Grandson takes $1,300, buys drugs

A man who emptied one of his grandmother’s bank accounts and used the money to buy drugs in Cleveland will not face criminal charges.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jan 8, 2014


The man’s grandmother called the Sandusky County Sheriff’s Office Jan. 2 after her grandson didn’t return home from the grocery store, where she’d sent him with a check to handle her shopping.

Deputies had found the man earlier in the day, falling asleep inside a store.

While going in and out of consciousness, the man told deputies he was on several medications that affected his sleeping patterns, and he was taken to the hospital for treatment.

After speaking with the man’s grandmother, they revisited him at the hospital, and he admitted he’d taken $1,300 from her bank account and used about $800 to buy drugs during a trip to Cleveland with another man.

He still had $500, which he turned over to deputies, who returned it to his grandmother.

She said she would handle the matter within her family.




Yeah, that will teach him a lesson (not).


I can't believe the police didn't charge him anyway. His grandmother's NOT helping him by letting him slide like that!


I guess she thinks she can do better then the court system , and somehow I have to agree with her.All the courts will do is slap him on the hand and tell him not to do it again , So what makes the difference ?

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Being judged by a stranger is nothing compared to being judged by your family


Well it might work if her family's last name is something like Corleone...


I don't know, the last thing I would ever want to do is disappoint my grandmother! But then again I would never steal from her in the first place. I tend to agree with others on here that leaving it up to the family to take care of it over having the courts take care of it might just be the best thing. Gene is right, all they might do - especially if this is the firs offense - is fine him, possibly make him do some sort of counselling and maybe if the judge is in the right mood make him do some sort of community service or a weekend jail time but more than likely it would be suspended sentence. Don't think grandma's going to let him off the hook that easy! Good luck!!


I agree, I would NEVER steal from my grandmother. But if I did, she would have kicked my butt.


If the family steps up and really put this young mans feet to the fire. He will never ever do anything like this again. They must also deal with the drug issue. And my last name ends with a "i". si deve pagare per questo


Why isn't his name published? I'd like to know what low life would steal from their own grandmother.


None of us no their family and should not judge her for keeping the matter in the family... Maybe they feel more comfortable not involving the police, as I to would. That does not mean the kid is getting a pass or won't learn his lesson, it just means the courts won't be involved. At least in my family, family is more important and doing good to be back in the good graces of my loved ones would be on the top of my to do list. It is hard out here with out loved ones and this boy should be spending the next year doing everything possible to earn his families trust back

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I must have missed where the article mentioned the “man” was a “boy”?

Grannie ain’t helping this “man” one iota. No doubt she acted out of familial love, but what he needs is tough love and a time out session in the pokey .


Maybe the grandmother didn't want to use the $500 she got back to pay his fine.


The court can order him into cannot.