Military, overseas May primary ballots go out

Ohio’s elections chief is reminding Ohioans early voting in the May 6 primary begins for military and overseas voters on Saturday and for others on April 1.
Associated Press
Mar 23, 2014


The election includes same-party candidate contests, a statewide ballot issue and about 600 local issues.

Secretary of State Jon Husted said county election boards would begin mailing requested absentee ballots to registered military and overseas voters Saturday. They’ll go out to other voters beginning April 1, when early in-person voting begins.

The deadline to request an early ballot is noon on May 3.

Voted ballots that are mailed must be postmarked by May 5 and received by May 16. Election boards also will accept them until polls close May 6. They can’t be returned at polling places.





I see you have been drinking your bong water again.


Either that or out of the toilet.


Nah. Although holysee's comment is off topic, it's an intelligent point of view. Why should we be cutting funding to schools, while at the same time giving tax exemption to churches (who eschew science and reason, in favor of of a pre-medieval faith system)?

If we're going to hamstring schools thusly, and give priority to anti-education in the form of religion, should we be surprised that America's schools aren't what we want them to be? I find it ironic that the very people who do the most to fight against Science education in our schools are often the ones who complain most about the supposed "failure of American schools". One wonders if they notice that they are paddling the boat earnestly in the opposite direction of Educational Improvement?


Ok with that logic, why do we give tax money to illegals and cut military pensions?


Let's also throw in other non-profit organizations starting with the ones that are politically motivated, ie: labor unions. If you want to discuss "failure of American schools" it would be totally irresponsible to leave out the NEA's role in that failure.


I don't think we should give tax money to illegals, either. As far as cutting military pensions, you'll have to talk to your Republican friends in Congress about that one...


I strongly agree with both your replies. I really agree with holysee.


I strongly agree with both your replies. I really agree with holysee.


Both sides voted to cut military pensions, and I am disgusted with BOTH.


Actually they voted to restore them. They are however going after the pension in a different way, by steadily increasing the cost to the retiree for medical benefits, essentially consuming a substantial portion of retirement income.


Actually I was referring to the original cuts, but you bring up great points on how they still lost. Thanks


There isn't a company or plan out there that hasn't increased the cost of insurance for retirees. You think you are special?

Oh I get it. You are just sensitive when someone suggests taxing that for profit cult you belong to (LDS).

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So are you righties ready to tax the rich yet?


Umm pound puppy check this out, seems 7 out of 10 richest people in congress are democrats!!!

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Tax them and all the other ones. OK with me, how about you?

Pterocarya frax...

Cherrypick much? From that list, 15 of the 25 richest are Republicans, including the top 2.


I'm an independent, but I would rather cut your monthly check and send you to work.


The rich ARE taxed, and at a higher rate than those who earn less. The real issue as I see it is how many of those really rich folks end up not paying anything, or much less than their tax bracket would suggest they should pay. This, of course, is thanks to good accountants and lawyers who take advantage of complex tax law and the myriad contradictions and loopholes therein.

So tell me, Big Dog, would you support a fairer tax system? A simpler system? One that allowed NO DEDUCTIONS? Under such a system, those who make under $50,000 a year would pay ZERO. Those who make more than that would pay less than they do now. And those who make a LOT more than that would finally pay SOMEthing!

There are several proposals on the table that would do just that. The government would actually bring in MORE money while many people would see a significant tax decrease. The only losers here would be shady accountants and IRS thugs (which is probably why such proposals are having a difficult time gaining traction). If you REALLY want to fight for the rich to pay taxes, fight for simplification of an out-of-control tax code!

P.S. I'm in favor of churches and other non-profits being liable for PROPERTY taxes (so that the infrastructure they use is paid for in part by them, just like it is for the rest of us). Unless you're willing to tax all non-profits, though, taxing the church itself is going to be an awfully hard sell!

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I would support a fairer and simpler tax system. I like a lot of your ideas.

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So this is where all the "off topic" commentators are hanging out today...

Let me see if I got this straight. Pit bulls have no genetic predispositions, but homosexuals do?