Reineke gets GOP nod

Car dealer beats out Damschroder, Geyer for House District 88
Tom Jackson
May 7, 2014


Bill Reineke, who knows a thing or two about selling cars, apparently was able to sell voters on his potential abilities as a state lawmaker.

Reineke won an unusual write-in primary in the House District 88 Republican primary, turning aside Rhonda Damschroder, who ran as a “placeholder” candidate for her husband, state Rep. Rex Damschroder, and Richard Geyer, a marketing professor.

Reineke will serve as the Republican nominee in November, facing off against Democrat William “Bill” Young.

Rhonda Damschroder had planned to resign from the race if she won the primary, allowing Republican officials to appoint her husband to run instead. She carried Sandusky County with 1,240 votes, to 507 for Reineke and 424 for Geyer.

But in Seneca County it was a different story. Reineke is a Tiffin resident, and he carried the county with 1,740 votes, with 417 for Damschroder and 293 for Geyer. The total for the two counties was 2,247 for Reineke, 1,657 for Damschroder and 717 for Geyer.

“I think our team pulled together good,” Reineke said. “We ran a clean campaign, a positive campaign. We’re looking forward to being able to do some good things for the district”

He said he’ll continue to talk about jobs, educational opportunity and improving the infrastructure of the district.

Rhonda Damschroder was asleep by the time the final numbers came in, so her husband commented on the election.

“We had a good race. I understand it was a very confused race,” Rex Damschroder said. “I apologize to everybody. It was a confusing election”

Rex Damschroder had planned to run for re-election but had to withdraw after he made mistakes on his nominating petition.

All three candidates filed as write-in candidates because by the time Rep. Damschroder withdrew, it was the only option 



Reineke on infrastructure: Convert Route 53 to four lanes.
Now just who is gonna pay for that?
Oh, taxpayers.
The Taxed Enough Already folks are gonna love that, huh?

I guess the Gadfly is feeling some satisfaction for keeping the 'confusing' issue before the public.


Sorry, that project has been on the schedule for years, it has nothing to do with reineke


Sorry. Reineke already announced it as one of his priorities if elected.

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