Police: Man assaults woman, teen, dog

Suspect allegedly attacked because girlfriend didn’t save him McDonald’s
Sandusky Register Staff
Mar 11, 2014
A Sandusky man allegedly attacked his girlfriend, his teenage son and their dog because they did not save him any McDonald’s food, according to a Sandusky police report.

Paul Andrews, 48, of the 4000 block of Venice Road, was charged with assault and two counts of domestic violence.

Police were dispatched to Andrews’ home at about 11:30 p.m. Saturday, after Andrews called them and accused his girlfriend of assault, the report said.

Officers spoke to the girlfriend, who told them she was at work earlier in the evening when she began receiving nonsensical text messages from Andrews, an indication he’d been drinking. The woman “ignored the texts because this is normal behavior for Paul when he consumes alcohol,” the report said.

When the woman arrived home, she heard her dog yelping in the bedroom. She checked on the animal, only to find Andrews choking the dog “because it was on the bed” the report said.

When the woman tried to intervene, Andrews punched her in the eye and began yelling at his teenage son, the report said. When Andrews went after his girlfriend again, his son confronted him and eventually put him in a chokehold to subdue him.

“The entire matter was over Paul not getting any McDonald’s food,” the woman told police. Andrews remains in the Erie County jail on about $5,000 bond.

EDIT NOTE: This story was corrected from a previous version.



This guy is a p0s


There is constant fighting in that home. Kudos to the son who stood up for his dad's girlfriend. Sad.

he said she said

Being a DV survivor myself it's not always as simple as just leaving. Women are more likely to be killed when they try to leave their abuser.

This may be her 'normal'. If her mother was in a situation like this, she may not know that this is not right.

It is not her choice to be there. The abuser has probably beaten her down so far mentally, emotional and physically that she doesn't feel that she is good enough for another man to love.

Why doesn't she just leave? Because she is scared of what will happen to her and her child...the police and courts can only do so much.