UPDATE: FitzGerald accepts Register debate; Kasich considering it

Democratic challenger to Ohio Gov. John Kasich wants six debates
Jun 23, 2014


Ed FitzGerald, the Cuyahoga County executive who hopes to unseat Ohio Gov. John Kasich in the fall election has accepted the Register's invitation to debate Kasich in October at BGSU Firelands College. 

"Just as Gov. Kasich has moved the location of the State of the State address each year so that people across Ohio may have the opportunity to attend," the Fitzgerald campaign announced in a statement released this morning. "We feel it's important to give as many Ohioans as possible the opportunity to attend a gubernatorial debate. We look forward to working with the Kasich campaign to ensure all Ohioans have the opportunity to see the candidates discuss the issues affecting the state."

The Kasich campaign also received the invitation from the Register several weeks ago and is considering it. 
Connie Wehrkamp, the Kasich campaign's spokeswoman, said the Register's debate invitation will be on the table when her campaign negotiates with the FitzGerald campaign on where to debate and how many debates will be held.
"We will not be doing debate negotiations through the press," Wehrkamp said. "When we enter into debate negotiations, all invites will be on the table for negotiation."
FitzGerald is the Democratic Party's nominee. He was Cuyahoga County's first elected county executive after voters abolished the county commission form of government in the wake of a corruption scandal. Kasich is a Republican seeking his second term. 
BGSU Firelands College and Serving Our Seniors are partnering with the Register to sponsor the debate, which would be at the Cedar Point Center on the Firelands campus in Huron. The venue has an audience capacity of about 700, and the Register debate would be produced live at sanduskyregister.com and available for demand viewing after it is finished. 
The FitzGerald campaign also accepted five other debate invitations: In Columbus, hosted by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) and NBC affiliates across Ohio; in Zanesville, hosted by the Times-Recorder and the Zanesville branch of the American Association of University Women; in Columbus, hosted by the League of Women Voters of Ohio, ABC-6 Columbus and the Sinclair Media Group; in Cincinnati, hosted by the Cincinnatus Association, the University of Cincinnati, and the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber; and Cleveland, hosted by the City Club of Cleveland. 
Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine and his opponent, Democrat David Pepper also have both accepted the Register's debate invitation to meet in October.
The specific dates for the debates have not yet been set. 



As much as the Register is against corruption (which is a good thing of course) you would think that they would have to sanitize everything that FitzGerald touches when he comes into the offices.


Ohhh so true, the man is a slimey little Cleveland thug, the likes of Demora and Kelley.

MI Smooth

Perhaps this debate should be held earlier than October in case FitzGerald decides to run for another office before then. He has been an Attorney, FBI agent, Asst Prosecutor, Councilman, Mayor and County Executive. At 45 years old you would assume he would know what he wants to be when he grows up. He is the epitome of "Career Politician".


Would like to see a REAL debate between candidates in the Lincoln-Douglas style where they respond to each others' questions.

Will the SR be inviting candidates from parties other than the two majors?

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Me too. Without a moderator.


Only a time keeper would be needed.

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The Hero Zone

The more the better. Last presidential cycle we had three for those nominees and one for the VPs. That is kind of pathetic and not nearly enough to cover topics or truly explore the way the candidates think. That only included the two major parties at that.

"I paid for that microphone!" comes to mind.

Matt Westerhold

The invitations were sent to state office seekers including Kasich, DeWine, Yost, Husted and Josh Mandel and their challengers FitzGerald, David Pepper, Carney and Pillich as GOP and Democratic Party candidates on the November ballot. The Register did not previously consider inviting other candidates but we will review the question further.


Re: "The Register did not previously consider inviting other candidates but we will review the question further."

Thank you.

Too many voters see the political landscape in monochrome.

The New World Czar

A numbers game- "Public Official 14" vs. "SB-5", can't wait.....

Ralph J.

"Public Official 14"

Cuyahoga corruption probe: Ed FitzGerald says he is 'Public Official 14'