Green, Slocum win; so does Fox supporter Muehlhauser
Alissa Widman Neese
Nov 6, 2013
A consistently split Huron school board will likely remain divided, based on the candidates elected into three available seats Tuesday.

Newcomer Eric Muehlhauser, a local attorney, received the most votes, about 17 percent, according to unofficial election results.

He will swap seats with Kevin Asher, a current board member who missed securing his seat by only about 30 votes.

The pair campaigned with candidate Nancy Bulea, who said they share similar viewpoints on most Huron Schools issues. 

Current board members Scott Slocum and Donna Green will retain their seats. They both received about 16 percent of votes.

Tuesday’s election is the district’s first since its current board members voted 3-2 to fire former Huron Schools superintendent Fred Fox for alleged misdeeds. The divisive decision was a key campaign issue this fall.

Asher voted against the firing, while Slocum and Green for it.

When contacted Tuesday night, Green said she believes community members are ready to move forward and away from the issue, based on the election results.

“I’m just so happy and humbled that the community supported us and we’re going to be able to move forward with the things we started,” Green said. “We were probably outspent 50-to-1 campaigning, so it was really a very strong, grassroots effort of a lot of people to get the word out in support of us.”

The vote was down to the wire Tuesday night, with six of the district’s seven candidates separated by less than 2 percent of the overall votes.

“It was close and unfortunately things may still be a little contentious in town because of that,” Green said. “Overall, I think the board just needs to look forward, not back. I hope the community will too.”

Muehlhauser did not return calls Tuesday night seeking comment.

Each candidate elected will serve a four-year term on the board.





Donna, you may have been outspent 50-1, but you knew that you didn't need to spend as much because you had "the good old boys" network backing you. And some of those who backed you made threatening phone calls to local businesses who supported your opponents.

Thanks for stating such an obvious example of how YOU are willing to frivolously spend taxpayer money (throughout the Fox Fiasco), yet none (very little) of your own.


Take pride Huron, in voting for people like this to serve on your BOE and work in your school system!!!


Hahahahaha! It is laughable that you say "people like this", but defend someone like Fox, who not only had affair on the taxpayers dime, but then tried to drag a highly respected administrator into his lies, tried to lie his way out of his wrongdoings, abused a work trip, and cost the district a ton of money in teacher grievances by not following the contract.


The "good old boys" would be Fox and his gang. And obviously more people do not think the money spent to get rid of Fox was frivolous than do.
Threatening phone calls? Did anyone call the police and make a police report or try to get a restraining order?


No, the REAL "Good Old Boys" are the same families (most of which have names ending in a vowel) who have run that town and system for many, many decades. Green and Slocum answer to SoSUCKe, who answers to the teacher/coach I continuously refer to. There's a reality check for you.


Um, yeah, okay. Keep believing that lie. Who told you that? Your mighty king Fox?
Anyone that refers to his employees as "underlings" on a work email system deserves to be fired. Period.


prince denny? the 3 on the high dollar campaign were all about getting Fox back his job wasnt they?


They spent THEIR money, not the publics. "WASN'T they!!!!"

Nice grammar and thanks for proving your ignorance once again!!!


and the self-proclaimed "prince" continues to ramble on with nonsense and twisted lies..... threatening phone calls... really... ?
Maybe you should change your name again, say "prince of fiction"


Not lies 69.

Not going to mention names, but I have it on good authority (direct from business owners) that certain wives (of people in the system) made phone calls to businesses (who had the BAM signs on their property) threatening to boycott (along with their friends) their business if the signs weren't removed.

Granted, she's a psychotic female dog, but it goes to show you who really runs that town.


How is that a threat? I wouldn't go into their businesses either. That's the price of a business owner supporting a specific political candidate. Better to keep those things private.


Some one says my friends and I won't patronize your business as long as you have those signs at that business, and the business owner files a police report? Its laughable.


prince sure is sold on Fox.... the man crush lives !


Are you referring to the phone call from Sandy the wife of a conceited, selfish, self-centered head football coach!


I choose not to mention any names, but I wouldn't disagree with anything you just said.


You sound like your wife lost last night. Is that the case, C.B.?


prince denny, please answer the question. the highly priced campaign of Asher, Beaula and the newbee all were wanting on board to bring fred back wasnt they? YES or NO please


I don't know if that was part of their agenda or not, so I can't give you a "yes" or "no" answer.

Unlike you (and so many others on here), I don't speculate or type anything that I don't know is factual.

Mr. Right

Facts. I didn't hear any facts. Only rantings on, of opinions and delusions.


Fact: The school district fired an employee who had an affair and SENT E-MAILS to their lover, yet still employs someone who USED STUDENTS to pass love letters back and forth to another employee of the school district. HYPOCRITES!!!!


Fact 1. That happened 15-20 years ago. It should have been dealt with at the time, and I wish it was, but it wasn't. You can blame leadership for the fact that it wasn't, and most of the current board members weren't even on the board then (oh wait, there is one--Caporini). There is nothing that can be done about that now. Simple childhood lesson--two wrongs do not make a right.
Fact 2. Fox was supposed to be the LEADER of our district. He is held to a higher expectation of professionalism than anyone else in the district because of that role. With great power comes great responsibility.
Fact 3. That was not the only reason Fox was fired.


FACT your superintendent and BOE swept it under the rug! Today's BOE or at least 3 of them chose not to sweep a wrong doing under the rug! Can't believe you or your moran friends think its ok what he was doing.


It's MORON, you CLUELESS IDIOT. I see you are once again showing off your superior spelling skills. Keep up the good work!!!

Mr. Right

Stop shouting. A civilized conversation, is a more credible conversation. Yelling and screaming never solves anything. Yes. I understand that in this world, capitalization of words is equivalent to shouting.

Mr. Right

For the record, 50-1 says that the prince starts crying about me not knowing what I'm talking about, regarding my shouting accusation. Also, see how stupid you look when all you can do is criticise someone, who makes a comment you disagree with, on a subject totally unrelated to the overall conversation. It's called deflection. A good trick. A desperate trick when you really have nothing of substance to say, yet have the need to still be heard.


Mr. Right, I have no reason to CRITICIZE you.

Mr. Right

I am surprised!!!


Again, old business piper. What about Fox's stealing of tax payer dollars by submitting mileage for trips to visit his lover. School time+school funds+personal business=theft in office.


They cry about people calling business but it is "ok" for the Fox supporters to spread around town to boycott a local business. What a bunch of two face evil people. Don't think the people in Huron do not know about the two Fox supporters putting out signs and pulling the other candidates signs out of the ground at polling locations. You people think you are "model citizens" in this town. Who put the A.B.M. signs right in front of other candidates signs? You people think that the law only applies to other people. Your wrong, now the ethics reports come out. Ask for donations now to pay Fox's attorney.