Green, Slocum win; so does Fox supporter Muehlhauser
Alissa Widman Neese
Nov 6, 2013
A consistently split Huron school board will likely remain divided, based on the candidates elected into three available seats Tuesday.

Newcomer Eric Muehlhauser, a local attorney, received the most votes, about 17 percent, according to unofficial election results.

He will swap seats with Kevin Asher, a current board member who missed securing his seat by only about 30 votes.

The pair campaigned with candidate Nancy Bulea, who said they share similar viewpoints on most Huron Schools issues. 

Current board members Scott Slocum and Donna Green will retain their seats. They both received about 16 percent of votes.

Tuesday’s election is the district’s first since its current board members voted 3-2 to fire former Huron Schools superintendent Fred Fox for alleged misdeeds. The divisive decision was a key campaign issue this fall.

Asher voted against the firing, while Slocum and Green for it.

When contacted Tuesday night, Green said she believes community members are ready to move forward and away from the issue, based on the election results.

“I’m just so happy and humbled that the community supported us and we’re going to be able to move forward with the things we started,” Green said. “We were probably outspent 50-to-1 campaigning, so it was really a very strong, grassroots effort of a lot of people to get the word out in support of us.”

The vote was down to the wire Tuesday night, with six of the district’s seven candidates separated by less than 2 percent of the overall votes.

“It was close and unfortunately things may still be a little contentious in town because of that,” Green said. “Overall, I think the board just needs to look forward, not back. I hope the community will too.”

Muehlhauser did not return calls Tuesday night seeking comment.

Each candidate elected will serve a four-year term on the board.



The people of Huron have spoken!! "Yes" to the school system. They have the belief that all will be put back on the right track with this current leadership in place. No to Asher and his ramblings about the school board and the injustice done to his pal. Time to move on and put this behind us. Congrats to all in Huron.....a job done well!!!!

Julie R.

Where I voted the only signs I saw were the signs for Asher, Bulea and Muehlhauser. Maybe I didn't look hard enough but I honestly did not see any other signs but those.


There were a TON of ABM signs at each polling place. If there were others, they were hard to see.


Green said it in her interview that they were outspent 50-1 by the BAM group. She must not have been able to afford placing any of her signs at the voting places.

Once again, she has no problem spending taxpayer money, but does have a problem spending her own. Thanks Donna, for being such a fine example to the people of Huron. NOT!!!!


Tell your wife to use some conditioner and run a brush through that rats nest of hers prior to engaging the public. How one represents themselves verbally and visually speaks volumes about their character as a human being. The bar is set low so there is only room for improvement !



Mr. Right

I honestly do not think she was complaining about being outspent. I rather think she was gloating about the fact that BAM spent all that money, and all it got them was a different person sitting in the one seat they already "owned".

Mr. Right

But that could be just me.


I saw ABM signs that were on each side of other candidates signs....obviously placed so that they would obscure the other candidate signs. Par for the course.


This election from the beginning was made up of corruption, fraud and moral decay. All by the people that would stop at nothing to win and use the students education money to appease a former superintendent and his attorney. Now they are trying to discredit Ms. Green. They have fabricated so many lies in the past that no one believes them anymore. This hypocrisy reminds me of the board meeting in March when two hypocrites got up and talked about tax dollars that the school lost. This money was never lost. It was negotiated during the Kalahari tax abatement for the convention center. Nothing surprises me what their next move will be. After becoming aware that these people removed candidate signs and replaced them with A.B.M. signs, shows they will never stop their corrupt ways.


But their corrupt ways aren't working anymore. There is justice in this world!


Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.


The litigation pending will probably be postponed until a more favorable roster on the BOE is attained. I am guessing four to five years before this all is over.

Mr. Right

Really? If this isn't settled by this coming summer, Murry is gonna cut his losses and dump Fox. The majority on the BOE simply have to wait him out.

Mr. Right

Personally, all that is happening is a bunch of idiots crying over spilt milk. And the fact that Fox no longer has the ability to keep the liquor flowing. The good times, well, they were fun while they lasted.


I couldn't have said it better prince


BAM didn't spend their own money for all of their expenses. They spent Mr. Nelson's, Mr. Murray's, and Mr. Wechter's money along with the money of other wealthier Fox supporters. Mrs. Green and Mr. Slocum spent enough of their money (which was reasonable for a school board election). Goes to show you - $20 - $30,000 does not buy you enough seats on a small town school board. This was a bad investment for the Fox posse.


Guess a lot of people have the moral fortitude not to be bought!

Tsu Dho Nimh

True because Mrs. Green did not spend foolishly and won. I would call her the fiscally responsible candidate.