District pledges reinstatements

Perkins Schools officials released a final list of programs to be restored if voters approve a May tax levy proposal
Alissa Widman Neese
Apr 15, 2014


They’ve made a list, and retooled it at least twice.

All they need now: voters to give it the green light.

On Saturday, Perkins Schools officials released a final list of programs to be restored if voters approve a May tax levy proposal.

The list, based largely on feedback from community members, confirms plans discussed at several board meetings in the past three months.

Its key highlights:
•Rehiring enough teachers for full-time elementary art and music programming.

•Significantly reducing student pay-to-participate fees, to $150 for varsity and junior varsity athletics, $100 for freshman athletics, $100 for high school band or choir and $50 for all clubs. All students would have a fee cap of $400.

“Those were the two major issues discussed at community meetings,” superintendent Jim Gunner said. “It’s about finding abalance between proposing what the voters will support and what is needed to provide our students with a quality education”

Perkins Schools is proposing a 10-year, 3.95-mill levy to voters May 6.

The levy is the district’s fourth-straight attempt to secure new funding from taxpayers in a year’s time.

If approved, it would generate $1.68 million a year for day-to-day operations, enough to stabilize the district’s budget for the nextfive years.

It would cost the owner of a $100,000 home an additional $138 in taxes each year. Residents in the school district pay $998 a year in school-related taxes today.

May 6 levy proposal
•MILLAGE: 3.95 mills
•LENGTH: 10 years
•ANNUAL COST: $138 for owner of $100,000 home
•LEVY GENERATES: $1.68 million a year to fund day-to-day district operations, including employee salaries and benefits

It would also reinstate everything on the district’s newly released restoration list, which totals about $1 million.

The amount is just a fraction of the $4 million total board members shaved from the district’s $21 million budget in 2013 because of funding shortfalls.

Regardless of whether voters approve the levy, board members will trim an additional $500,000 from the district’s budget. The reductions, which they discussed at a March school board meeting, include realigning the district’s athletic budget, trimming unnecessary teaching positions and eliminating a special education contract with North Point Educational Service Center.

If voters do not approve the levy, additional reductions may occur, depending on the district’s five-year financial forecast for the upcoming school year, Gunner said.

Proposed Perkins Schools restorations

Furry Elementary School
•1 teacher
•4 part-time teachers become full-time
•Little Pirates preschool aides
•Summer school remediation program

Meadowlawn Intermediate School
•2 teachers
•3 part-time teachers become full-time
•1 assistant principal
•Summer school remediation program

Briar Middle School
•1 guidance counselor
•2 teachers
•Teaming teachers

Perkins High School
•2 part-time teachers become full-time
•Pay-to-participate fees reduced ($150 for junior varsity and varsity, $100 for freshmen, $50 for middle school, $50 for clubs)
•Virtual high

For a detailed list of classes school online restorations, click in the photo above.

•1 part-time psychologist
•1 technology director
•Apprentice teacher program with BGSU Firelands
•Department heads
•Limited field trips

Source: Perkins Schools



Twenty days before the election those in charge of the Perkins school system have finally, yes finally, given the voting public the information to make a decision.

Now, voters must decide if the restorations are worth the additional tax dollars requested.

Now, voters must decide if they trust the word of those in charge.


What rock have you been under?


They haven't tried hard enough to work with what they have, show us what you can do with what we have given , It's to soon to ask for more, more, more. vote no.

Good 2 B Me

NO! Not until Gunner is GONE!


Still looks like a lot of fluff that we don't need! Voting NO until Gunner is gone!

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In case you haven't noticed, there are a lot of homes for sale in Perkins Township. That can only mean that people are leaving the area for jobs elsewhere or cannot afford the home in which they currently live. Good paying jobs are scarce and many people have gone without pay increases for many years. The Perkins School District needs to tighten their belts and keep cutting just like the rest of the population. They have already wasted far too much money continuing to put these levies on the ballot time and time again. Is this how our children are being taught? How many times do we have to tell you, "NO!"? No means No. Period.