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Nov 6, 2013





Sean Cassidy Sa...

If I was a member of the Vote No blogging community I would be embarrassed by the comments below. A real show of character. Nothing like taking a serious community issue and taking it down to the lowest levels. Sean Cassidy


You aren't a member of the vote no community so don't worry about it.


I just voted NO again! I also voted for Franklin and Ahner! Can't wait to see Gunnie's eyes when he hears that Franklin and Ahner are on the board! That just might be enough for Gunnie to throw in the towel! We can only hope and pray! Time to get this train back on track!

Thomas Paine

I hope the school levy passes so the no substance voters can go ruin another community with their contempt and ignorance. Definition of a No Substance Voter: Voting no out of contempt and ignorance, offering no constructive or reasonable solutions to obvious issues and celebrating someone else's loss versus their victory. There are plenty of legitimate no voters that I have no issue with their stance, however I do have issues with no substance voters that do not offer solutions or ideas that are reasonable or work within the confines of public school funding laws and school board practices.


I voted no because I don't like you! And because I don't like Kool-aid!


No Substance Voters. Hmm...sounds like a good definition for many House Republicans who let spite drive much of their voting.

Thomas Paine

PS every no voter on here is saying the same thing: Cant wait to see Gunners reaction. Shouldn't the no voters posts be; Looking forward to new board members and their fresh ideas to fix our funding and school building issues so we can provide the excellent education we want for our community? Where are the new ideas? What are the new ideas? Gunner leaving does zilch to any of the issues. Other than setting up a poorly funded school district that any new superintendent won't want to work for.


I can't wait to see Thomas Pain's reaction when this goes down AGAIN!


I have to agree with you Thomas Paine!

Thomas Paine

Just for fun lets take Gunner out of the picture and pretend he doesn't exist: No voters please tell me what you see for the future of the district and how we get there. Without making up new rules, tell me using current state laws and regulations for school funding how we accomplish those goals?


Ok now put Franklin and Ahner in place and kick Chapstick out!

Thomas Paine

Very few no voters know how school funding actually works, even the two no voter candidates have no clue how it works. If the outcome is what I expect it to be, this school district is in for a world of hurt, I would expect Gunner to leave as any super would given the circumstances and we will have board members that will have no clue what to do. We will make Hurons School Board issue look minor in comparison. I hope all the board members have good insurance.


And why do the board members need good insurance? Are you threatening the new board members in an open forum?

Thomas Paine

Really? Of course its not a threat. Any board member of any organization needs insurance. And even more so in a situation with a very angry voter base on both sides that seem to be looking for a slip up by anyone on the side they oppose. I certainly wouldn't want to be on a board right now with how the community is acting. You can probably ask all the board members of Huron who are all suing each other and being sued. Its what happens when you elect people that don't have a clue how boards operate. The possibility of the same things happening here will increase costing me even more tax dollars when it does. Just making an observation.

Thomas Paine

Gunner just interviewed for Tiffins job.

Good 2 B Me

So, please remind me about how he in planning to Retire at the end of his contract and only cares about the kids.

Odd that he would be interviewing for a job outside of the Perkins District at a time that he needs to be here.


Let Tiffin or Findlay have him! We are through with him! Don't let the door hit you in the butt on the way out Gunnie!


Some people are just crybabies when things don't go the way they want.Let the voters speak and live with the results.Whiner!!!

sandtown born a...

It does not take a collage professor to see Gunner plays the shell game with the money to get what HE wants not what the voters vote for, for that reason alone it deserves another NO vote


College or Collage??? There is a big difference...

College- An educational institution or a constituent part of one.

Collage- A technique of an art production, primarily used in the visual arts, where the artwork is made from an assemblage of different forms, thus creating a new whole.

Thomas Paine

I will live with the results. I expect the levy to fail. I know there are plenty of those on both sides that will not accept the outcome. Just emphasizing what bothers me the most is half of the information the no voters are basing their vote off of are fabricated nonsense or completely off the wall ideas that can never happen because of state laws and regulations and how a board operates. I have always let voters speak for themselves and I do my best to not say I told you so later because I know there have been plenty of times I have been wrong and there will be more time I am wrong. I just try to base my opinion and vote on facts. I am also bothered by the fact that the entire Levy seems to focused on one person (Gunner) vs. an entire school district.

