Perkins Schools levy results

Perkins Schools levy shot down
Melissa Topey
Nov 5, 2013

Perkins Schools 6.73-mill, 10-year levy, with all precincts reporting, according to unofficial results:





Yet the voters re-elected Chapman. KEEP VOTING NO!


I can't figure that out. Maybe a yes voter is likely to vote for Chapman.


Didn't Franklin suggest eliminating extra curricular activities? If so, political suicide in any school district. In the eyes of many, sports, arts, etc. are more vital to the educational experience than the education itself.


That was a rumor spread by the supporters.


Thanks, Wald. I'm just not sure where it went wrong for him. That definitely was the surprise of the night.

Food For Thought

He's not gone yet!


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Quit whining


Anybody know what the 6.73 mill was for? I still don't know what they were going to use the money for and I followed this thing daily. New school? Repairs? Teachers? Programs? Asbestos removal? Pay to Play elimination?

2.5 million a year for 10 years for what? 25 million dollars!


Glad I'm not the only one that thought that. Basic plans to keep everyone happy but nothing of substance as to their plans had it passed.


Glad the levy failed, but Chapman is still on the Board. I will continue to vote no until Chapman and the rest of them are replaced.


Way to show the kids how you feel


I'm still shaking my head over the $220 HS Choir pay to play fee. For what? To me...that hurts the kids. A fee for nothing!


My simple thought is if there is a fee to participate, there should be a list as to why those fees are necessary and where all the money goes.

Good 2 B Me

Just another way to strike fear into the wallets of the parents. I call shenanigans on Gunner and the BOE!


Agree, ritt. They need to break down what every penny is going to be used for. I have one at Briar and one in the HS and the fees are excessive!


If there are is not enough money in the budget to pay for the music teachers, art teachers, coaches and staff then someone has to come up with the money to keep the programs.


The teacher's wages are not paid for with pay to play fees. My kids should not have to pay for teacher's wages via pay to play!


Why do you need to PAY to take band/choir.....some schools it is a required class?!?!?


I've been saying this from the beginning. I have no idea what the fees are going towards! Art class, as well! It's all about scare tactics and the votes in my opinion but in the end, something or someone has got to give!


Yeah, I feel the same way. The extra-curriculars are outrageous in cost, but I also feel that if it is so important to play sports, then the cost should rest with the parents. Nowadays, sports/extracurriculars are just a way for parents to one-up other people.


Be a Blue Streak!


Without the Levy passing these are the fees that Perkins Parents have to pay per activity. This is what I meant by our kids being out in the cold. For some of these kids this was the only thing they looked forward to and now some of them won't be able to play because the parents cannot afford "the pay to play" fees. So if you know of an anonymous donor that has money to give away let us know.
Perkins H.S. Sports ($730.00) Briar M.S. Sports ($185.00)
Perkins H.S. Band/Choir ($220.00) Briar M.S. Clubs/Co-Curriculars ($100.00)
Perkins H.S. Clubs/Co-Curriculars ($100.00)

Kobayashi Maru

You really think the board and administration is going to make you pay those fees? They haven't held true on any promise, so why do you believe they will now?


Yes, yes I do because it's true and my pay date is here or my kid can't participate in a winter sport!!!

Kobayashi Maru

But yet they were able to participate in a fall sport. And there are still specials at Elementary buildings. And no teachers lost their jobs.



You need to check your facts on the teachers jobs. 17 positions were cut during the summer, and 8 part timers brought back. In the past two years, the district is down 24 positions.

Lin Williams

I don't care how people feel about me but I voted YES! Obviously it didn't matter, but here is the scoop, if my child is kept from participating in sports because of my inability to pay the High School almost 2,000.00 for these outlandish fees, this WILL go in a direction I am sure will not be suitable to all you NO voters! All of us parents that use sports to keep our children occupied, off the streets, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and learning how to be productive will be the first ones crying when half drop out because of inability to pay and then you have Pi$$ed off teenagers out causing disturbances because their passions have been shot down due to your crazy hatred for Gunner! Well played Perkins Well Played!

Good 2 B Me

Wow, if these kids are such horrible people that they need to be occupied and kept off of the streets, why would you think that a few sporting events would stop them from being trouble? Not a very concise statement.

Lin Williams

Very concise statement your just a moron! ALL kids need their time occupied with things that lead to productivity, proven fact young people get bored this usually leads to doing things not so productive! This will back fire on all you NO voters in some way, shape or form. Hopefully enough families having to pay this outrageous fee figure out there is a way around it! Use your mind wisely, and end result could be Perkins tax payers ending up forking out a larger amount of money elsewhere! I for one will not let my child be thrown out of the things he loves to do without a fight! Taking your hatred for Gunner and certain board members out on these children is what shows the intelligence level of our community!