Three arrested after police find drugs worth $11K

A local brother-sister duo and a Detroit man were arrested Monday afternoon after Sandusky police discovered $11,000 in drugs hidden behind their car stereo, police said.
Courtney Astolfi
Dec 4, 2013


Anthony Hatfield, 46, and his sister, Heidi Hatfield, 29, both of the 800 block of Decatur Street, and David Martin, 41, of Detroit, were all charged with trafficking and possession of heroin, oxymorphone and oxycodone. Heidi Hatfield was also cited for a marked lanes violation.

Sandusky police pulled over Hatfield’s Mercury Mountaineer at Hayes Avenue and West Osborne Street at 3:30 p.m. Monday, after it veered outside its lane twice, according to a Sandusky police report.

Officers used police dog to sniff around the vehicle after noticing all three of its occupants appeared nervous. The dog quickly alerted to the front passenger seat, the report said.

As Sandusky police Detective Adam West searched the vehicle’s glove box, he saw a glint of plastic wrap tucked behind the radio and air-conditioning unit.

West pulled a total of three bags from the hidden compartment — one with 41 grams of heroin, one with 98 oxymorphone pills — commonly called Opana — and one with 90 oxycodone/ acetaminophen pills, commonly called Percocet.

Police estimate the heroin can be sold for $100 a gram, and each oxymorphone pill is sold for $40. Each oxycodone/ acetaminophen pill sells for $5, West said.

“It’s a pretty large amount for a town like this,” West said. “It’s the most heroin I’ve found in six years doing this”

Martin and Hatfield did not claim ownership of the drugs, prompting officers to charge them with trafficking and possession, West said.

The trafficking charges were upgraded to first-degree felonies because the three suspects were within 1,000 feet of Sandusky High School at the time of the traffic stop, West said.

All three were taken to the Erie County jail, where they remain on $135,000 bond apiece.



How to get busted for sure: hide drugs in car, drive around erratically and act nervous. Bam! you're busted!


Nice work SPD!


This is an old article but maybe someone will see my late comment.
These three have been in trouble with drugs before in the past. Actually two of the three have been being watched for a while. They are all strung out on the stuff. Anthony has lost houses, cars and family over his drug issues. He steals from people, he sells his belongings and what was stolen to get money for drugs. He smoke pot, eats pills, snorts pills and also does crack. He is all skin and bones and was always meaty before. His daughter tries to help him but gets no where. Everything he gets his hands on he sells it for money. Your probably asking how I know this.....well he is well known because of his issues and my family who is not involved in drugs knows him and his family. He goes back to court this Spring for this. Since this article he lost his house from for closure! Also his sister Heidi that got picked up with him has been reported dead from an OD.