Perkins students host levy meeting

“The students urge the public to bring any questions they have about the levy. (They) feel the public has unanswered questions about this levy that could possibly change their mind on May 6”
Sandusky Register Staff
May 5, 2014


Two Perkins High School students are encouraging community members who plan to “vote no” against the Perkins Schools levy on Tuesday to discuss the matter with them, board members and Superintendent Jim Gunner Monday night. “The students urge the public to bring any questions they have about the levy. (They) feel the public has unanswered questions about this levy that could possibly change their mind on May 6,” according to a press release.

Juniors Natalie Matter and Sean Mulvin will host the session at 7 p.m. Monday in Room 805, or possibly the auditorium if attendance is high enough.

The duo came up with the idea because the levy’s passage affects students first and foremost, the release said.



It's complete bull that the teachers and superintendent resort to having the kids host a meeting. The levy affects the kids because the teachers are too greedy to give up some benefits and pay. It's always going to be a NO VOTE! I will be more than happy to pay for my own kids cost to play sports.


It's complete bull that you are insinuating that you think the teachers and administrators are using these students. How do you know that they didn't come up with this idea on their own? Contrary to popular belief, there are some students out there who care about their school and what happens in the community.


If you actually believe the teachers aren't using the bully pulpit of the classroom for pro-levy indoctrination, then I have a bridge to sell you. I remember when I was in school how they pushed us to promote levies. It was insidious.


Nope. Most teachers are involved with teaching the content of the day and don't have the time, nor the energy, to "indoctrinate" their students...


Un yeah, about that bridge....


I Agree, I am only responsible for my kids. We will be voting NO due to there is no trust. The Kids that will be at the meeting were not there when the teachers went out on strike and acted like bully's on the picket line. BUT, its all for the children.


too many time the kids come home and say if the levy dont pass this and that will be gone

Stop It

If you are a finished product of Perkins School System, vote yes for the levy. That post is damn near unreadable.


It's an old trick of the tax and spend leftists, ITS FOR THE CHILDREN, do not fall for it. It will go into the pockets of the overpaid, the double dippers, and those who get to retire at 52.


Oh sugar!! here you go again!! Get the facts!!

nosey rosey

Pimp the students. That will get you lots of yes votes. When they are #1 old enough to vote and #2 taxpayers then they can host a levy meeting. Until then, shut up.

Thomas Paine

I encourage all of us to show up to this and act this way in front of them. Commentator15 is correct the attitude is appalling. And this is why I use the word negative when talking about a certain percentage of no voters. Not all of them. There are perfectly legitimate reasons to vote no. As long as everything is viewed with negative connotations their will never be any trust. I am sure I will see all of you there. I will be the guy with a Starbucks coffee in both of my hands.

Stop It

How about a free cup of Starbucks for everyone that shows up?


Levy attempt no. 4, all the yes voters please signup to have the whole levy amount divided amongst yourselves, and leave the no voters alone. Vote NO

Thomas Paine

Unreasonable request. Offer a different solution to school funding. Request No. 5 will be in August and so on and so on. The need for funding and additional levies will not go away without change of how things are funded. (Broken record)


The funding system is fine. There's a spending problem, and what you're seeing now is the taxpayers have had enough.


" Request No. 5 will be in August..."

^^^^ REALLY broken record.

Thomas Paine

The broken record will continue to play unless the record is fixed, the record is replaced or the record player is gone.

Thomas Paine

Kudos to Natalie and Sean. I would have been scared to death of getting up in front of everyone here as a kid.


Thomas I like the record player reference. Sean and Natalie you are an inspiration and the communities that you someday reside will be better for your efforts.


"The broken record will continue to play unless the record is fixed, the record is replaced or the record player is gone."

Well, the "record player" (Gunner) will be gone soon.

Seriously though, someone add up the $$$$ wasted on putting this levy back on the ballot time after time.

Maybe I'll show up at the meeting tonight with a dictionary, so the BOE can look up the meaning of the word "NO". They currently believe it means "ask again".


Will Starbucks be provided tonight?


I am with yea THEMOMX6 If they would have listen to the voters saying NO the first time years ago they would not be in the position they are in. They moved money around to support there agenda, and took a several million dollar loan out that WE now have to payback for the new school project after we told them NO. The record player an burn up for all I care, there is no trust. Will be NO in August also


Vote no!!


".....there is no trust. "

^^^^ THAT is the elephant in the room that the BOE can't seem to see.

Thomas Paine

Do people really believe everyone in the schools want to run levies repeatedly? That they want to beg for funding all the time? You must believe school admins are masochists if you think they wake up in the morning and say "Hey you know what sounds fun; having an entire community bash us personaly and professionally in public...lets run another levy because its so much fun. We dont really need funding but we enjoy this so much we will just have our treasurer whip up some unaudited nonsense to make it appear we are in need."


They are not masochists. They suffer from arrogance and a sense of martyrdom. They don't seem to understand who works for whom. The voters have told them THREE TIMES how much money they have to work with. It's still on the high side of average per pupil spending in the industrialized world.

Also, they could easily avoid this problem by dismissing the superintendent, who is a focal point for voter dissatisfaction.

Ideally, the board members who took out the design loan without taxpayer approval should be held personally liable for the loan, or Citizen's bank should accept the loss as the cost of issuing a loan to a public agency without a bond issue being passed to cover it. Banks have taken a lot of hits in the last 5 years because of foolhardy loan decisions - this should be yet another.


No one believes much of what the BOE or Mr Gunner says, that is the big problem. there is no trust.

Thomas Paine

14 years several supers and board members and there still isnt any trust? I cant disagree there shouldnt be any distrust. Ahner is on the board now Gunner is retiring and the current board has retracted previous requests with compromise and a more reasonable levy request. Looking at the bigger picture where is the distrust taking the district? I have my doubts that no matter who is on the board or decisions that are made that there wont be a level of mistrust.


Trust is easy to break, and difficult to rebuild.