Perkins Schools levy

Voters did not approve a 3.95-mill, 10-year levy that would have generated about $1.68 million a year for day-to-day operations.
Sandusky Register Staff
May 6, 2014


If approved, this levy would cost the owner of a $100,000 home about $138 in additional taxes a year.

With 100% percent of the votes counted, unofficial results show: 

For: 1,549

Against: 2.108

Erie County unofficial election results

Ottawa County election results

Sandusky County unofficial election results

Huron County unofficial election results


Perkins Resident

I can't wait to enjoy my Starbucks tomorrow morning.

Good 2 B Me

Don't forget your 6 pack and carton of cigarettes!

What a joke Gunner and the BOE have become!


I agree a pretty big joke exists. I disagree, however, that it has anything to do with Gunner or the BOE.

Pretty sad to watch people take joy in watching a school district and community die a slow death.

Finn Finn

Oh so holier than thou. Not dieing a slow death, just being forced to tighten the belt, like the beleaguered tax paying citizen.


"I agree a pretty big joke exists."

Take a good look in the mirror, did ya? You know, a wise man knows when he should just shut up.

Trust......Bherrle................there is NONE.<------that IS Gunner's fault. Now PLEASE................go away.


Nope, not going away, and nope, no mirror. there never will be any. For there to be trust, people have to be willing to trust. I hope I'm wrong, but I feel there is a segment of our community that simply never will trust anyone. Not in late 2015 after Gunner is retired, not 2020, or even "In the year, 2525."

Like I said, I hope I'm wrong.


I agree Bherrle and that is all I am commenting, to steer clear of an arguement.

God Of Thunder

I would like to know when 17 year old kids got to start voting in the primaries. When did that start. This i the first time I've noticed an envelope on the table at the polls.

Oh..I know. The state reps started to allow that so that the schools can give extra credit to more kids to vote for levies, that way, they don't have to fix the unconstitutional way that schools are funded.


A 17 year old is allowed to vote in the primary for candidates only, if they will be 18 by the next general election. Their ballot contains only candidates, no issues. Next conspiracy...


"I will dismantle this district" ~Mr. Jim Gunner.
Yes sir, you will. Moving $ to inside millage against the community wishes (and vote) was the beginning of the end. The Perkins community struggles supporting the school system in the best of times, by not living here and understanding that, you alienated most voters by this financial betrayal. All (school and community) will continue to suffer.


To the 20 percent that voted..thank you! To the 80 percent that didn't don't complain! I understand negativity surrounding the Perkins community right now with the distrust being the main issue. Other issues have been resolved or put back in place. Distrust is a hard one to fix until something changes at the top and it needs to happen soon before November and before 2015 when someone is retiring. BOE needs to realize this and after talking with school administrators and past board members they agree it is time to move on now! To the Senior voters and people not familiar with the school system and issues be careful what you read because after finding out who a few commenters are on this site I was shocked to find a couple don't live in the community and couldn't believe a couple who bash the school system and walk in and out of the schools! I was a no voter until this time but changes do need to happen now! Over 80 percent of Ohios northern counties pasted there school levies and its time for Perkins to step up!

Erie Countian

I voted yes, but with mixed feelings. I do not believe Perkins Schools will pass a levy until Mr. Gunner is no longer our superintendent. He has no credibility with the community and most don't trust him. I know I don't! It is time for him to go, for the sake of our schools' future.


I agree............but, IMHO, Chapman must go also. I was absolutely amazed when he was re-elected. There is no trust as far as he's concerned either.

Kobayashi Maru

As an outside observer it is too bad that there is so much mistrust in this district. But, knowing the background with the stadium project, the inside millage issues, the mold/sewage/asbestos situation, I totally understand where these feelings come from. You don't want to turn over new monies to people you don't trust. I get that.

I know some people who send their children to Perkins and they are very pleased with the education the kids receive. Regardless of last night's results these teachers are going to continue to bust their butts to provide the best education for their students.

Growing up I knew Perkins to be an area leader in education and business development. It seemed that everyone wanted to be a part of the Perkins area. I believe these feelings still exist, but more difficult to express given hard feelings toward Superintendent Gunner and the Board.

I hope that when Gunner retires someone is able to come in and regain the trust of the district so Perkins can return to doing what it does best - being an area leader in all areas.


I would like to congratulate all the NO voters on once again defeating a school levy campaign. You really showed those greedy SOB elementary kids that don't have art or music class what's what! You make the Perkins community shine to outsiders that see your proud VOTE NO to education signs in your front yards. I'm sure the real estate agents in our township find it very helpful when trying to sell a house to a young family moving to our community. When Gunner and Chapman are gone, I'm sure you will find a new excuse to vote no, just like this community has done for the past fourteen years or so. Even Norwalk passed their levy last night, and we all know how the economy is booming in Norwalk as compared to Perkins. I guess the Norwalk voters must "trust" their board and super more than we do.

Julie R.

"I'm sure the real estate agents in our township find it very helpful when trying to sell a house to a young family moving to our community."

I wouldn't worry too much about the real estate agents in Erie County. Real estate agents, like lawyers, have become a dime a dozen.


Tribester, the last sentence of your childish little rant is the ONLY one I agree with, and the exact reason a levy will never pass until certain people are gone. If you really care so much, you need to start a campaign urging Gunner and Chapman to resign NOW. And if they REALLY care about Perkins schools they'll resign on their own.

sandtown born a...

The voting public has spoken NO NEW LEVY!!!!! Don't worry yes supporters I'm sure it will be on the ballot in November!!!!!!'


More likely in August...Lets beat a dead horse.

sandtown born a...

Perkins BOE will continue to try to slip a levy in, who knows what it will be disguised as next