Margaretta school board race

Schoenegge, Miller and Lippert fill the 3 seats
Ariel Nearhood
Nov 5, 2013


Here are the unofficial results for the Margaretta school board race, with all precincts reporting: 

Paul Schoenegge-779

Kent Miller-709

Elmer Lippert-713

Kent Edwards-513

Daniel Miller-558

Steven Rankin-287

Diana Reid-345

Stephen Wiedenheft-405



Elmer Lippert got back in again?! Castalia citizens what are you thinking? He's part of the good ole boys club and all of your money will continue to be misspent! Thankfully we got Senor who will keep them all in line and won't put up with the same ole same ole that has been happening year after year! Congrats to Senor and Kent!!


Glad to rankin get out of there he's definitely not a role model for our kids!


Why is that? How was he not a role model? Curious


I didn't vote for Lippert, because I won't vote for nepotism, if he sits on the board then his wife should quit her job. But then again that's the small town mentality, you just can't seem to get away from it. I just hope the two new members hold his feet to the fire and the good ole boys club is gone for good . Sure hope Curt gets that job he applied for.


Let's hope Miller isn't afraid of Mr.Man--I mean Mcmahon and will stand up to Lippert. Remember, you are Kurt's boss.


I love it how Mrs. McMahon is looked upon as "MEAN". She has been a long lasting board member with pure dedication. Unless you know her first hand, not wise to comment on a public forum about her. As for Miller, he and his family are some of the best people MHS has ever had in the system.


Ah yes, I portrayed her only as "MEAN" because I wanted to keep my real opinions for my buddies at work. It wouldn't be gentlemanly of me to use my really descriptive words on a 'public forum'. She was 'begged' to run again for the BOE by Ed when he saw that he might start getting out-voted when Kelble and Rankin--who were not in the Good Old Boys Club--came aboard. The Miller family is a great family. Let's just wait and see if Kent, like McMahon, hops into Kurt's corner, or is really there 'for the kids'.


Rankin wouldn't be able to pass a drug test that's why he's not a good role model for the kids


Edwards should have won... Senor only won because people liked him as a teacher.. Once again it's a popularity contest in Castalia.


Nice guy too young


The combination of McMahon and Miller will do the school system well.


@thedarkknight9 - Senor being liked as a teacher, first off says a lot about him not only as an individual but also about his years of dedication, love, enthusiasm & hard work for a school system he believes in. It's not a popularity contest where he is concerned. The people believe in him & what he can bring to this BOE. So maybe you shouldnt be so quick to judge. Just wait & see ....


I beg your pardon, I believe kids should look up to him, he is a leader, he built his own business, not to mention, he raised two fine children that happened to be Polar Bears. What did you do that qualifies you as a role model?! He's original and doesn't play the small town game, more power to him!!!