Levy fails third time

Perkins Township residents are unwavering. For the third time this year, voters overwhelmingly rejected tax increases aiming to keep Perkins Schools afloat.
Alissa Widman Neese
Nov 6, 2013


About 61 percent of township residents voted against the district’s tax levy Tuesday, according to unofficial election results.   

If approved, the 6.73-mill, 10-year emergency operating levy proposal would have generated about $2.8 million a year for Perkins Schools. Voters rejected an identical levy in August, with 54 percent against.

With the levy’s defeat, the district’s reserve cash is set to be depleted to a mere $23,500 by the end of the current school year, according to its five-year financial forecast. Its budget is about $21 million per year.

Students also will continue to pay hefty pay-to-participate fees, as much as $730 per sport for each high school athlete and$100 per club.

Watch video with reaction from reporter Alissa Widman in the player below

Mary Bakewell, member of the Citizens for Accountable Schools committee that campaigned against the levy this fall, said the levy’s continued defeat indicates taxpayers are unhappy with the district’s current operations and administrators.

“Everyone who called me to get a ‘Vote No’ sign said they’re frustrated,” Bakewell said. “We’re extremely pleased people were able to speak up and voice their opinion by voting.”

Voters have not approved a new levy for Perkins Schools since 2000.

Perkins Schools superintendent Jim Gunner did not return a call seeking comment Tuesday.

Perkins Schools levy
6.73-mill, 10-year emergency operating levy to fund general operations
COST: Owner of a $100,000 home would have paid $236 a year
AGAINST: 2,971
FOR: 1,881


looking around

The vast majority of posts I've read on other links have been people blathering about having to pay for their kids participation in sports. Are you educating your child or breeding an athlete? I could care less if your kid plays any sports, if it's important to you then stop your whining and pay for it! Don't expect me to pay an additional $400 in taxes.

Food For Thought

To bad there isn't a thumbs up on comments, this would defiantly receive that honor.


Looking around, I do agree with you, we have 2 kids in the school, we told them each they can play one sport per year. although school sports is important it is not a necessity to get a good education. In the financial times we live in, I do not expect anyone to pay extra for my children. We voted NO for the levy and our kids understand why. education starts at home.


I get your point, however, unless you did not play any sports or join any clubs when you were in HS, you need to remember that someone voted yes to support you when you were that age.

Food For Thought

I didn't, I worked instead.


Ya I bet you did.


My parents paid for my sports. I went to a private school.


I played one sport and I worked the rest of the time. It was a different time then, the way the economy and job market is today we have to change how we live, spend money and educate our kids as to why that is. We do not rely on other tax payers dollars, to help our kids make a better life for themselves and have fun in school. As a parent that's our job.


You are correct, I think that's ware some disagree of what "fair share" is. I think paying hirer taxes for someone else's child to play a sport is not fair share. Sports are extra.

Raoul Duke

They should include a course on handling firearms and identifying the enemy. No kid should have to pay for that.

danbury dad

Maybe they could sell the naming rihts to the new sports complex I see when I drive by for revenue. I don't know maybe "Citizen's Bank Field?


They already did, danbury dad. Firelands Regional.


If the football team wins the state championship the levy will pass. Go Pirates!


The football team will be done after the Regional finals if they make it that far. No way they beat Toledo CC.


The Open Enrollment Pirates! Or Sandusky Bay Pirates. Wonder how many boys on the team are k-12 Perkins kids?


Winning at sports does not get votes. If that was the case, then Port Clinton's renewal would have bombed.




Perkins has a playoff football game Friday night. Wouldn't it be great if EVERY single parent of a football player REFUSED to pay the "pay to play" fees? What would Perkins do? Not one player would be eligible to play. C'mon, call their bluff!

red white and blue

My question is this how does margaretta get an A grade on there academics.Yet there is no pay to play and no one screaming about tax money hmm seems to me after all this hoopla I will be checking in to this open inrollment thing next year!


Because they already pay more in taxes. Duh!


Actually, for the most recent year that the Dept.of Education offers data, their millage rates are within 1 mill of each other, and Perkins collects about 3 times the revenue of Margaretta ($14.9 million versus $5.5 million) because they have 3 times the total property value ($226K per pupil versus $132K.)

looking around

Everyone looks at this differently, some feel it is political due to dissatisfaction with Gunner, some feel it is because of over the top plans in creating a new campus, some simply feel the needs are overstated.

I think it boils down to one thing and one thing only MONEY! The population of Perkins has shrunk, property values have dropped, insurance on homes has risen. Homeowners see a need for investing in their own aging property with limited funds to do so. Good paying jobs have left the community and the living wage has decreased while the cost goods and service has risen. The number of family's with children of school age has also decreased.

The cost of improvements on school buildings continues to rise as does the cost of equipment related to sports, clubs, music departments etc.

The bottom line is the money is not available from taxpayers, especially from those that do not get any return on their investment. I'm sorry to say that there no longer is an ability to support your schools through tax levy.