Most health levies approved

Voters approved most of the health levies in the Register’s coverage area Tuesday, according to unofficial results.
Tom Jackson
Nov 6, 2013


Erie County health levy
The Erie County Health Department renewal won handily Tuesday, rolling up big margins across the county.

Unofficial results showed 68 percent of voters favored the levy, a result that pleased Erie County health commissioner Pete Schade.

“I think folks understand the safety net services we provide,” Schade said. “It’s really an affordable levy in terms of the results I think the community gets.”

Schade said he believes the department’s outreach clinics across Erie County have helped rally support for the department.

“We saw just under 5,000 people last year in those outreach clinics,” he said. “A lot of those folks wouldn’t have been getting any form of care if it wasn’t for those clinics being there.”

• WHAT: 0.3-mill, five-year renewal levy to fund health department programs
• COST: Owner of $100,000 home pays $8.20 a year
FOR: 10,834
AGAINST: 5,148

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Sandusky County health levy
Sandusky County’s health department renewal levy was approved by a comfortable margin, with about 63 percent support.

“The community response is overwhelming for us,” health commissioner David Pollick said. “I hope it was because we really reached out to the community this time.”

The department brought down dilapidated houses and performed many other services, he said. “I think it’s an affirmation that people appreciate basic public health services,” he said.

• WHAT: 0.5-mill, five-year renewal levy to cover current expenses
• COST: $15.31 a year for owner of $100,000 home
FOR: 6,633
AGAINST: 3,860

Sandusky County mental health levy
Tuesday night brought another heartbreaking narrow loss for mental health services.

“Of course, we’re really disappointed again,” said Nancy Cochran, executive director of the Mental Health and Recovery Services Board of Seneca, Sandusky and Wyandot counties.

“The volunteers did a great job. I want to really thank the volunteers,” she said. “I imagine we’re going to keep this levy on the ballot until we pass it. There’s just too many people who need the help in Sandusky County.”

• WHAT: 0.8-mill, five-year additional levy, in Sandusky County only
• COST: $27.84 a year for owner of a $100,000 home
FOR: 5,275
AGAINST: 5,627


Huron County aging services levy
Voters in Huron County approved a small tax increase to fund services for aging county residents.

Unofficial results showed about 59 percent of votes in favor. The voters approved a 0.55-mill levy, a hike of just 0.05 mills, for Senior Enrichment Services, which provided 63,000 meals to seniors last year and gave them 18,000 rides.

• WHAT: 0.55-mill, fiveyear renewal and increase levy for senior services operations
• COST: $16 a year for owner of $100,000 home
FOR: 5,239
AGAINST: 3,603


Erie County Resident

To "Shady" Pete Schade,
Just remember that we the taxpayers passed this for services NOT YOUR PAY RAISES.
Like last time!
If this happens again we'll remember next time it comes up.

The Bizness

Don't be mad someone gets a raise for doing a good job. He has increased services without raising levy amounts.