws are for auto vs. semi-auto firearms. Bet you five bucks the reporter is as anti-gun as the paper she works for...!


Maybe it's just me, but I'm pretty sure a criminal isn't going to care about the difference in laws when it comes to owning a true automatic weapon versus owning a semiautomatic weapon. Is it possible that they found a fully automatic handgun in the house? Absolutely. Is there a good chance that it's stolen? Definitely. If it was the 90s again, you'd see every crack dealer with a Tech 9 again.


A Tech 9 has a very large magazinem, but is semiautomatic, as are almost all handguns. A fully automatic handgun is next to useless.


i have a tec dc9. threaded barrel and heat guard around the barrel. it has two 32 round magazines. it looks cool but it is next to useless. it is semi automatic only..

Courtney Astolfi

While it is true firearms aren't my strong suit, "automatic" is the description the detective gave me when I interviewed him for this story.


I'll see your automatic handgun and raise you a Phoeniz, AZ.

Molon Labe

Additional terms sometimes used as synonyms for a semi-automatic pistol are automatic pistol, self-loading pistol, autopistol, and autoloading pistol.