Search warrant nets drugs, cash

A Sandusky man was arrested for drug trafficking early Friday after police, armed with a warrant, searched his Division Street home.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jan 14, 2014


Ollie Norman, 40, was charged with two counts of drug trafficking, two counts of drug possession and possessing criminal tools.

When Sandusky police searched Norman’s home on Friday, they found a gram of heroin and multiple types of pills, Sandusky police Sgt. Dana Newell said.

Officers also seized two loaded guns inside the home, along with more than $5,000 in cash, Newell said.

Norman reportedly cooperated with police and did not resist arrest.

He was taken to the Erie County jail and held on $38,000 bond.



Maybe 10 years of hard labor vs 10 years with a free gym, meal and a roof over their head would make them think twice before doing it again.


Weights in the prison yard is not a gym. Where do you guys get this stuff?


Yeah, Gunn - imagine the AUDACITY of thinking people have a right to decide what to put in their own bodies, as if this were a free country.


oh come on-he was just practicing being an entrepreneur! LOL