Perkins Schools levy results

Perkins Schools levy shot down
Melissa Topey
Nov 5, 2013

Perkins Schools 6.73-mill, 10-year levy, with all precincts reporting, according to unofficial results:





You did notice the OVH overwhelmingly voted yes didn't you? Without any "help?" Won't hold my breath for anyone to apologize for the ugly accusations leveled against the students and BOE from the last levy attempt.


You Perkins people are a hoot! When one crosses Perkins Ave going south they move into Perkins township, not the F'in Hamptons. Get over yourselves. Looks like a merger with Sandusky is in your future. Don't want it? Why? We all know why, you're bigots. Half of you have maxed out credit cards, are in over your heads, now play to pay! LMAO!!!

Gyro Cart Guy

This is a First-ballot Hall of Fame Comment. You had me at Hamptons.


"The Hamptons" :) Pretty good, sugar. I'm open to exploring a merger and have said this before. With open enrollment, the merger has already started.


Since so many people are saying the 'no' vote was because of money, I'm sure each person voting yes or no had a specific reason for why they voted that way. My thoughts are, just because the levy didn't pass, it doesn't mean that repairs can't be made to the school(s). What it does mean is that people COULD come together as a community and donate money to make the necessary repairs. If money isn't a factor and you are really just looking out for the kids, don't you think it would be better to take some of the money you would have paid if the levy had passed, have a leader start up a fund and allow people to donate to it for repairs that need to be done, or extra curricular activities, band, choir, etc.? I mean there are athletic boosters that raise money for sports... don't you think there are people who would donate more freely if they knew that all of the money would be going to building repairs or another specific area? Just as there are people who donate to sports, maybe there are people out there who would donate to band, choir, science, etc. I am sure there are probably people out there who would donate for reasons other than sports. Just a thought........

Good 2 B Me

The 'NO' vote was not about tax money, just so we are all clear on that!

Otherwise, I agree. Get that booster club out there seeking huge donations like they did for the Stadium!


It is only about money and I just want to remind you that it was only $26 per month that the no voters betrayed the kids for. That is how much just two 12 packs of beer per month or one pack of cigarettes per week would cost. Just cutting out a fancy cup of coffee two times per week could of paid the $26 and given the children a new school, activities and all of their dreams would have come true, just one restaurant meal per month would have paid the $26, that is all anyone was being asked to pay was $26 which is the same as HBO and a bottle of wine for the month. Did I mention what really got me mad was the constant lying that it was $26 per month? Did I ever explain how offended I was that the levy campaign members decided to relate the false price with what things I should do without in order to pay for their children's entertainment?


$26 a month!!!! EXACTLY!!!!

So you are saying it's OK for me to give MY hard-earned money to PEOPLE WHO HAVE PROVEN ON A REGULAR BASIS that they mis-manage funds, con / lie to the public, and also to teachers and administrators who are making more than me (someone who is college educated, lives within a budget, and works hard for every dime I earn)?

I DON'T THINK SO!!!! GREAT job Perkins!!!!

Food For Thought

I am confused? Are you angry at supporters or no voters?


I'm not angry at voters from either side, but I do believe the NO voters made the right choice.

I'm merely replying to Pyrates point about her wanting me to give an extra $26 per month (for every $100K my home is worth) to people who obviously have a history of making poor financial decisions, and just so her kids can play sports.


Maybe PHS should think about uniforms, then all the money the parents spend on clothes could pay for their dreams. I don't smoke or drink beer, but it is MY money and that may very well cut into something extra I deserve, be it beer, wine, movies or restaurants....


While I voted no, I'm completely against what Suitcase above has just said. Our teachers are excellent and I'm quite proud of them. This was never about them, but more about the continuing fight to build, build, build from the BOE and Superintendent never with a plan mainly focused on our kids.

The original levy a few years ago leveraging the stimulus money should have aimed for a simple solution and sold better. That was so massively mishandled, everything since has snowballed and the BOE is fixated on building and the No voters are fixated on Gunner.

Perkins renewal levy passed last year. There is enough money to properly run this district. Budget with the money we have and focus on our kids for the next year instead of fixating on building Camelot.


Here's to hoping we get an actual budget next year based on current money and not a wishlist and another year of political campaigning.


I presented other possibilities to the superintendent on school funding and was told "no thanks". Part of the suggestions were similar to those mentioned above like fundraising for building specific sections of the school. Another suggestion was to present a levy that funded a main building and other levies on the same ballot that funded areas such as the pool, auditorium, music wing and gym. This allows voters to decide what they want in a school. I was told this was not possible by the superintendent but I didn't give up and researched it more. The state approved this method of funding on a ballot.

I have kept quiet on these blogs during this last attempt to pass a levy. The results remained the same. It's time for the school board to pursue new funding methods and start the healing process.

