Patrol pot bust nets big stash

State Highway Patrol troopers seized 32 pounds of marijuana after a traffic stop on the Ohio Turnpike on Wednesday.
Jan 24, 2014


Jon A. Dangelo, 44, of, Eugene, Ore., was arrested and charged with aggravated drug trafficking and possession of marijuana, the Elyria Post of the Highway Patrol said.
Dangelo was driving a 1996 Mercedes Benz when he failed to use his turn signal, the Patrol said. He was stopped near mile marker 135 at about 4:30 p.m. A drug sniffing police canine located the marijuana — which the Patrol said has a street value of $144,000 — in the trunk of the car.
Dangeloe was arresed and booked into the Lorain County Jail.



im SURE the streets are so much safer now..

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If you need someone to test each and every bag of that marijuana to make sure that it's cannabis I can do that for you .... in a heartbeat ....

Stop It

I dunno, nightroller. We better have a whole committee of folks ready to let them know.


I'll sleep way better knowing that bad marijuana is off the streets. It's more dangerous than heroin you know?!?! Schedule 1 drug!


Good thing those drugs are off the street.
I once had a patient who injected a whole marijuana and he exploded.

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I see all those that can’t cope unless stoned are crying the blues…

Highlight of the day for a stoner…sitting around blowing smoke into their pets' faces while watching King of the Hill reruns.

Break the psychological addiction before your life goes up in smoke.


I see those who believe in fairy tales are trolling..

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Thinkagain, do you have anything intelligent to offer?

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I don't know what makes you so stupid, but it really works!


So that would be a huge no. Every time this topic comes up, you trot out the same provably false accusation that anyone who doesn't support fascist prohibition is a drug user. There are police officers and many others who are subject to random testing who support legalization.

You have yet to offer a meaningful basis for your position, instead trotting out the same tired ad hominems over and over again.

Truth or Dare

Yea, but we'll leave the chargeless, violent, still-working pedophile patrolman on the streets, eh? More herb to be turned around and sold back on the streets to protect their legal defense funds, or used to plant. The State needs to make money somehow, rather than choosing to do it through job creation, they'll do it through the court system. Personally, I use Lamazze breathing to cope, to ward off panic attacks. It's better than xanie, just another pill pushed by the new Drug Pushers, Doctors. The breathing exercises are very helpful in coping methods and preventing the ripping out of another's jugular vein that insists on trampling on one's right to choose!

everyday joe

Well done OSHP! Keep up the good work!!!!

Peninsula Pundit

If the patrol pulled over everyone who didn't use their turn signals, they'd never get back on the road.
This and all these other 'marked lane violation, following too closely, not using turn signals' is probably a result of NSA data mining. That's why they use these bogus reasons to pull them over.



Truth or Dare

thinkagain; Such a shame you aren't so willing to be quick to speak out against pedophile priests, clergy, rogue LE that sexually/physically abuse children, or those in the position to cover their arses! Guess you don't give a rat's arse about the living, breathing children of the world. Just a cause that will bring more $$$$$'s in to support a Church, it's hierarchy and their politicians that have no problem trampling the rights of others. Sick, sick, SICK!


Meanwhile the OHIO corrupt continue to run Ohio and control the Ohio residents.

NSA does provide information on who transports cannabis or drugs in Ohio. They mine for drug information and the DEA then provides information to police agencies. I have seen millions of drivers not use turn signals on interstate highways when changing lanes or exiting.

What a joke Police State OHIO is. And the OHIO sheeple smile and cheer.

Truth or Dare

I guess I could chalk it up to the Advil I take on occasion, only when needed of course. Better yet to quote another, "I have this real moron thing I like to do. It's called thinking. I like to form my own opinion."