Huron school board race and levy

Seven vie for three spots on school board; district seeks approval of 5.9-mill renewal levy
Sandusky Register Staff
Nov 5, 2013

Three seats on the Huron school board are up for grabs, and the district is asking voters to renew a levy that would cost the owner of a $100,000 home about $181 a year.

The unofficial election results, with all precincts reporting:


Huron school board

Eric Muehlhauser-1,572

Scott Slocum-1,509

Donna Green-1,481

Kevin Asher-1,447

Nancy Bulea-1,433

Sherry Catri-1,433

Cheryl Kleist-550


5.9-mill, five-year renewal levy





Congratulations to Scott, Donna and Eric. The people have spoken, the choice has been made. Huron would like to move forward, not backward. Now who wants to bet that the PAC will still cause trouble in the months to come? I'm sure that they're already planning some sort of response.


I just pray Eric isn't loyal to the PAC that backed him.


More of the same in Huron ...It will be interesting to see how many of you are gonna vote yes for a levy that is sure to come soon to cover the costs of all this mess that the majority of the board created. All they had to do was not renew Mr. Fox. His contract was about to expire. Now since the surplus the school system had is gone you know a levy is coming that will cost homeowners in Huron and also you lost one of the best donors in Huron by dragging his name through the mud.He was gonna donate money to McCormick jr high. A new levy is coming soon to cover the costs and I hope all you supporters of Green, Slocum, and Soweicke are ready to pay the taxes and vote for the levy that is sure to come for their poor decisions because they are still the MAJORITY making poor decisions


EXACTLY. Sadly, The Three Stooges are still around


Atta-boy.... keep trying to blame anyone you can except for Fox. When in doubt resort to childish name calling and twisted info


So many misstatements, so little time...I'll just tackle one: Fred's contract was NOT about to expire. He had 2 more years. Literally everything you just said is incorrect.


In addition, they couldn't just not renew his contract without a big mess as well. Better to deal with it and get it done now.


Sweet Jesus man have you been in Fred's fridge drinking his kool-aid ?


How long before Asher sues for a recount?


I'm waiting for that to happen, too. $20,000+ should have bought more than 1 seat on the board. We still may have a 3-2 board when it comes to the Fox deal but who knows, maybe Mr. Meuhlhauser isn't as committed to Fred as his Fox bloc. I believe you will see Cap resigning soon due to the OEC mess he got himself into. When that happens, Fox will be nothing but a memory.


Nothing but a memory? You'll be eating those words once the lawsuit begins.


Btw rich524 you're high. He wasn't going to donate the money!


I chose to not vote because of this travisty of justice.

None of us were there and only the 3 power rangers know what they did to bring about their personal agenda.

Integrity comes with the responsibility of having one's words MATCH one's actions and all of them failed that little test, in my opinion!


princessdenny didnt get any sleep last night! get over it pal! I feel very fortunate to have a fine gentlemen like Mr Muratori running the system. I believe he will unlike the past, make the correct decisions when it comes to running the school system. and that big donator out on 250?? Tax abatement = he still pays a big lump sum. Dont be fooled by that foolishness that we lost it.

I like the current make up and attitude of the system. lets lay this bullturkey to rest and move forward >>>

Wa Tu Lo

Fox brought Mr. Nelson into this mess with his stupidity. He owes Mr. Nelson an apology for getting caught and being stupid. As for going to court, bring in the mistress. There is no court in this country, unless they're corrupt, would ever vote in favor of Fox. Keep throwing out those threats about a lawsuit. If that's all you got,your in trouble. Had the school board continued to let Fox run out his contract,the school system would be in worst shape. He would have sold each school bus for a dollar. Him and his buddies garages would look like hardware stores. This would have been done at taxpayers expense. Never in my life will I understand how any person could support an individual for stealing,unless they are of the same mold.


Speaking of Fox's side dish...I saw her at a Perkins football game this year...this has taken it's toll on her...she has aged 10 years in the last 2 !

Julie R.

Wow ...... now THAT sure was a nasty thing to say!


