Perkins Schools levy results

Perkins Schools levy shot down
Melissa Topey
Nov 5, 2013

Perkins Schools 6.73-mill, 10-year levy, with all precincts reporting, according to unofficial results:





Got it, dude! Let's move on and help find some answers. Once the dust settles, it is time to get back to work and engage. This has been a long few years and nothing has changed since this campaign started. What is it going to take to right this ship? Yes voters have to start asking themselves this. I'm a yes voter when I believe in what I'm voting for and why. Persuade me!


"Class on and off the field?".......or on our new 1.7 million dollar bleachers that were part of the 3.5 million dollar design loan!!! $700,000 for five years and did you know that the bleacher donation was included in this loan and the inside millage is being used to pay it? Don't get me wrong, I love our stadium, but again, could the old have lasted a little longer to buy us some time. Also, if the district had to take out a loan to make this contribution, why not have the boosters and community continuing their work to fully fund the project. After all, we are and were in a fiscal crisis!

God Of Thunder

What it all boils down to is this... The previous BOE, being attached to Gunner's Geppetto strings, have all lied and deceived us as taxpayers. Until the board members that have screwed us all are removed, there will be no levy passed.Congrats Mr. Ahner for your election. Work to get the other nitwits out of there so the system can get back on track

Lin Williams

all politicians LIE AND ARE DECEITFUL! Why don't you refuse the Erie County tax hike that just occurred, refuse to pay that see where it gets you!

God Of Thunder

I refused to pay this school levy today!!

Truth or Fiction

Scapegoats in the order of importance:
1) Superintendent
2) Board of Education
3) Teachers
4) Staff and support personnel
These are the same scapegoats highlighted by district school levy opponents. This is not new and is not limited to Perkins. First the opposition attacks the leadership. Then they attack wages and benefits in almost a jealous rage reminiscent of the French Revolution. Then the purists in the group attack student extracurricular activities noting that reading, writing, and arithmetic are the only studies needed for a well rounded educated student. The one important item the opposition fails to highlight is the damage caused to students.

I would hope that we get over our grievances and find common ground to be constructive not destructive!


There is something really wrong, bordering on immoral, about people who are literally gleeful about destroying their excellent school. And don't give me this "we care about the school so we vote no" bullcrap. You don't. The glee is palpable. All over what? A couple McDonald's trips a month?

Can you imagine being a 13 or 15 year old kid...who reads these comments? Then wonder if mom and dad can come up with the $1,500 to pay their athletic fees? I can't.

Enjoy the kids running through your backyards at 3:30 pm instead of being in an organized activity.

Third generation syndrome. Someone else built it, your parents sustained it, but you people don't think you have any responsibility to perpetuate or improve it.

I can't believe this is the community I grew up in.


Well put. I did not go to school here, but well put. Now we will see the real fall out. If things don't change the real fall out will be next school year.


Definitely agree with this, too!! My son couldn't play football because I couldn't afford it. He wants to work to help out, but he's too young, so he comes home and is bored out of his mind. I will say this...despite the issues, these kids have bonded, and are even more full of pride than before. They're making the best of a crappy situation until it's resolved, which is what the NO voters needed to do, too. Support the children in their crappy situation until we can get Gunner out.

Rude McGootch

I have always voted yes for Perkins school levies. Today was the first time I hesitated when I sat down to put pencil to paper on my ballot. I thought for a long time before deciding to vote yes, despite Gunner being the Superintendent of Perkins Schools. I fear we will never be able to pass a new levy as long as Gunner remains Superintendent. That being said, people need to realize that our new stadium was built with mostly donated money and labor. The grandstands were condemned on the old stadium and replacing them, along with the needed repairs of the field and infrastructure, would have cost the District as much or more than the what they paid building the new one. Perkins High School is the cornerstone of our community and we should all be proud of our new stadium instead of bad mouthing it's construction without knowing the facts. I do blame the current board for not educating the public on the breakdown of the cost of the stadium or the levy situation. The BOE needs to explain and educate the public instead of hiding and remaining mute. I'm a firm believer in the theory that any business looking to relocate to an area looks at the schools to see what kind of community they're moving into and what kind of educational opportunity they offer. After all, they don't want to move to an area filled with dunces. I fear that if Gunner remains, and the BOE sits on it's hands and does nothing to educate the public on the problems they face and explain the current fund situation adequately, they will NEVER pass another levy.


