Dianna's and The Depot remain open

Five Gonos family members bond out
Apr 10, 2013

Federal authorities said they have no plans to shut down three local restaurants whose owners were indicted Monday on federal charges related to tax evasion and money smuggling. 

Armed agents from U.S. Homeland Security, Border Patrol and other federal agencies swarmed the Gonos family’s $671,000 Crosstree Lane home in Sandusky Monday morning. Five of the family members were later booked into the Lucas County jail on charges of conspiracy to structure financial transactions to evade filing currency transaction reports and conspiracy to structure financial transactions to evade filing Form 8300.       

Those indicted are Haralambos Gonos, 52; Andreas Gonos, 28; Chris Gonos, 31; Kryiakos Gonos, 30; and Sofia Skoura, 52. All five posted bond just hours after they were indicted.  

Haralambos and Skoura posted $100,000 apiece, while Andreas, Chris and Kryiakos each posted $30,000 bond.  

The Register made several attempts to get the family’s side of the story Tuesday, but Haralambos’ 17-year-old son said he doesn’t think his father wants to talk.

The family owns the Dianna’s Deli restaurants in Perkins Township and Port Clinton, as well as the Depot Family Restaurant in Sandusky. 

They’re accused of making multiple cash deposits of less than $10,000 each, over a period of years, to avoid federal laws that require certain reporting on banking transactions. According to the indictment, filed in U.S. Northern District Court in Toledo, the government is now trying to seize about $1.5 million in assets from the family. 

Haralambros and Skoura were also indicted on an additional charge of conspiracy to engage in bulk cash smuggling. When U.S. Customs agents stopped the pair in January at Detroit Metro Airport, they were headed to Amsterdam carrying about $14,800 between the two of them, according to the indictment. Federal law requires travelers inform customs agents if they’re carrying more than $10,000. 

The indictment accused the family members of depositing amounts of less than $10,000 into bank accounts from 2007 to 2009, as well as more than 200 deposits at various banks since 2005, totaling more than $1.8 million in cash. 

Michael Tobin, a spokesman for the U.S. Department of Justice, said investigators have no plans to close down any of the restaurants owned by the family. 
As of Tuesday, both Diana’s Deli restaurants and the Depot Family Restaurant were still open for business. 


Mr Kilbourne

Actually, a lot of the freedoms allowed by law enforcement agencies used in this case came about form the PATRIOT Act, which was a product of the Bush Administration. Not to mention they've probably been putting this case together for years. (Pre-2009)

BW1's picture

Would that be the same legislation that was to expire under the current administration, and they decided to double down?

looking around

Maybe so we can get enough of these scofflaws to pay their share of taxes so us working stiffs on the grid all of our lives don't have to support it all. Might even to get a Perkins levy passed if everyone can save up and buy property here after paying taxes on their meager wages.

Julie R.

Too bad the FEDS don't investigate what the Erie County courts are helping these big billion dollar financial institutions get away with.


I like this family and think they are good people. I don't give a shat what they do with the money long as they're not selling drugs.


If its not illegal to ntransfer mony under 10,000 withour reporting what law did the break? IN addition the government wants to take their real estate and personal property without being convicted of a crime we have arrived at Cuba and the old Soviet Union. 14 vehicles and many men with unlimited firepower seems excessive since there is no reports of violence. Maybe the chief law enforcement officer the Sheriff and a couple of deputies and a Federal agent could have done this. Whne we have this happening in our country, with millions crossing the south border and nothing is done,it seems we have arrived at a selective police state.


Why can't a reporter just stick to the facts and not print non-sense like the exact value of the family's home and their sports cars? This type of journalistic reporting is only used to incite sensational outrage. A crime is a crime, just state the facts. I never read where the value of an armed robbers trailer is mentioned.


This is a great family. I have had the privilege of knowing them for quite some time now & I would like to let everyone know that they are just normal people. They enjoy living a healthy lifestyle and spending time with family & friends.

I am disturbed by people calling them drug dealers and making accusations that they are doing something else that is illegal besides making a simple mistake on bank deposits for a 2 year period out of some 20 years of business.

These boys work their butts off at the restaurants. They work 7 days per week. Then when they aren't at work they are working out at the gym, playing sports & hanging with family and friends. These guys put their family and friends first and if more people lived like this the world would be a better place.

This article makes these kids look like they are greedy and selfish when really it is the opposite. They would give you the shirt off of their backs even if you were their worst enemy. Wake up and smell the roses people. Get to know these people instead of crucifying them first.

Best wishes to the Gonos family. You guys are great people and no one is perfect. None of these accusations can change the way that you care about your family & friends and for that you will always have my respect.

The Big Dog's back

Then why did they break the law?


Being accused of something and being found guilty are two different things.


I know you are dying to call them Teabaggers.

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Just you scumway.

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Poochie, why did Rosa Parks break the law?


She did not break the law. She sat in the "proper" section but was still asked to get up so yt could sit down!

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Her refusal to do so broke the law. That is why she was arrested.

The Big Dog's back

I bet you miss the days of Jim Crow laws.

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And poochie again demonstrates his 2nd grade reading comprehension. Why don't you try re-reading the conversation and figure out how idiotic your statement is, since the clear implication is that YOU miss them.

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Still confused, poochie?


Watch. Richard Jewel this isn't. Time will prove the truth.


maybe the county can help them out after all they corrupt also


Why should they close the restaurants??

Ned Mandingo

So far nothing described In these articles sounds like a crime.
Two people traveling with under ten grand each. LEGAL
A business owner making bank deposits. LEGAL
Why are homeland security and border patrol SS storm troopers raiding people's homes. Most likely constitutionally illegal!
Sounds to me like weak minded jealous federal agents found some good citizens to make their victims.
Before some one replies let me save you some time, no restaurant owners pay taxes on all their income. Unless they are stupid.



Two People traveling with an amount of more than $10,000.00 is illegal without declaring it. Please read FinCEN Form 105.


The forms are filled out and signed individually. Please explain how the individual totals can be combined and held against each one of them. I read the form and the instructions.


Want to really know the truth about the PRIVATE Federal Reserve Banking system...? Its even a cartoon so you should all love it! How many of you know they are printing money at the tune of over 80 billion dollars a month...out of thin air...just watch the video....or don't and just remain ignorant. Two parts!



Ned Mandingo

Bully dog. Nobody is going to believe you, your crazy. That's not what CNN or MSNBC wants us to believe. Stop speaking the truth about the fed. It doesn't matter what is obvious, people are too busy worrying about left vs right or made up debates to see the truth.


or more worried about what the Kardashian girls are doing, and who J Beiber is doin...thanks btw...

tell it how it is

Everybody saying "it's the law!" blah blah blah..

It's THEIR money. This family did NOTHING wrong, unless you look at it from a liberal's point of view. Do all liberal wakos really not believe in hard work and an honest pay check? It would appear as though not.

People make me sick.

The Big Dog's back

Especially the one in the mirror.


Holy Weekend at Bernie's with that first Pic !!