Sandusky city commissioners race

Seven in the running for three seats
Sandusky Register Staff
Nov 5, 2013


Two incumbents and five newcomers are fighting for three spots on the Sandusky city commission.

The unofficial results, with all precincts reporting:

Dennis Murray Jr.-1,915

Dick Brady-1,532

Naomi Twine-949

Scott Schell-854

John Hamilton-839

Patricia Ferguson-611

Diedre Cole-426



All new commissioners. That sends a strong message. Cannot wait for Murray and Brady to hit the ground running.

Julie R.

Well, with 2 lawyers on board now ~ Murray & Iscman ~ they should be able to work together to avoid any more million dollar lawsuits!


And we wonder why we are in the shape we are in....

Colonel Angus

Good campaign strategy Diedre. How's that working out for ya?


Diedre wasn't the only one not reelected. Why is she the only one you see?


Actually it seems that Deidra wa the only one trying to do the right thing for the city and yet the voters put her out.


Sorry to hear that Mr. Hamilton wasn't re-elected.

dire wolf

I dont follow this that close, so corrrect me if i am wrong, but i wonder if the no-show/no call to the big budget meeting(s)? was what steered enough of the voters away from his re-election? if so,probably a good call by the voters. It seemed like maybe he didn't care enough from what i previously had read. I'm guessing these new commissioners will attend the meetings they are elected to attend. The people have spoken.


Thanks to all who ran and presented us with good candidates.

Congratulations to the winners!


2 outta' 3 ain't bad...


U bad LOL…


Could have done without the third~for real!!