Alleged shoplifters may face drug charges

Perkins police found suspected bath salts and amphetamines in the purse of a Meijer shoplifter late Tuesday night, according to a police report.
Sandusky Register Staff
Dec 13, 2013


Kimberly Cross, 39, 500 block Shelby St., was charged with theft, criminal trespassing and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. Cross’s cohort, Mark Trautman, 36, 800 block Walt Lake Trail, was charged with theft and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.

The pair allegedly stole Trautman’s mother’s vehicle and medication Tuesday evening before embarking on a shoplifting spree in the Milan Road store. Once they arrived at Meijer in the vehicle, the couple tried to steal several containers of makeup, two pairs of slippers and a Christmas tree, the report said.

In a search of Cross’ purse, Perkins officers located a mirror compact with an unknown, dark and crystal-like substance on its surface, the report said. Officers noted that both appeared to be under the influence at the time of their arrest. Field drug tests of the mirror yielded positive results for both bath salts and amphetamines, the report said.

Cross could face additional charges, depending on the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation’s lab tests on the items.

Cross remains in the Erie County jail on $26,000 bond.

Trautman remains jailed on a $13,000 bond.



Ok maybe I'm completely naïve but what is the deal with bath salts? I don't get it - how are people using those as a drug? Obviously I'm not up on illegal drug usage because when I look at bubble bath and the like that what I think it's for, not for things to get a buzz off of


Bath salts are synthetic cocaine, just as k2 or spice is synthetic marijuana. The synthetic drugs are more dangerous though and sadly we are seeing a lot of kids using these substances. They are expensive to test for too!


The "bath salts" that they are talking about, are just labeled as such. However addicts know what to look for in the ingredients. The "bath salts" can be 1- crushed and mixed with marijuana and smoked as a blunt or joint, 2-it can also be smoked in a glass type of pipe,3- crushed and snorted, or 4-it can be mixed with water and injected straight into the vein