Until this town stops being fixated on one person (the Supt (current, past, or recent past)), and realizes what is being destroyed (classroom instruction) through elimination of jobs, they won't pass a levy. Until the town values education over politics or personal grudges (both with the school and their fellow neighbors), it won't pass a levy.

Until this town stops making the local school the proxy for their tea party, anti-government beliefs, because it's the only tax it gets to vote on, it won't pass a levy.

Meanwhile, the poor kids get fat playing xbox instead of being at track practice while the kids of means notice nothing. Public school, really???

Shame on you, Perkins.

Good 2 B Me

"our new stadium was built with mostly donated money and labor"

50/50 does not equal mostly

Gunner and the BOE stole $1,700,000 from the operating fund to build this stadium. Now he has to ask the people that use said stadium to pay to use it.

This is called irony.


This makes me laugh, today's parents by their children $500 phones, new cars & anything else they want but cry about pay to play.
My bad, tax payers should foot the bills for school sports.




I 2nd


LOL. The same ones complaining probably have plenty of money for that pack of smokes and 12 pack of beer. Cut out a few of your luxury items and ante up mom and's for your children for crying out loud.


A lot of stay-at-home Perkins trophy wives might have to grab a job app and get their fingernails dirty if Jimmy & Julie want to continue to kick around a ball. The end is nigh.

Meanwhile your Supt just shifted into 5th gear while driving to Bryan, OH the second his work shift ends thinking 'The best part about Perkins, O is LEAVING Perkins, O.'


@Rude. I felt the same way when I sat down, but voted yes. We will NEVER get a levy passed until he is gone. END OF STORY. But dont forget he called the insurance company and had our stadium condemed. Our new stadium 3.4 M that 1.7 M was paid for by FRMS and donations. The other 1.7 M is being paid by me and you. I will continually vote yes, but thats only 1 vote. Wake up people. Quit being YES people and open your eyes. The guy and his puppets destroyed our district. Lets wait till August. Put a levy on the ballot for 3.5 Mil. And lets explain where this money will go step by step. Lets lower the pay to play fees by having some local sponsers. If your kid plays sports let him get up on Saturday and go help out with the carwash. Change needs to be made. I will still keep voteing yes.

dire wolf

I assume the Board and Gunner now realize that they should not have taken without consent the 2 million or whatever it was out of the school operating fund just to try to make their football field look better, while all the while thinking that the taxpayers would just anti up later anyway. It was low class dirty politics what they did, and quite honestly, i am proud of the Perkins residents for standing up for what is right and saying they won't take that kind of cocka going on behind their backs. Please don't say it is more about the kids, this was an adult game they played, and they tried to use the "kids" card as their pawn/leverage. Every person on that board who voted yea to take the funds out of the operating fund should hand in their resignation tomorrow at 8:00am... But then again, i don't have a horse in this race, so i don't really care, it's just my opinion.


@Dire Wolf.
Your right. If the Chapman guy cared about the schools, honestly, he would step down first thing tomorrow. Gunner on the other hand still gets that nice check.


If the kids in Perkins are the type to run wild and turn to crime because the entire community wouldn't endure a lifetime of higher taxes to provide their amusement.....well if they are that rotten then I am glad we aren't giving them anything. I guess if I couldn't have been in Yearbook club and Future Teachers of America when I was in High School I would have joined a Street Gang and killed people.


Some of the comments on here are hilarious, some are ignorant, and others are informative.

The ones that annoy me most are those people complaining about the pay to play fees and how kids will be running around after school and terrorizing the public.

BE A PARENT and make sure your kids stay in line. Otherwise you'll get to pay fees of another sort, and your children will have a nice criminal file to go along with some (more) serious problems aside from not playing a sport, participating in band/choir, etc.

Plus, I believe Perkins passed a police and fire levy earlier this year, so maybe the rent-a-cops can earn their money if those problems arise. Hopefully they won't.

Quite often in life, we don't get the things we want and have to work hard to achieve our goals. Sometimes those goals are achieved, often times they are not. The kids these days are spoiled rotten, and it's about time they learn first-hand that they can't always get what they want.

I see the dismissive and disrespectful attitude a lot of students have for adults, and acting out when they don't get what they want. Go to Walmart, a classroom (in any school district), or pretty much anywhere out in public, and you'll see what I'm talking about. Can't say I'll have a pity party for this generation anytime soon.

