Man caught with his pants down, police find more than crack

Police searched a man Thursday evening, arresting him with his pants down and his underwear halfway off after they found crack and heroin.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jan 5, 2014


A Sandusky officer spotted Carlos Daniels, 37, 800 block Perry St., near the intersection of Columbus Avenue and Division Street and — knowing there were warrants for his arrest — ordered him to stop.

Daniels, according to a police report, put his hands down toward the front of his pants and kept walking, even after the officer ordered him to stop again and pulled his gun while ordering him to show his hands.

Eventually, Daniels stopped and raised his hands, allowing his pants to slip down past his buttocks and his underwear to fall halfway down.

After officers handcuffed him, he said he was trying to tie his pants to run away but once he got them tied, he decided he was too drunk to run.

While in a holding cell at the police station, Daniels again put his hand down his pants, leading officers to strip search him. They uncovered crack, heroin and $642 in cash.

He was charged with disorderly conduct, obstructing official business, resisting arrest, tampering with evidence, trafficking in cocaine, trafficking in heroin, possession of cocaine and possession of heroin.


Darwin's choice


Big dog?

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He wasn't searched before being put in a cell?

John Harville

The key question even the reporter didn't ask... what if he'd ODd in jail?


Wonder if he's a plumber! No offense to plumbers intended.


They found the crack, But did not find the pipe. Must be a eunuch.




Very funny, headline editor, very funny.


yeah, excellent headline! pun intended!

John Harville

pun not intended. writers not that smart.

Erie Sniper

Pork and Beans?


Somebody send this in to Leno!


See, if he would have done like my mother taught me- that you should always wear a belt- he wouldn't be in jail now. Coulda' took off running with no problems. Always wear a nice belt and matching shoes- good advise from my mom. (make sure your face is clean and your hair combed too)


and always have clean underwear on, just in case your pants fall down, we don't want any racing tracks to show

John Harville