Boy SoldonAcorns that interesting..She doesn't go to the Perkins Football games...anyway why does it matter? Isn't this about Fox? Keep the focus!


Bull crap she didn't go to a Perkins football game ! She and Fox are what started this entire yes she is involved ! Takes 2 to tango there honey ! As for being a nasty thing to say....don't cheat on your spouse and your conscience won't eat you alive (assuming she has one ) ! Julie R that is the first comment I have seen you make that doesn't involve the crooked Eeeerie county courts ! Congrats, you are making progress with the therapy you must be receiving !

Julie R.

Well, if you insist.......

Your nasty comment about Fox's girlfriend, or ex-girlfriend, or whatever she is reminds me of something else I heard through the grapevine. I heard some people in Huron acutually took pictures of that woman with their cell phones when they saw her in a restaurant once. I had to laugh when I heard that. I mean, geez, one would think she was Monica Lewinsky or somebody!

I'm beginning to think ALL of you people in Huron are NUTS. On the other hand, I already know the majority are. As I've said a hundred times over, the trouble-making attorneys and the rest of the dirt-bags that criminally defrauded my mother at the end of her life (with the exception of a snake Lorain County attorney) were ALL from HURON, OHIO.

But don't feel too awful bad because your county public officials are NUTS, too. Auditors that authorize fraudulent transfers of property, recorders that knowingly file fraud documents, a court that gives attorneys and financial institutions two years after an elderly person's death to get everything left from criminally changed contracts out of her name before filing a forged Will, another court that sells fraudulently transferred property at a scam sheriff sale ........

It also looks to me, SoldOnAcorns, that some of you hypocrite Huronites STILL haven't made any progress with the "therapy" you receive at Huron's St. Pete's every Saturday night and/or Sunday morning!


Keep going to just fell off the wagon & relapsed ! What a butthurt life you lead !


Well, what do you expect; you pushed her crazy button. What, do you go around offering beer to recovering alcoholics, too?

Wa Tu Lo

Could it have been the Sandbar? Now that all your money was spent on two lame candidates that didn't make it, you want to talk just about Fox. You people sure dragged a lot of other peoples names in the mud over the last year. I don't feel that they are going to let you off that easy. The Fox posse made a lot of enemies and in your earlier blogs you still kept poking the bear.


Acrons..That's right..She didn't go to a Perkins football game. Ha...misinformed again. The disaster is all about Huron and the finances and how things were handled..Keep the focus. She had nothing to do with that situation... just a pawn that Huron exploited to get to Fox.


Can't make a ho into a housewife...the end !

Wa Tu Lo

Finances and the way things were handled? Wasn't Mr Fox compensated for his mileage each month? So, he was being paid for mileage, by Huron taxpayers dollars, to go see his mistress. How many times did Mr. Fox turn in mileage slips for trips to Fremont and Port Clinton to see his mistress? Over $800 dollars paid to Mr. Fox for those trips. So, the Huron taxpayer was paying Mr. Fox for mileage, and time he should have been working, he was having an affair on our tax dollars.

The way things were handled. I would say,the three school board members were more than likely thinking about the best interest of the students and taxpayer. You can not justify paying a person when they are taking away money from our children's education and taxpayer's hard earned dollars, when that person is raping the system. There had to be a stop to this kind of abusive behavior. Had it continue to go on, more money would have been misspent. Who can predict how long the abuse of taxpayer's dollars would have continue.



"a pawn of Huron to get Fox " What?

Did someone make her be Fred Fox's mistress to get him out of the school system?

This lady put herself in this position and now she has to suffer the consequences of her action.

That's life.


You are so not right..get the facts..ask the right questions..make the right people accountable... don't listen to the rumors and lies..enough..move forward..there is an another side


Wrong ! Lying on her backside is the only side there is ! Her husband shoulda kicked her lying cheating arse to the curb and went for full custody of their children ! Staying to an adulterer is pathetically weak !


Princess, are you saying he raped her?
Sorry, but that game takes two to play.