Finally, maybe you should use this situation as a teaching tool (work hard to overcome a difficult situation, don't undermine other people to do the convenient thing...or move money around, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, don't blame others for your problems) for your children instead of complaining about it.


15th asked earlier for me to explain what the yes campaign can do to reach the 'no voter' crowd so I'll try to briefly address the issue. Let me preface this by saying there are SOME who wouldn't vote to pass a levy if it came with a guarantee of a full scholarship for every student in Perkins to the college of their choice. There are also many people who simply saw the vote no signs and thought that the levy must be a bad thing as an anti-levy campaign is very uncommon. Personally, I believe it scared the 'no' group that they only won by 300 votes in August, so they wanted to be proactive.

Clearly the bulk of the community is apathetic to the issue entirely, as we have never had even 50% of the registered voters come out to vote in any of these levy elections. Half of the community simply do not care or feel their vote doesn't matter. The other half was pretty much an even split in August.

What needs to be done is to effectively communicate and explain things that the campaign didn't realize would need to be explained. For instance, first, the average voter, yes or no, probably has very little idea what the superintendent position does.

Clearly, the no campaign has portrayed it as a position of power; but the reality is it carries about as much actual power as a retail store manager. He is responsible for overseeing the employees and supervisors beneath him much like the manager of a store does.

He is responsible for insuring state regulations are carried out and adhered to in much the way a retail manager insures corporate regulations are adhered to in retail stores.

He is responsible for networking with state representatives, other superintendents, etc. the way a general manager of a retail store networks with other general managers and district managers on a monthly basis. These meetings (for both superintendent & store manager) consist of determining what issues are currently the biggest concern, what methods and strategies have been implemented, and how successful the results were.

He can order repairs for immediate structural issues, such as a burst pipe, in much the way a retail store manager can order the repair of a broken toilet. Both can pay for these emergency repairs out of a discretionary fund, but neither can do so much as repaint the lines in the parking lot without the approval of the board, or in the case of the retail manager, corporate.

He can research ideas and strategies implemented in similar districts in much the way a retail store manager researches sales techniques and management strategies used in other stores. Unlike retail store managers whose decisions only effect their employees, the superintendent's decisions effect the school, the teachers, the staff, the students, the parents, and the community. As such, where a retail store manager can implement change because 'Bob' at store 151 said it made his profits increase by 56%, superintendents have to research the research, verify the history and origination, check the numbers and then find experts to check them again. Then, he can present that idea to the board, and ultimately they decide if the idea is implemented.

Dr. Gunner, has even more challenges than a retail manager. The current financial situation is much like if a retail store's stockholders were to call him up and tell him they are only going to give him half the money necessary to pay for the stores rent, upkeep, employee wages etc. The store manager might have to lay off some people, cut hours, divert money from building maintenance to pay for the employees, cut store sponsored events such as employee golf outings or holiday parties... or make the employees pay themselves if they still want to do those things in spite of the money shortfall. The reason I say Dr. Gunner has more challenges is because before a store manager would go through all that, they would quit. Dr. Gunner has worked with the board to find solutions that have as little impact on the school, parents and community in spite of getting less funding than any school in the area.

He's not the president, he's not a king, he's the MANAGER of the school... and before you say "Well if all he is is basically a retail store manager; why do we pay him so much?" think about this. The General Manager at the Sandusky Best Buy made over $200,000 (almost a quarter million his first year!)per year for the first 3 years he worked here after bonuses... Dr. Gunner makes $117,000. Who do you think has a more important , and more complicated job.

Lastly, retail store managers do not have to worry about the legal ramifications of every decision they make the way any administrator at a school does. School law is a tangled web of grey, black, and invisible areas that would make a Harvard attorney laugh at you if you asked them to navigate it (it's just not enough reward for the trouble for anyone actually in the field as a general rule).

So that is pretty much it, though I have probably forgotten some aspects of both Dr. Gunner's job and your average retail store manager; however, well just wrap this up and call it "Voter Information 1: What Can a Superintendent Do"

THAT is what the yes campaign has to do, explain everything...even stuff they shouldn't have to, like 'how much power does the superintendent have'.

Too long, didn't read (TLDR) version: If you don't even know what a superintendent does, how can you blame him for everything? I know, trust your neighbor, he probably does...doesn't he? You have said you want all the facts. The levy campaign will have to give them to you to succeed, but you'll have to listen so you can make an informed decision next time...


