Huron school board race and levy

Seven vie for three spots on school board; district seeks approval of 5.9-mill renewal levy
Sandusky Register Staff
Nov 5, 2013

Three seats on the Huron school board are up for grabs, and the district is asking voters to renew a levy that would cost the owner of a $100,000 home about $181 a year.

The unofficial election results, with all precincts reporting:


Huron school board

Eric Muehlhauser-1,572

Scott Slocum-1,509

Donna Green-1,481

Kevin Asher-1,447

Nancy Bulea-1,433

Sherry Catri-1,433

Cheryl Kleist-550


5.9-mill, five-year renewal levy





Donutshopguy..They only consequences she has is to deal with her own family. She is well aware of what has been done. Is it her fault that Fox did the things he did with the finances?...She has no idea what Huron was all about and who he really was and what he might of been up to. It a shame that people cast judgemenet.. not sure if they know the real story..or just rumors I know her and her family very well. I am tired of the Huron people trying to use her to get to him.. It is what it is..mistakes were made. Lives were effected. She was clueless to the animosity that Huron had for him.


None of that matters. She is guilty of using her position, school resources and time (which equals money) to conduct an extramarital affair. I read the emails. And she has consequences to deal with other than her family because she was a public employee. It doesn't matter if Fox was loved or hated by anyone.


What are you kidding me.. how many people in school systems use the email as their own private system Really???. I have seen all sorts of things come by public employees email that was inappropraite. You and everyone else who thinks that anyone doesn't use email to communicate to whom ever is living in the dark ages. Is that all you have Ha Ha ..that is too funny...:)


Fine, then Fox should get his job back. You're not a real princess and you can't have it both ways. What's good for the gander is good for the goose. Both chose to dance; both get to pay the piper.

Wa Tu Lo

She is just as guilty as Fox. She misused taxpayer dollars and lied just like Fox did. The only difference is she admitted guilt. Fox hasn't been able to accept the fact or admit he is a criminal and a thief. Soon it will all be over with. It would be nice to get this onto a courtroom and see who lied under oath. Then you will see what you consider rumors are actually the truth. I will never understand why Fox's posse still condones his activities prior to his termination. None of this should had never been swept under the rug.


She never admitted any guilt..again misinformed. Guilt for what? She didn't do anything wrong except hurting her family.


So using district time and resources to conduct an affair isn't anything wrong? She even used her office.
She resigned. She didn't fight it. She was busted and didn't deny it.


Guilty of being a lying cheating harlot ! Have fun carrying that backpack of guilt & regret the rest of your life !

Julie R.

Once again, SoldOnAcorns, you Huronites are NUTS! You wackjobs aren't happy unless you're starting trouble. My mother's attorneys, the former Huron judges, were NUTS, too ....... but then so are the ones at the Erie County courthouse!


Obviously you live in Huron and fit right in then cause you are nuttier than a squirrel turd !

Wa Tu Lo

I have the investigation report from Fremont's superintendent, the one where Fox's attorney said he would sue anyone that made it public. It also contains the letter from the person who was cutting the grass that saw them together. I really do not expect you to believe any thing that involves the truth about your golden boy. You believe everyone is "misinformed". I believe you have "tunnel vision". You and the rest of Fox's posse are so "brain washed" you will never believe the truth.

Julie R.

I can't understand why everybody is making such a big deal about Fred Fox. I can't even see what he did that was so horrible compared to all the flat-out crimes that other half-baked Huronites have been getting away with for years and years, thanks to their half-baked buddies at the corrupt Erie County courthouse!

Julie R.

Neither can I understand why a Murray would take Fred Fox's case. After all, it's not like their law firm is going to make millions from it like they do in all those class-action lawsuits that they forever file. I know the Murrays sure won't take cases that involve fraud documents prepared by their half-baked attorney friends and crook financial institutions --- they claim it's a conflict of interest. On the other hand, didn't somebody say the Murrays took Baxter's ferry boat business case? One might have to wonder why that wasn't a conflict of interest.


WaToLo~ Only one person had that report initially ..a lawyer..that is the way Huron rolls..did they copy and distribute the report from the ODE that exonerated her.. like they did the with the other report. NO! They found no cause for any discipline. No I am sure that didn't go around that tiny town on the swamp ( oh I am sorry river).. Very shady