The school board, superintendent, administration and many teachers know my real name. Don't you think it is time we work together? I'm just a phone call away.

danbury dad

I know I am not from Perkins Twp. but I have followed this issue for a long time. In an off election year this is an enormous defeat for the levy. It is evident that the voters want change before they vote for a tax levy. If it is all about the kids as both sides want why are there so many bullheaded people not willing to change. I like to see a community standing up to the public servants they hired by election on something they deem important. Listen to your Voters BOE, implement the changes they desire they give you your paycheck at the end of the day and you are beholden to them. Not he other way around.

Good 2 B Me

YES!!! We have a winner!


Is it possible that the BOE 5 years ago brought Jim Gunner into Perkins and informed him to "bring us into the 21st century and build us a new school at all costs"? By not living here, Gunner could detach himself knowing this would be a polarizing issue. Maybe Gunner has done EXACTLY what the former BOE brought him to do. It has failed, a new BOE is now at the table, and it is time to move down the road.
Also, since Perkins Locals is in such a financial hole, is the person responsible for these finances (and advise of spending) doing his/her job properly? How qualified is the person in charge of the finances? Should there be a committee set up to monitor the finances? In further regards to this issue, when does/has the Kalahari cash flow enter the picture. Is Perkins getting any money or is Kalahari still not contributing to the district? Whose decision to allow abatement if the school coffers were in need when this decision was made? Should something happen to KBI in the very near future, what has Perkins done to plan for this?
In regards to the ridiculous pay to participate fee, how was the current amount derived? Wasn't part of the divisor based upon LAST YEARS' participation level? What if THIS YEARS' participation level is higher? That would mean LESS than $730. And was 2012-2013 REVENUE part of this voodoo mathematical equation?
The voters of Perkins NEED a reason to vote yes and no one has presented that reason. Even when the economy was fine Perkins did NOT vote for levies. If someone could research the 20 year history of the Perkins Local School votes, that would be very interesting for the BOE to see...Perkins doesn't seem to vote FOR levies, only when they are well informed and feel good about the schools.
Is it possible for the PEA to give back 3% of salary this school year to offset the pay to participate fee? With step increases, this 3% giveback really amounts to a true pay freeze which would be honorable to start the healing process. Again, to you much smarter people, would 3% of salaries pay for 650 kids to participate? As well as the MS kids $185 fee?
The community needs to combine with ideas to crest this mountain. What a shame for a once proud school.


not suprising

Thomas Paine

Would love to be a fly on the wall at the meeting of the minds with what appears will be a puppet member of the board. I would assume the Board president - I believe is Mr Kosior? - will be meeting with Mr. Ahner first to inform him of proper board practice and protocol. Any board should speak through the president and anything in executive session should stay there and not become public knowledge. Of course board members can meet with the public and discuss ideas and directions they want- the board members need the feedback. A good board member will take those ideas into consideration, be a leader, and make a decision based on the best interest of the district which doesn't and shouldn't always reflect public input. There is a difference between leadership and popularity. Mr Ahner has a lot to learn. I wish him the best and I pray he is a quick learner. I actually feel sorry for him with the Vote No group pulling his strings combined with his lack of experience and the groups obvious lack of understanding of the role of board members and the superintendent. Just making an observation but the path the no voters (and majority) have chosen, the path I will live with regardless of how I personally feel, will cost tax payers twice to three times the tax dollars in the end. I feel the end game for this path is a Perkins/Sandusky merger.


Just an observation for those who thought unethical and shady things went on at the OVH. 33 for the levy and 13 against
. Guess maybe the accusations were made up.


RE: "$26 a month!!!! EXACTLY!!!!

So you are saying it's OK for me to give MY hard-earned money to PEOPLE WHO HAVE PROVEN ON A REGULAR BASIS that they mis-manage funds, con / lie to the public, and also to teachers and administrators who are making more than me (someone who is college educated, lives within a budget, and works hard for every dime I earn)?

I DON'T THINK SO!!!! GREAT job Perkins!!!!"

I don't see where people come up with mismanage funds. The Perkins district has received, from this community roughly half (for some) and not more than 2/3rds the tax revenue of all other districts in the area. And has managed their money just fine for 13 years. Of course that meant there wasn't 'extra' money laying around like most schools have to have things repaired perfectly over the past two decades. Things were fixed 'as best as they could be within the confines of this district's pitiful tax support. Recently, the state started taking money (2.5 million per year) from Perkins to fund other schools. They made this decision because they find the average community with median incomes similar to Perkins township manage to support their districts even without help from the state.

I'll tell you what, I'll give you $50 dollars per month that you can use on your car. That is all the money you can use, for gas and oil, cleaning, etc.

