John Cahill in the race

Coach, teacher wants to replace Damschroder as Sandusky County commissioner
Apr 7, 2014


A teacher and athletic coach announced he will run as an independent in the November General Election to replace Sandusky County Commissioner Matt Damschroeder. 

"Being a commissioner and serving this county is something I've been exploring for sometime," John Cahill said. "I love Sandusky County — it is home for me." 

Damschroder unexpectedly stepped down last month to take a full-time job as a firefighter in Clyde. 

"The opportunity to run is one that presented earlier than I imagined and was one I couldn't pass up," Cahill said in announcing his candidacy. "As someone who grew up here and has made the decision to make this my home I feel very passionately about the county and its future." 

Cahill has been a resident in the county since 1979 when his family moved here after his father took a job with Rural Serv. He graduated from Fremont Ross High School in 1987 and was elected to the school's Athletic Hall of Fame in 2003. 

He has an undergaduate degree from the University of Toledo and an master's in education from Bowling Green State University.

Cahill has been a middle school language arts teacher in the Clyde-Green Springs school district for 22 years. He and his wife Lindi have four children and he has coached many sports, including football and tennis in addition to being head coach of the Lady Fliers basketball team for the last 17 years.

"I'd like to think that all students and residents, no matter their career path, should have the ability to make Sandusky County home and find a good job," Cahill stated in a news release announcing his candidacy. 


Texx Reloader

Getting elected as an "independent" in Sandusky County is a long-shot, but it is refreshing to see some competition against the "Country Club Republicans" who ruled the county and Fremont so long with their "me first" mentality. Arrogant of the changes in the world, nation, state, and local situations, stubbornly playing from their outdated Ronald Reagan playbook, while the city of Fremont became a convenience store/crack house community. Making the county a lawsuit magnet (which sooner or later will cost the CITIZENS more money). Possessing less financial acumen than it takes to run a lemonade stand, and only concerned with feathering the nest of themselves, and their friends.Mr. Cahill could very well win this seat if people whom are sick of the status quo would just support him. Win or lose it is a sign "the damn is cracking," and good things are on the horizon for the area! Even then for someone of vision, integrity and intelligence it will certainly be a challenge and a labor of love. Any individual who shows integrity, or intelligence rarely completes a full term on that board.