May to challenge Kaptur in November

“It always feels wonderful to win an election, especially by the margin that’s being indicated right now”
Tom Jackson
May 7, 2014


Cuyahoga County’s Richard May, who emphasized his conservative positions during the primary campaign, easily defeated Robert Horrocks in the U.S. House District 9 race. Election returns showed May running up big margins over Horrocks. In Erie County, May won by 1,714 to 530, while in Ottawa County he won by 698 to 221.

May will face the Democratic incumbent, U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur, D-Toledo, in a district that hugs Lake Erie in Lucas, Ottawa, Erie, Lorain and Cuyahoga counties. Kaptur did not face any opposition in the Democratic primary.

“It always feels wonderful to win an election, especially by the margin that’s being indicated right now,” May said, taking a call as the election returns rolled in. “I’m really honored to win tonight”

But May said the primary victory really just opens the door for more work.    

“Let’s go and defeat Marcy Kaptur” he said. “That is what this is about. It isn’t about winning a primary, it is about that. We have to get to work and get that job done”

May said he’ll stress four issues: reducing the national debt, lowering taxes, getting rid of Obamacare and helping the district’s struggling cities.

“Even Democrats are demanding those four issues” he said.

During the primary season, May and Horrocks had made it clear they disagree on several issues. Horrocks favored gay marriage and raising the minimum wage. May said he opposed gay marriage and opposes hiking the minimum wage.

May stressed his concern about government spending and the national debt, which he said had reached $17.5 trillion.

“It’s just the greatest evil that our generation is going to pass on to the next one, and to our generation,” May said.



Union money will determine the winner.

The question IMMEDIATELY becomes: Is Toledo or Cleveland more rotten with unions.

Cleveland is bigger, but Toledo is tough to beat. Picture a wrestling arena....

..IN THIS CORNER.... weighing....

Darwin's choice

Cuyahoga County again....really? The corruption school is cranking them out...


As much as I would like to see Mr. May beat Marcy, I have little confidence in him doing so. A couple weeks I had (or attempted to have) a conversation with Mr. May. I hate to say it, but he does not have an "electable personality". Maybe he was having a bad day, but he did not seem like he really wanted the job. I was not impressed at all.


We should not be voting based on who is "electable" or who we happen to personally like. We should be voting based on a candidate's positions and experience. Unfortunately, your concerns are well-founded given that people have been known to vote based on race, gender, "hotness," or -- worst of all -- nothing more or less than the letter that happens to be after the name on the ballot!