Man attacks wife, mother-in-law

A Sandusky man was arrested Thursday morning for allegedly injuring his wife, then breaking both her and her mother’s cell phones so they couldn’t call for help.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jan 11, 2014


Michael Young, 33, 1200 block Ashburn Drive, was charged with domestic violence and disrupting public service.

When Young’s wife texted him a photo of another man in their home, Young drove into Sandusky to confront her, according to a Sandusky police report. An argument soon ensued, and Young pushed his wife into a door frame, injuring her arm, the report said.

When the woman tried to dial 911, Young allegedly grabbed the phone from her hand and threw it against a wall, breaking it.

Meanwhile, the woman’s mother was standing nearby and was video-recording the entire incident, the report said. Young also grabbed his mother-in-law’s phone from her hands and threw it to the ground, destroying it, the report said.

When officers located Young on Cleveland Road, he said his wife and her mother were the ones who struck him, the report said. Young is in the Erie County jail on $17,000 bond.



Why would a women send a photo of another man to her husband? I don't get it.


it's WOMAN for one, women for more than one. why would she do it? to instigate trouble, to stir things up. some women have a part in domestic violence. others don't.


Unassumer...It was a typo, ass.


To start some drama. Why provoke the guy?


She was harassing him


Clearly the have an unhealthy relationship. However, violence is never the answer.

Pioneer Trail Pimp

The sanctity of marriage.


This so has set up written all over it. Maybe she wants a divorce and figures if she can show court on video that he is a abuser then she can get the divorce. By the way, what happened to the other guy. Was he just a pawn in their game. Probably lit out while the getting was good. Think mom and daughter ought to be the ones in jail.


If there is domestic violence involved, legal aid will provide a divorce attorney for free. So If there is no domestic violence, then she would have to pay for a divorce attorney. No doubt this was a SETUP, but he took the bait. He got caught, hopefully she gets snagged.

Headline.. "Man Baited by Wife and Mother-in-Law".