Man faces several charges after traffic stop

A Sandusky man was arrested on a slew of drug charges late Friday night after officers saw him trying to hide narcotics during a traffic stop, police said.
Sandusky Register Staff
Dec 29, 2013


Barry Fleming, 31, 200 block Neil St., was charged with felony heroin and crack possession and tampering with evidence, and misdemeanor possession of drug instruments and drug paraphernalia.

Fleming was also charged with occupying a drug premises, a minor misdemeanor violation of the Sandusky municipal code.

Sandusky police officers pulled Fleming over at Hayes Avenue and Taylor Street at about 11:30 p.m. Friday after seeing him leave an area believed to be associated with drug trafficking, according to a police report.

An officer soon saw Fleming grab an item from under his seat, crumple it in his hand and slide it under his leg, the report said.

Officers then ordered Fleming to show his hands at Taser-point. They discovered a crumpled cigarette pack containing suspected crack and heroin, the report said.

Officers then located a small crack rock wedged in Fleming’s seat, as well as a burnt spoon and hypodermic needle tucked into his sock, the report said.

Officers rarely charge suspects with occupying a drug premises.

According to the Sandusky municipal code, a person can be charged with the violation if they occupy a structure or vehicle where controlled substances are kept illegally, with the intent to unlawfully use or possess such items.





Another poor addicted man, wonder how awful they will treat him at our great Erie County jail? Wonder if he'll be ignored while he seizures on the floor?

red white and blue

We can only hope ^^

From the Grave

not long for this world

Sal Dali

This young man has a long life left in this world because he has family and friends that care enough to make sure he gets the help he needs. No one knows until something like this happens. It isn't like he is a worthless piece of trash without a job, without his own home or anything to his name. Sometimes good people get caught up with bad people and their lives take a turn in the wrong direction. He will make it through this hurdle and come out stronger man.