Voters approve renewal levy

Despite some divisive issues in the Huron Schools community, there’s one thing most voters agreed on Tuesday: renewing the district’s most recent tax levy.
Alissa Widman Neese
Nov 6, 2013


A majority of voters approved the five-year levy, according to unofficial election results.
The levy, first approved in 2008, generates about $1.2 million a year for the district. The annual budget is about $14.6 million.
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The levy’s success will not increase taxes. The owner of a $100,000 home will continue to pay $181 a year, or about $1,520 total in school-related taxes.

Citizens for Huron Schools, a new committee led by district parents Amy Roldan and Brad Hartung, had been campaigning for the levy since August. They hosted a watch party Tuesday night at Jim’s Pizza Box on Main Street with superintendent Dennis Muratori.

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After the results came in, Muratori and others shared high-fives and commended the committee’s efforts.

“I would like to thank the entire community for believing in and supporting our students, faculty and staff,” he said. “While passage of the renewal levy provides some stability, we know the district will need to make difficult decisions moving forward to address our financial needs.”

Huron Schools renewal levy
5.9-mill, fiveyear renewal levy to fund general operations
COST: Owner of a $100,000 home continues to pay $181 a year
FOR: 2,333



What newspaper is reporting on EHOVE?


WHO CARES. It's a vocational school that shouldn't operate on tax payer money.


Why is that? There are over 700 high school students that attend. And it's not only a vocational school, there are also programs for college-bound students that include hands-on, real-world experience that the other schools do not have.


wow prince, you're really are showing your arrogance and probably offended asher at the same time


Yes, I am arrogant, but also correct.

I also believe that EHOVE is a great place and offers a lot of options to many people.

However, they are high school students who can attend local high schools which are (and should be) supported by taxpayer money. If they CHOOSE not to attend the local high schools, they should have to pay fees and tuition to pursue their career goals, and the school should be funded by that money rather than the taxpayers. If it costs those students more money to attend, then so be it. That is their choice.

My point is: this type of school is similar to Ohio Business College or any other secondary education facility that prepares people for their potential careers. Why should the taxpayers have to fund it, as well as their local school district?


No, it is nothing like Ohio Business College. You obviously know nothing about EHOVE. If the other high schools offered these types of options, then kids would stay there. But they don't (other than Sandusky), they advocate EHOVE. If it much cheaper for one central school to offer these programs than for each school district to do so.


You can sure tell who got defeated in the polls.


Yep. Someone woke up on the wrong side a vote this morning.