Bulan secures another 4 years

Eileen Bulan landed another knockout punch to Jean Anderson Tuesday, solidifying her title as Vermilion mayor.
Andy Ouriel
Nov 6, 2013


Eileen Bulan landed another knockout punch to Jean Anderson Tuesday, solidifying her title as Vermilion mayor.

In their previous matchup, Bulan was the challenger when she ousted Anderson.

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This time, as the incumbent, she secured another four-year term by winning 74 percent of the vote in Erie and Lorain counties, according to unofficial results.

Four years ago, Bulan dethroned Anderson for the $50,000-a-year position. Anderson served as mayor from 2006-09.

Bulan campaigned on her aggressive work to push for various upgrades in Vermilion. Since taking office in 2010, she has obtained about $2.8 million in grants, primarily benefiting area school safety, downtown businesses and residential neighborhoods.

“The voters have faith in me,” Bulan said. “We did a lot in the last four years, and we will continue to do a lot.”

Bulan said she’s most anxious to oversee various road improvements, funded through an income tax increase agreed upon by voters earlier this year.

The mayor also reminded voters of the alleged malfeasance during her opponent’s reign.

Local authorities charged Anderson’s finance director, Michelle Bowens, with felony theft after she stole taxpayer money. Bowens later paid about $10,000 back into city coffers after officials, under Bulan’s approval, sued her.

Anderson did not return multiple phone messages on her cell phone seeking comment.


Julie R.

Almost a thousand votes for Bulan came from precincts in Lorain County, which is no surprise. Isn't that where all of Erie County's favorite big law firms and rent-a-judges like Cirigliano are from? So who gets the taxes on all that money the Lorain County law firms and retired Lorain County rent-a-judges have been making off the Erie County taxpayers for the last 15 years?

Lorain County, of course.


Julie I've done some business in Vermillion. While I don't reside there, I've heard Jean lost because she put Vermillion in the red.


Jeez, 50K! It's funny that the town is named after the color of rust.

Julie R.

"The mayor also reminded voters of the alleged malfeasance during Anderson's reign."

What a joke. The only reason Baxter requested a state audit in Vermilion is because of Anderson's lawsuit filed against Bulan, the law director Ken Stumphauzer and Stumphauzer's Lorain County law firm. They were probably hoping to find something on Anderson but the only discrepancy that the audit found was the former finance director, Michelle Bowens, was once paid twice because of a payroll error and she also thought she was entitled to her unused sick and personal days when she left office. (why wasn't she?)

Off the topic for a second but how in the heck did a state audit ever find a discrepancy of less than ten thousand in Vermilion yet missed the theft of $150K that was going on in the Erie County Treasurer's office for years under the watch of Jo Dee Fantozz?

The arrest of that former finance director Michelle Bowens reminded me of what the jokes in Erie County did to that Krista Harris. At Bowen's arraignment (Binette the judge of course) the Journal reported that Bowen's Sandusky attorney, Pete McGory, withdrew as her attorney. (just like all the attorneys in the Harris case) You can bet the reason he withdrew is because Bowens wouldn't plead to guilty to theft (just like Harris wouldn't) so he left her high & dry and at the mercy of the clowns at the corrupt Erie County courthouse who were out to make Anderson look bad because of the lawsuit she filed against Stumphauzer & O'Toole.

I must be the only one around that can see how these jokes work.

The Bizness

I said this yesterday, go make a formal complaint somewhere and get people in trouble, or stop spitting your conspiracy theory on here. Heck, maybe even this newspaper wants to help you out.