Boyfriend stabbed with steak knife

A Sandusky woman allegedly stabbed her boyfriend’s leg with a steak knife early Friday morning at their Remington Avenue home.
Courtney Astolfi
Feb 8, 2014


Marissa Aaron, 20, 1600 block Remington Ave., was charged with felonious assault, child endangering and domestic violence.

The father of Aaron’s 2-year-old son called police at about 1 a.m. Friday after he suffered a stab wound to the right thigh, according to a Sandusky police report.

Though Aaron admitted she caused the wound, the pair offered different stories about the events leading up to the attack.

Aaron contended her boyfriend accused her of cheating, snatched her phone away, then put his hands around her neck when she tried to get it back, the report said.

She said she then grabbed a knife and stabbed the man because she felt threatened.

Aaron’s boyfriend, meanwhile, told police Aaron was angry he hadn’t been at their apartment in a few days and went into theirkitchen, the report said.

When she emerged from the room, Aaron was brandishing a steak knife in each hand. Aaron then allegedly charged, stabbing his leg with one of the knives, the report said.

When officers arrived, Aaron was sitting at their kitchen table, holding their son.

“Marissa then advised (the man) has been arrested several times for him putting his hands on her,” the report stated.

Over the past two years, the man has been charged with domestic violence, felonious assault and two counts misdemeanor assault, along with other nonviolent crimes, according to Sandusky Municipal Court documents.


Stop It

1st to call doesn't have to go. Somebody has to, unless you are a cop in Sandusky Co.


Beautiful, loving woman. Wish she wasn't in such a solid relationship. Great mother I'm sure.


Oh look! Remington Ave! Surprise!!


Domestic violence happens everywhere!

Bottom Line

But it's more likely to happen on Remington (for one). Stop being ignorant to the truth just because it doesn't support what you want.


It's not so much the truth that irritates people but rather the logic in it.


The truth is there is no logic in his statement. The people on Remington are no more likely to be involved in domestic violence than any other area. Domestic violence is everywhere. It just is. You also have to remember that domestic violence usually goes unreported.

Also, it's not about what I want. It is what it is and IT IS EVERYWHERE!

Bottom Line

If you read these articles (and obviously you do) then you know this is far more likely to involve certain ages, races and (among others) neighborhoods. That's just the truth. Nothing more nothing less. Acknowledging that doesn't make me hateful.


Are you really that ignorant? Yeah, only certain races get beat? I'm sorry but Remmington Ave. has apartments and VERY nice homes! The police get called out to the Harbor (million dollar homes) for wife beaters too btw! Domestic Violence has no face, age, or color. I hope you don't have any children or grandchildren because karma is a B!


A couple of quality parents raising their child to be a productive member of society!!


She looks so sad!


She is sad. Probably tired of his bs. Move on Marissa. You can do bad all by yourself and you can be unhappy without him. She should not be charged with anything!


Surprise deertracker: I actually agree with you. She is a beautiful young woman. If this man is supposed to be with her and hasn't been around for a couple of days, he needs to have his butt kicked to the curb. Not saying the knife thing was right.


Yeah, right, she has nothing to do with this...thousands of guys to choose from and surprise, she picked him.


Hopefully she learns from this and has the strength to move on without him! You got your entire life ahead of you... Make it a good one!


Why the long face?