Perkins Schools levy results

Perkins Schools levy shot down
Melissa Topey
Nov 5, 2013

Perkins Schools 6.73-mill, 10-year levy, with all precincts reporting, according to unofficial results:





Thank you Rosa. This generation of students and their parents have been led to believe that athletics are the only place a student can become well-rounded and develop teamwork skills.


When are we going to start using the money from this renewal? I saw videos on the levy site showing asbestos issues, crumbled concrete, missing mortar in brick and steps in need of repair. Get some bids and get on it!

Press Release - Perkins Local Schools - May 8

Perkins School District voters supported the renewal of the permanent improvement levy while defeating the request for new operating funds last night. The School Board and employees would like to thank the Perkins community for their continued support of the school’s permanent improvement levy. The renewal of this levy is expected to bring in $750,000 annually for building repairs, technology and the replacement of buses, vans, and other capital equipment. This levy is important to keep the aging facilities of the district from deteriorating further until a long-term solution can be implemented. The permanent improvement levy was first passed in November of 1988 and has been continuously supported by the residents of the community since that time.


If I am corrected, that money wont be collected and available until tax payments come due next year. This is however, a subject I am somewhat unfamiliar with, but if I recall correctly, it takes until the end of the year following the passing of a levy to have access to the revenue.

Let me check with some folks when I get a chance and I can get clarification.

I don't want to sound like a fatalist, nor am I trying to make a situation sound more dire than it is; however I also don't want readers to get the wrong impression. The entire $750,000 that we will have access to after 1 year, is not enough to fund even HALF of the asbestos removal.

I say this because the voters/readers/community have to realize that if for instance the 750k is used to remove part of the asbestos, there will undoubtedly see the following dialogue:

Community: "we gave you 750k, what did you do with it!"

Board: "We used it to start the asbestos removal"

Community: "But there is still asbestos in the school"

Board: "Yes, and there will be for 2 more years"

Community: "Wait, what?"

Board: "It is going to take 2.5 million to safely remove all the asbestos and it can only be worked on in the summer"

Community: "So you mismanaged our tax dollars again?!"

Board: "No, 3 independent asbestos removal firms estimated the removal will cost 2.5 million back in 2008. Those reports and estimates have been available to the public since 2009"

Community: "OMG! I can't believe you mismanaged our tax dollars again!!!"

Board: "Unfortunately there is no asbestos removal company on Earth that can safely remove all the school's asbestos for $750,000 or we certainly have hired them"

Community: "More lies! Fire them! Fire them all! Vote NO!"

Board: "Really? ..."

Board: /facepalm

That was meant to be somewhat humorous, but it is also a little scary as each and every one of us knows at least someone who we could see having this very conversation.

People have to know that whatever they decide to repair with that money will take a couple years before it is 100% completed, and not being able to repair beyond what there is funding for is not mismanagement, it is just the way it is... for any of us, in any financial situation.

Thomas Paine

Facepalm. LOL :)


The real Facepalm came yesterday! LOL :)


from the above link:

"When is Asbestos Dangerous

When left intact and undisturbed, asbestos containing materials do not pose a health risk to people working or living in buildings. Asbestos containing material is not generally considered to be harmful unless it is releasing dust or fibers into the air where they can be inhaled or ingested. Many of the fibers will become trapped in the mucous membranes of the nose and throat where they can then be removed, but some may pass deep into the lungs, or, if swallowed, into the digestive tract."


Thanks for the link.

"Asbestos-containing ceiling tiles, floor tiles, undamaged laboratory cabinet tops, shingles, fire doors, siding shingles, etc. will not release asbestos fibers unless they are disturbed or damaged in some way."

Are children's fingerprint indentations in wall structures and ceiling tiles a form of "disturbing" the material? The district posted the video and find that acceptable? I know exactly where it is. The boiler rooms we can live with for now. Areas where children can actually touch (disturb) and push into the material is unacceptable and should be removed or isolated.


"People have to know that whatever they decide to repair with that money will take a couple years before it is 100% completed, and not being able to repair beyond what there is funding for is not mismanagement, it is just the way it is... for any of us, in any financial situation."

Subtle - Not if they take out a loan for the repairs knowing the money is coming annually. They did it for the stadium donation and stuck it in on the design loan without public knowledge.

Thomas Paine

Take out a new loan on money that may come and pay interest on future estimated income? If I understand correctly all the no voters are upset that the school already did this once for the stadium. Now you are suggesting doing it again for a different project while still having the other loans out there without passing a new levy? Tax dollars coming in constantly change. They aren't a concrete figure every year. There is no guarantee that state laws don't change and less money comes in. Public finance is so much different than personal finance. Every suggestion on here bases dollars and cents on their own personal finance experience. You cannot do that with public dollars, it just doesn't work that way. Every figure the school gets is an estimate based on possible state, federal and local tax dollars and is constantly changing,(ie. recent property value changes) until the school gets the funds they are only estimates. Not only that but those dollars cannot be used for whatever the school wants to use them on. Certain taxes have to be used for certain things. Personal finance you get a paycheck and you can spend it or save it how you want. Schools don't work that way.


I hear you T.P. Why not on the loan? 2.75% interest is like cheap money on a loan and the immediate repairs get made until we can resolve this. I wouldn't want to run any entity not knowing what my income stream was but if I faced that constant uncertainty, I most certainly would plan for the worst and live within my means.

