Political signs stolen from yards

Three political signs, supporting Perkins Schools upcoming levy, were stolen from a trio of residential yards over the past few days.
Sandusky Register Staff
Apr 30, 2014


The signs were taken out of yards within the 4000 block of Campbell St. and the 800 block of West Bogart Road.

A man coordinating the pro-school effort said he would replace the signs, valued at $3 each


Good 2 B Me

SMH. Seriously folks?


On the other hand, if "Vote No" signs were taken out of yards....

Don't you think this comment section would have blow up?

Disclaimer - the above statement does not reflect my opinion regarding the levy. Just making an observation.

Ralph J.



Shouldn't this be in the police blotter?


Levy isn't gonna pass anyway. Signs are not going to help Perkins!


Honestly, kids, if you don't agree with somebody else's politics, put a sign for the OTHER side in your OWN stupid yard!

I am SO tired of nonsensical vandalism. There's just no excuse for it other than a contingent of people who think nothing of ruining other people's property or infringing their rights -- but who'd be the first to scream about one sort of discrimination or another (whether it's race, gender, sexuality, or just a neighborhood feud) if THEY were victimized!