Voter turnout for Nov. 5, 2013

County-by-county turnout for our area.
Sandusky Register Staff
Nov 6, 2013


Erie County
31% of 52,726 registered voters

Huron County
26% of 35,116 registered voters

Ottawa County
27% of 29,651 registered voters

Sandusky County
27% of 41,653 registered voters

For a listing of all the election results click HERE



Thanks for the statistics S.R. Sad turnout. We get the government we deserve.


Absolutely awefull. Pathetic. It's the percent that did not vote that during the national anthem is keeping a hat on, talking, texting, not paying tribute to the men and women in history that have fought for the right to vote. We take it for granted and most people have no idea what other people would do for the right even an option to vote without grave punishments. I hope everyone that did not vote, unless you have a medical reason and are hosptialized don't complain one bit about the outcome of thier election. I hope that on Monday, Veterans day, they go up to a Vet and say thanks for thier service to our country and I don't vote. It is the same as going up to a Vet and kicking them in the privates. Disrespectful and unamerican. People have died for the right to vote. Don't call yourself a patriot or American if you don't vote. Too many resources to not vote, i.e. early voting, absentee voting. NO EXCUSE!!!


We finally agree on something transplant. Well said!!!

AJ Oliver

If your right to vote were not important, the right wing would not be working so hard to take it away from you.


I assume you're blathering about voter ID laws. Hmmm... I was asked for my driver's license at the polling place. Know what I did? I SHOWED IT TO THEM. If I hadn't had a driver's license, I could have showed a State ID (which is available at low or no cost for those who can't afford one). How, IN DETAIL, does that disenfranchise ANYbody? Except illegal aliens, I mean, who aren't supposed to be voting in the first place.

The Bizness

Just Google "how voter ID law disenfranchises voters" and you will see article upon article of how it does.

Plus there is no reason for such law.

Btw if you voted in Ohio, you would have seen you could have supplied another form of ID too, and I think Ohio's current laws are just fine.


Yeah, unfortunately many people use silly excuses, until it comes time for the presidential election. There's no reason you can't scrounge up an ID or other form of verification of identity. Excuses like that are downright ridiculous.


I don't know how many people this would account for, but I know of many recent college graduates that have moved away that were registered voters here but now live and are registered elsewhere. They are still on Erie County register. Does anyone know how to get one's name off of that?

Julie R.

Considering that Vermilion, Ohio is half Erie County and half Lorain County, which meant precincts in Lorain County got to vote on the Vermilion mayor race, why isn't Lorain County listed here?

It also doesn't surprise me a bit that almost a thousand voters in Lorain County would vote for Eileen Bulan, who went along with the law director and his Lorain County law firm withholding itemized accounts of what they were charging the taxpayers. After all, just look at all the Erie County taxpayer monies that Lorain County law firms and retired Lorain County rent-a-judges have made off of the Erie County taxpayers for the last 15 plus years. (the MetroParks/Huron River Greenway case alone must have been atrocious) And who gets the taxes that have to be paid on all that money? Sure isn't Erie County --- it goes straight to LORAIN COUNTY.

The Bizness

Show us corruption or please stop. Go to the attorney general if you must but you sound like a conspiracy theory but on here.


What a shame that 69% of those registered to vote in Erie County didn't care enough to do so. A few may have had a legitimate excuse but not that many. I highly value my right to vote. Sometimes it is discouraging when I look at the list of candidates but I know that one or more of them are going to be elected and I feel that it is not only my right but my duty to choose those I believe will do the best job.


I wonder if voter turnout wouldn't increase dramatically if every race included "none of the above" as an option?

"Nevada is the only state in the nation that that gives voters the option of "none of these candidates" in statewide races – president, U.S. Senate, state constitutional offices and the Nevada Supreme Court.

But under state law "none" can never win even if it receives the most votes, though it can play spoiler.

Republicans sued last year over the law, fearing "none" could siphon votes from a disgruntled electorate and sway the outcome of a close 2012 presidential and Nevada U.S. Senate race."
"CARSON CITY — Nevada voters will be able to continue to exercise their right to vote for “none of these candidates” in statewide elections after a federal appeals court on Wednesday rejected a challenge to the unique ballot option.

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals tossed a Republican challenge to Nevada’s ballot option, saying the plaintiffs lacked standing to bring the case.

The lawsuit was financed by the Republican National Committee. It sought an injunction to remove the state’s unusual voter option, arguing the law disenfranchised voters by disregarding ballots cast for “none of these candidates” in determining the winner of elections."

I want the "none of the above" ballot option in all states and to also include candidates at the local levels. Voters would then have a real choice and it would encourage the apathetic voters who stay home to go out and vote.

"Nevada is the only state in the nation that since 1976 has given voters the option to vote for "none" in races decided by voters statewide _ president, U.S. Senate, state constitutional officers and state Supreme Court. It was enacted as a way to combat voter apathy after the Watergate scandal that brought down President Richard Nixon _ and give voters a way to register disdain for the political environment."

Stop It


AJ Oliver

Our electoral system is not "fine" at all. Other countries have much higher turnout because the govt actively goes out and registers people. And politicians also control elections by controling the primary candidates, and gerrymandering. Some of my former students have had a big role in drawing electoral boundaries, and believe me, it's all about maximizing the number of people whose votes do not count. People have every reason to question the whole process.


Does anyone know the outcome of the Sandusky City School Board of Education vote? I've yet to see any results.