FitzGerald’s first ad focuses on Kasich

A Democratic candidate for Ohio governor has released his first ad of the campaign season, focusing on his Republican opponent, not his challenger in the primary.
Associated Press
Apr 20, 2014


The radio ad from Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald began airing statewide Thursday. It comes in the same week Gov. John Kasich released his first television ad.

FitzGerald faces Larry Ealy in the May 6 primary, though his ad doesn’t mention Ealy. Instead, it targets Kasich’s tax policies and claims they’re not working. The minute-long ad also touts FitzGerald’s background.

Kasich’s first ad was biographical, emphasizing his blue-collar roots in a Pennsylvania steel town.

Kasich campaign spokeswoman Connie Wehrkamp said it isn’t surprising the Democrats’ first ad was an attack ad. She said it says a lot about their character.


danbury dad

good luck with that tactic liberal. Ohio and America are tired of liberals continuing to blame conservatives for all of the problems liberals cause. In case you didn't know Ohio is in way better shape than when it was liberally run.


Anyone who would vote for a Cleveland Democrat is freaking insane. Remember Dimora and friends?


The leeches and mooches will vote 'Fitz hoping he'll give them more free stuff. The union hacks will to because Kasich tried to end forced membership in their little socialist organizations.

If he by chance does get elected he'd try and do for Ohio what Democrats did for Detroit (and now it sounds like Wayne County MI)

The Big Dog's back

I sure wish you right wingnuts would let us Liberals know where all this free stuff is. You right wingnuts must be getting free stuff since you talk about it all the time.


free phones, snap cards, housing, reduced utilities and cable, free school lunches, long term unemployment bennies (which leaves one to wonder, considering the the left wing hicks keep telling us the economy is better so why do we need to keep extending them) and no doubt I've overlooked even more goodies

The Big Dog's back

Free phones started under bush, so did snap, reduced utility bills come from the utility companies, should we let the kids starve, and workers worked for those unemployment bennies. Wanna try again?


Do you really believe only Democrats get benefits? I didn't know they asked your political party when you signed up. So when a Republican gets laid off I'm assumming they don't sign up for unemployment and they don't ask for help to feed their kids. And they certainly wouldn't dream of signing up for Social Security and medicare when they retire. Nope, Republicans just suck it up and live on the street.