Certain taxes approved by the community was used for other than intended, as well. The stadium donation was hidden in the building design loan with a five year $750,000 annual loan payment coming due....even after the voters said not right now. This is the type of hurdle we are facing right now. Please tell me if I'm wrong.

Thomas Paine

Using the logic of 2.75% is cheap money; voters should have approved new buildings when we had a chance with the state subsidy and we wouldn't have wasted countless years of putting money into the building equivalent of a 1976 Pinto and having to borrow money to fix it just to keep it relevant. The comparison of the age of the building not being an issue because your home is older and is just fine isn't a valid comparison either. Your home doesn't have thousands of people walking in and out of it daily. Imagine what your house would look like if you have 750 children living in it and using it. I think the public doesn't fully grasp the cost of maintaining public buildings. This whole mess is continuing to cost more and more the longer we delay the inevitable. So hiding behind being fiscally conservative is absurd when every decision being made right now is costing us millions of dollars. The fact is the school has enough money to either fix the buildings OR run the school not both without a levy. I am assuming the "using money other than intended" is the millage move. The millage move became a necessity because the community has refused to fund the school and insists they have enough money to do everything the community wants them to do and the fact remains they don't. They have had to use creative means to stay above water and live within the means mandated by the state and keep services like athletics, bussing and other extras that aren't mandated but keep us competitive with other school districts. The bullet points of the no voters only takes into consideration snippets of information not the whole picture of how we ended up here. Has the board always made the right decisions absolutely not. Hind sight is always 20/20. Have they tried to do what's in the best interest of the district, I can emphatically say yes to that, only after looking at a full history and reading countless boring meeting minutes have I come to the conclusion. I bought into the no stuff at one point in time too, then I started asking questions, not only our district but other districts as well, if you don't trust our board members ask another schools board members to explain something to you. Why would ALL of them lie to you? Their stories are the same. Each and every move made has not been politically, popular or easy to understand but given the funding issues all schools face its easy to see the writing on the wall and the attempts the board made to not be where we are today. I think the message somehow could have been delivered differently and the timing of certain things could have been done differently, but that is pure speculation since I don't sit on the board and don't have all the information or nearly enough time to dissect and analyze all of it. Personally I think the biggest mistake they made was trying to build a school too big for a conservative community. Many voters out there go by perception which seems to be the driving force behind a lot of this versus reality.


Thanks T.P. But the voters said no several times so where do we all go from here? What does the message need to be knowing the public isn't swayed by pay-to-play fees, teacher and program cuts, etc.? What is the next step in moving forward?


The pay to play fees are due in full today, right? I imagine the checks are rolling in. If a football player doesn't pay by Friday, does he still get to dress?


Perkins has a playoff football game Friday night. Wouldn't it be great if EVERY single parent of a football player REFUSED to pay the "pay to play" fees? What would Perkins do? Not one player would be eligible to play.

red white and blue

With all this hoopla going on how does margaretta do it? Graded A in academics and no pay to play yet nothing but more money more money for perkins. I for one am so looking In to this open enrollment after this year done with the drama and the taxes!!!!


Margaretta gets 5 mil more in tax revenue than Perkins.

People keep asking questions like this, but the reality is we really do pay that less than EVERYBODY else.


I agree with Subtle.


Compare the millage rates of two. Also look into the areas that Margaretta is not scored on by the state, and that Perkins is. Also gain an understanding of how those scores are derived. The scorecard is not everything it is cracked up to be.


This is false, report cards are standard. Perkins is not scored on more nor is the computation different, why would you say something so misleading?


I grant you that the scorecard is the same, but some districts will not lose points in certain areas because they don't have enough or anything to grade.

This was well spelled out by Subtle in a post on a previous article.

red white and blue

Perkins pirate^^^^ your comment sounds like one of those commercials for etheopion kids

red white and blue

I dought very highly they get 5 mil more they have less kids smaller community who's paying it ? What companys are there to get tax from the subway sandwichs.


You are correct, I'm sorry it is actually 4.93 mils more, I rounded up to 5 mils because I was in a hurry yesterday.

In case you were wondering about the rest of the area schools:
Edison gets 7.24 mil more
Vermilion gets 3.48 mil more
Sandusky gets 13.58 mil more
Huron now gets 9.53 mil more now that they passed their levy.


Right, Subtle but clearly the public is saying no. What is the next step to sway the minds of almost 3,000 people? I'm all for figuring out what everyone wants to get this issue moving in the right direction.

Also, I read in the SR that Norwalk hasn't passed a levy since 1991 and I believe they built a new school. Not sure if it is an entire campus housing K-12, though. ?


Norwalk has a school tax, I believe.


Is this a possible option, Informed. Have no idea what is involved in this process, cost to taxpayer, etc...

red white and blue

Bherrle^^ I'm not a hater so u shouldn't be either. My hats off to this school no matter how they got the grade lets not deminish it.I was only simply pointing out that this school does it with an old school old stadium and a pay freeze till times were better maybe we could learn something from that notice I said WE !


I have nothing against Margaretta, it is a fine school system. My criticism is of the state scoring system.


Perkins teachers have had their pay frozen for three years and likely will for 2 more. I believe the administrations pay freeze doesn't end until 2016, but I could be off. I'm headed out so I don't have time to check just yet; but suffice it to say both teachers and administrators are currently frozen, have been for a while, and will continue to be at least through next school year.

Mr. D

Parents of choir kids could start going to church with their kids and put them in the church choir. No fees there.