FitzGerald advances in governor’s race

Candidate: Governor Kasich is leading Ohio in wrong direction
Andy Ouriel
May 7, 2014


Gubernatorial candidate Ed FitzGerald emerged as the Democrat’s chosen one, thrashing his lone competitor at the polls.

Lakewood resident FitzGerald, 45, along with his running mate, Sharen Swartz Neuhardt, defeated Democrat Larry Ealy and his running mate, Ken Gray, in a statewide primary, according to unofficial results.

Now FitzGerald, the Cuyahoga County executive trumpeting a campaign of accountability and transparency, advances onto November. He’ll then face Gov. John Kasich, a Republican, in the general election.

“On so many issues, Gov. Kasich has led Ohio in the wrong direction, and over the last year, I’ve had hundreds of conversations with the people affected by his policies that don’t help Ohio’s working families but instead cost them more,” FitzGerald said in a statement after officials called the race.

In an exclusive interview with the Register in late April, FitzGerald slammed Kasich, 61, criticizing the incumbent’s positions on the economy, schools and local community services.

“I want to run government for the benefit of the average person in Ohio,” FitzGerald told the Register. “I think, right now, it’s being run for the benefit of a very small group of people. My priority would be working for the average, workingclass, middle-class person in this state.”

Ealy, a self-proclaimed civil rights activist, likely suffered a loss because he hardly campaigned and didn’t market himself.


Darwin's choice

From the Cuyahoga County school of corruption.....


He fits right in. Obama took a $100,000,000 bribe to prevent American jobs. Fitz would sell out just the same.

Ralph J.



Anyone read this one:

Despite doomsday warnings from the White House and lawmakers on both sides that hundreds of thousands would lose their jobs as a result of the sequester, it turns out the budget cuts have only led to one job being lost among 23 federal agencies.

Fitz would fit right in with this administration and its lies.


This is the kind of BS the moocher party always pulls:

It wasn't that long ago the libocrites demanded exactly the same kind of records:

Another useless hypocrite brought to you by Democrats.