You may be able to budget it precariously so that you can actually get where you need to go FOR A WHILE, but eventually, probably before even two years have passed. The car will be in disrepair, probably need hundreds of dollars worth of repairs (due to having to stretch the time between oil changes so you can actually have the money to drive it) and it will look 5 years older than it is because you won't even have had the money to vacuum it out on a monthly basis... that is Perkins, they get basically nothing from the community but they keep the car running.

Now lets pretend the city of Sandusky has a car and I give them $73 per month (incidentally, those numbers are proportionally EXACT with the difference in the millage, 28mil/41mil). Sandusky can put the same $12.50 per week in their car for gas, but they also have money left over for oil changes, and cleaning. Since they have extra each month, they can even set aside a fund so when the tires start to wear down, they can replace them, or if a tire blows, they can replace it without having to ask for more money so their car isn't out of commission completely.

Does that help illustrate the difference in managing Perkins budget as opposed to any other school in the area's?

Now as for your income and teachers' income. The average starting salary for a teacher in Perkins is $36,094 per year. Assistant managers at Burger King make between 24k and 39k per year depending on location with the average being $28,677. McDonald's is very similar for their assistant managers paying them 17k to 40k per year with the average being $28,640. That means our college educated teachers are starting out at just $8,000 per year over what a assistant manager at a fast food restaurant starts out at. The guys that Buckeye send to your house to hook up your cable make on average $30,846; and the average insurance salesman makes $36,083 per year.

Who am I to say you are mistaken, but I highly doubt you graduated college and found a job in your respective field that started at less than $36k per year, but who knows some degree paths yield much better results than others. Of course your argument is moot if you took a job that does not require a college education or is outside outside of your area of study.

Before you ask, the average teacher salary in Perkins is $60,209. The Under-Pharmacists (pharmacists in training) at Wal Mart make on average $71,267 and the head pharmacists make on average $120,322 per year. Plumbers at Roto-rooter average $51,748, and The average accountant at Barclais makes $67,391, and finally your average registered nurse with Kaiser Permanente makes $77,688.

NOTE: for professions that had listings by individual companies such as nurses and accountants, I picked a company in the middle of the pack. The deviation from the listed average in both cases was within $10,000 (+/-) for various other companies.

Does that clear anything up? People wonder why I feel almost every statement has to be responded to in great detail to filter out the fantastical misinformation.


Subtle - what don't you get?

Its the stadium. The BOE does not seem reasonable when they say:

"The buildings!!! The buildings!!!! We need more $$$$ for buildiings!!! The buildings are dangerous!!! We have to have $$$ for buildings or education will suffer!!!"

But here is $1.7 million dollars for a stadium that they said they would originally provide $850,000 in matching funds for??? They do not prioritize properly. That is mismanagement. I'm going to go with your beloved car example.

"I need a new car so I can get to work. My car is not worth repairing anymore because it is so old. Give me $ for a new car, but ignore the fact that I took a lavish vacation which is why I don't have money for the car."

That is mismanaging funds and priorities and that is what has turned a lot of yes voters into no voters.


The stadium bleachers were condemned. That meant if they didn't replace them, there would have been no football program and no track. My son and oldest daughter graduated Perkins already and my youngest daughter still attends. I have lived here all my life and love this community and school district, but if Perkins had to cancel their sports programs for even a single year, I'd have open enrolled them all to Huron faster than you can say "Go Tigers!"

Why because you don't get into good colleges without extracurriculars. You don't learn hard work, dedication, and leadership without sports.

I've said it before, create a project such as design a fund raising campaign for Perkins schools where students have to order product, set prices, and organize labor and design it to be completed within a month, at which point the team that has made the most money wins. Give me a team of 3.0 GPA students who are active in sports and extracurriculars, and you take a team of 4.0 students that are not, and my team will win every time; and it is that way throughout life.


As far as I know the insurance company condemned them, there never was a true cost estimate to repair or a qualified construction company called to look at the stadium. It was part of the master plan, why do you think the stadium sits like it dose, they knew before they tore the old one down there would be a new school. no trust still will vote NO


Wrong, Subtle. Other schools offered their stadiums including Huron and Margaretta to help plus ours weren't "condemned". Also, you can get into good colleges with good grades and ACT scores....and money!




The stadium was extravagant. The athletic program is extravagant. In life, we often don't get everything we want. Your BOE chose athletics facilities first. Education facilities will have to wait.


Only is this area do you get people who say the schools here are extravagant. You people need to get out more. Go to other parts of the state or to other states. They think our schools are a joke.


Stadium was extravagant in the face of facilities that are so bad.


Colleges look at a lot more than sports... they really look at volunteering and being active in the community. And you don't need money to volunteer...Something for all you sports advocates to think about.