Erie MetroParks replacement levy

Erie County voters approved a 0.6-mill, 10-year levy, which generates about $712,000 a year.
Sandusky Register Staff
May 6, 2014


The levy costs the owner of a $100,000 home $36.31 a year.

With 100% percent of the votes counted, unofficial results show:

For: 5,057

Against: 4,571

Watch video with Kurt Landefeld and Sharon Barnes in the player below

Erie County unofficial election results

Ottawa County election results

Sandusky County unofficial election results

Huron County unofficial election results




Perkins Resident

Pay for lawsuits?

AJ Oliver

If you don't like parks, move to Somalia. It's a total libertarian paradise.


Liking/not liking the parks had nothing to do with the issue at hand. It was rather the matter of those who MANAGE the parks, their appalling arrogance, and their woeful lack of accountability.

The Parks Board consists of APPOINTED members. If they were elected, at least we'd have some say over who we thought was doing a good job and who we believed was either unqualified or corrupt. As it is now, we're losing more money out of our pockets so that a Board historically hostile to property owners can keep up its "good" work and do it at the expense of those same property owners.

Julie R.


Licorice Schtick

Be honest. You would seize any excuse to oppose MetroParks. Wingnuts just hate anything for the greater good. The libertarian view is that the government, AKA The People, should own no real estate at all - no picnic parks, no national forests, no city halls.


Wrong again, and your schtick is getting old.

What I OPPOSE is government entities that take advantage of taxpayers. What I OPPOSE is government waste of taxpayer dollars. What I OPPOSE is a lack of accountability by said government entities. Right now, Erie MetroParks is three for three. A better question is asking you if you support OTHER government waste and OTHER corrupt administrations? Or is it just MetroParks you're willing to excuse from wrongdoing?

Licorice Schtick

I excuse no one's wrongdoing, but I don't falsely accuse, either.

To shut down essential government functions due to mistakes, is to cut off one's nose to spite one's face. But you're not that irrational; just tell the truth - you wouldn't support public parks even if they were perfect.


There's a point where the only treatment for gangrene is amputation.
However, no one's suggesting that here - they had two years left on the existing levy, so a shut down is not part of this discussion.


I agree with u, SamA - if they couldn't afford to care for the land they bought, why'd they buy it? It's like me, asking the voters to pay my mortgage payments!!


Land grabbers!

Julie R.

Sharon Barnes from Barnes Nursery was all for Metroparks and the levy?

Gee, wonder why.

Julie R.

How much of the land on Hull Rd. does Barnes Nursery own? How much do they own on the adjoining road (Camp Rd.) for their compost facility?

The Bizness

Look it up on the auditors website if you are that curious.

Licorice Schtick

Naw, that would introduce facts. Innuendo is much more effective when you're trying to smear someone.

Julie R.

The majority of the time when I ask a question it means I already know the answer. It means I'm just curious if anybody else does and/or I'm being sarcastic.

Licorice Schtick

So then, precisely what are you accusing Barnes of?

Julie R.

I personally think (crook) Metroparks has made Hull Rd. look like crap. All that good land wasted on a dog park. Same with the road (Camp) that adjoins Hull. A few nice houses on the road right next to that big smelly compost facility.


Wow, you truly are miserable. All of the 5 acres wasted on a dog park? What would it be used for if not for a dog park? More brush and weeds like the fields surrounding it? The brush pretty much blocks the view of the dog park from Hall Rd. Quit complaining or we can go back to walking our dogs down the sidewalk and dumping in your yard. This is something that is paid for by the people that use it and enjoy it.

Licorice Schtick

I agree that the dog park is suboptimal. It's an inappropriate location for that use, over-designed, and there's too much red tape to use it. But it was the result of protracted process by a good-sized citizens committee. Not a fan of design by committee, but the people were asked and, maneuvered by management, at least some of them got what they wanted, more or less. Fairly democratic, if nothing else. Doesn't deserve any awards, but hardly qualifies as mismanagement.


Where would you recommend that it be? Should anybody be able to use it, should any dog without vaccinations be allowed? I would like to hear your reasoning for those beliefs.


"I agree that the dog park is suboptimal. It's an inappropriate location for that use, over-designed, and there's too much red tape to use it."

What would be a more appropriate location? It's as centrally located as a facility requiring that much open land can be. What's overdesigned about it - there's a fence, some benches, and a watering station? The registration process is simple and quick, although I have a big problem that one constituency is singled out among all Metroparks users for being charged usage fees.


"I personally think (crook) Metroparks has made Hull Rd. look like crap. All that good land wasted on a dog park"

The Metroparks has less than 10% of the frontage on Hull Rd. and they've not noticably altered its appearance. The dog park has the highest utilization of any Metroparks facility, and that's PAID use, unlike any other use. I voted no, and there are plenty of things wrong with the Metroparks leadership, but, as usual, reality is never enough for Julie.

Ralph J.

The present Erie MetroParks levy at 0.5 mills still had two years left before it would expire. That levy could have been renewed in two years under the old tax rollback rule. Under the rollback program, the state pays the first 10 percent of the tax bill for all property owners plus 2.5 percent for owner-occupied homes. The state will continue to pay the tab on existing levies and their renewals but will no longer subsidize new levies. Those who proposed the new park levy misled the voters and there was no big hurry to pass a new levy since the present one still had two years left before it would expire. Since there is no rollback, the new levy will cost more per $100,000 valuation. Those who have property at true valuations or have property that is over valued will pay more than their fair share of taxes than those with under valued property who will not pay their fair share of taxes. How could the voters be so gullible? Read the ballot and how it is worded.

Julie R.

I still can't believe that people are so gullible they actually believe the Metroparks/Huron River Greenway case was the fault of the former park commissioners. I mean, come on already. That case was the 100% fault of that Lorain County law firm and the Erie County courts, who thought if they kept the case going on and on and on with one unfair ruling after another they would either run the River Road residents out of money or else they would just give up.

On the other hand, not everybody is gullible ---- 4,571 to be exact.


The lawyers could only do what their clients authorized. The commissioners could have decided to change course at any time.

Con men would be at a loss without willing marks. Unless there's force involved, the mark shares in the responsibility. No one has as much motivation as you do to look our for your interests.

Of course, that's a hard pill for you to swallow, because then you might have to consider what decisions you or your mother might have made differently to avoid what we've all come to know as Julie's sad tale of woe.