Perkins Township trustees

Lang ousts Printy
Melissa Topey
Nov 5, 2013

Unofficial election results, with all precincts reporting:

Jim Lang-2,933

Tim Coleman-1,982

Mike Printy-1,826


Keep Focused

Congratulations to Jim and Tim. You both did very well.

Mike Printy

Diane Schaefer

Nice job Jim. Just hope you didn't make any campaign promises that would prevent you from doing the right thing for the entire township, not just a select few.

Sorry to see the residents didn't back Mike Printy. IMHO both as a fiscal officer and a taxpayer/resident, Mike is hard working, trying to do the 'right thing'. He spends countless hours researching various subjects before making a decision, often outnumbered by the other two trustees. You don't just see him at the meetings and/.or during campaign season.