Boy, 14, arrested after attempted drug deal at school

A teacher caught a North Point Educational Service Center student in the middle of a drug deal Friday, an act that landed him criminal charges with the Erie County Sheriff’s Office.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jan 13, 2014


The boy, 14, of Wakeman, passed a note to another boy during class, which read “Hey if you have adderall I can sell 20 milligrams for $4 apiece” with a response “I have 30 mgs” according to an Erie County Sheriff’s report.

The teacher pulled the boy aside at about 11:15 a.m. and contacted the school’s resource officer, an Erie County Sheriff’s deputy.

When the deputy questioned the boy, he initially said he’d flushed the pills in a toilet, but later admitted he was hiding them in his front pants pocket, according to the report.

He was carrying 17 pills: five tramadol, 10 amphetamine and two hydrocodone.

When contacted about the incident, the boy’s mother said he had a prescription for tramadol and amphetamine, but not for hydrocone.

Deputies charged the boy with delinquent juvenile and possession of a controlled substance.

They transported him to the Erie County Juvenile Justice Center.


Simple Enough II

What is this school, is it an ALC (Alternative Learning Center also known as A**holes Last Chance)?

Seen it All

They have classrooms in most school districts in Erie, Huron, and Ottawa. Maybe even Lorain and Seneca as well. It doesn't state "which school" this took place. Could even be at EHOVE as they have classes there as well.

I always thought they serviced those with severe learning disabilities, but maybe the school systems are just throwing all their problem children there, hard to say.


Oh my God , Are yea kidding me ? Well we can see where this is going