People like you are why I cant get my neighbors to vote yes. Quit looking at everyone like their dum perkins uneducated farmers. WE ARE PERKINS.


RE: "People like you are why I cant get my neighbors to vote yes. Quit looking at everyone like their dum perkins uneducated farmers. WE ARE PERKINS."

39 comments on this thread prior to my post and thousands throughout each discussion thread leading up to the election target Gunner as the sole reason for voting no. The villain, 'the tyrant', the 'ruler of the school', the 'leader of the Gunnerbots', the 'king', the 'captain asleep at the wheel' many catchy names and insults that lay the problems all at his feet, list him as the reason for voting no, and indicate he has power that he simply does not have, would disagree with you.

Name me one of the changes to the district or one of the 'problems' throughout the campaign process that could have been caused by Dr. Gunner.

If people had any understanding of what a superintendent can or cannot do, there wouldn't be any comments such as these on here.

The community decides how much money the district gets and then Gunner researches solutions and gives the board possible solutions that they then vote upon. Gunner does not have a vote in this process, nor can he 'veto' anything the board decides. Clearly, people believe he is the villain, and it is because they have no concept what he, or anyone in his position, can or cannot do.

No one said they were "dum[sic] perkins uneducated farmers", they simply need to be educated as to what the superintendent position entails and what limited power it yields.

fifteenthgreen asked what the yes campaign needs to do to reach the no voters, and I'd say, by the number of anti-Gunner comments, that explaining everything from Gunner's position to the inside millage in simplest terms is the highest priority. They are campaigning against a rumor and blame campaign that is based off a vocal few uninformed people that say, (specific to my explanation of the superintendent position) that Gunner is the main problem, and obviously, if you have even a remedial understanding of the position and what it entails, he simply cannot be.


I would like to thank you Subtle for very informative and well-written posts. I also agree as to the approach you have suggested but would like to add that I think fifteenthgreen also needs to be a part of the solution as well. I think the fact that you two are perfect spokespersons for each side, Subtle for the "yes" and fifteenthgreen for the "no", when you have a dialogue I think both sides feel represented and heard. Fifteenthgreen I could be wrong but I feel you had a little something to do with spreading the concerns of the no voter and increasing the numbers and hope and believe that your reasons are truly of integrity and concern for the future of the district. As clearly the levy failed, the no vote increased, and if what I am seeing in your posts in this thread you would like to figure out a way through positive means and come to a solution that will make everyone confident in the administration again. Then perhaps creating a blog (without the help of the register)specific to the cause could facilitate a coming together of sides and have a positive impact to the community. I think this would allow for the "communication from the district" in an understandable relatable manner and also allow questions, comments, and suggestions from the community (in a respectful manner). However I think it important that it is maintained by a representative from both the "no" and the "yes" sides to ensure the "trust" factor.


Thank you, NOTME. We're working on creating an open blog for future discussions for all parties involved. I believe the kids are working on something, as well. We don't want to duplicate efforts. I truly believe that this will all work itself out and the schools and community will move forward together! Agree on Subtle being informative, as well.

Also, I am a huge yes voter when I believe in what and who I'm voting for. I don't like being labeled a no voter. I voted yes for the PI levy in May and will not hesitate supporting the schools in the future should things change.


"confidence in the administration" is vital!


they're, not their

Suitcase Simpson

Just a few thoughts....
- I would like to congratulate the boe and Gunner because so far, there have been no reports of students sent to 'help' vets cast their ballots!!!
- To those who claim that we will now have a crime wave because their spawn will be unable to compete in sports, too bad. Apples don't fall from the tree and we'll find room in the jail.
- To those attacking no-voters with their claims about students' lives being ruined, take a hike. This was more about raises for teachers and administrators as they plot their next attempt to build a 'dream' campus.
- Perkins has suffered from a superintendent and boe who have acted as cheerleaders for the pea. As a result, the teachers' ranks are bloated, over-paid and ungrateful. They demand and gunner pays them more. Don't forget that teachers chose to abandon the classroom so they could wear cheesehead costumes and picket at Columbus against SB5.
Follow the money. The voters have spoken and we're tired of providing the big houses and plush cars for teachers who can't even receive mediocre ratings from the state.
The curtain has been pulled and the wizard-gunner and his minions have been exposed for what they are! Move on, gunner!