Thomas Paine

Sandtown, voters only vote for the board members and levy. That's it. Gunner is at the mercy of the board. The board could fire him at any time if they felt he was going a direction the board disapproved of. Ask the board members what the priorities have been- buildings has been at the top or near the top for a while now. If the board feels that's a priority and the super does too don't you want them working together and doing what they feel is in the best interest of the district. That IS why we elected them. Personally I am tired of the modern mentality of people micro managing everything with no knowledge of operations or the facts of why certain decisions were made. The idea that we all have a say in every move the school makes on a daily basis is absurd. The concept that anytime we don't have a vote there is a conspiracy is not only dangerous but extremely short sighted.

Thomas Paine

I would consider running for school board but I would be the first person murdered by my wife before I got to the debates. LOL I would also consider it if I felt my commission income wouldn't take at least a 50% decline because I voiced a public opinion that disagrees with someone else. Its actually the ONLY reason I like the registers anonymous comment section. I can contribute without the political backlash.


Franklin reportedly wants to cut funding for all extracurriculars because he doesn't understand that if you have 2 students with equal grades, the colleges take the one with more extracurriculars. He doesn't seem to want to put in the time and couldn't even make it to the debate because he doesn't understand the issues well enough TO debate them.

Ahner reportedly has a vendetta because one of his relatives was fired for sleeping on the job. He knows almost nothing about the current issues and said he'll learn as he goes. He has reportedly, in the past said he wants Perkins to merge with Sandusky, though he 180'ed on it in the debate.

Uher, the only other new candidate, has actually put in the time to research all the issues. Read the health department reports, read the contractor estimates, researched tax law and finance, and has put in more time preparing for the possibility of being on the board than the other candidates have spent thinking what a feather in their cap it would be to be on it :P

People like to blame, Gunner, but the truth is he doesn't have much power or say in what direction the school goes in. The board makes the decisions, he just advises on school law, educational needs, curriculum, and employment issues so they can make informed decisions. About the only financial control Gunner has is to call a locksmith if a custodian breaks off a key in the lock.

The school has needed 50 MILLION in repair SINCE 2009. The board proposed an option that would get 1/2 a new school paid for with government subsidies, and the voters turned it down.

The school realized the taxpayers in Perkins did not want to support a building levy, but that doesn't change the fact that the buildings need 50 million in repairs. Instead they consulted with experts and found that moving the inside millage would TAKE THE BURDEN OFF THE HOMEOWNER and place it on businesses. It was the ONLY SOLUTION since voters are against a building improvement levy.

This is all while the GOVERNMENT STEALS 2.5 MILLION PER YEAR FROM PERKINS to pay for some other district in Whoknowswhere, Ohio.

The school needs repaired, nothing will change that. We provide the school with very little financial support, and the Board can't magically pull the funding for it out of thin air, though the inside millage was a financially brilliant move!

For DECADES Perkins has existed and balanced the books receiving HALF of the tax revenue that most other districts in the area. The Perkins township residents PAY ONLY A FRACTION of what every other district in the area does, yet for over a decade the school made it work IN SPITE OF lack of community support.

Don't fall for the no campaign's misguided and uninformed statements. None of them have put in the time to have an inkling of understanding about how school finance works. They just don't think our students are worth spending $26 a month on.

Thomas Paine

Thank you Subtle. I do want to blame the board on one thing, not getting this message out to the general public in a way that makes sense to those that don't want to take the time to do the research. I don't know what they could have done differently other than maybe not build as big when they had the state subsidy opportunity. That's the only gripe I personally have with this board and super. The disconnect has become so big that taking a common sense approach or trying to discuss the facts with voters creates a strange level of paranoia and distrust that honestly shouldn't exist. I blame the state for making this boards job and any school districts boards job of somehow dispelling conspiracies and these rumors next to impossible. They have taken on a life of their own and perfectly intelligent people are buying into the nonsense.


Two not so educated peas in a pod!


No, I think you are the one who is the uneducated pea in the pod, considering these two have done their research!

Good 2 B Me

I could care less about Gunner's reaction.

I just want to see the results so we know where we stand.

I voted for change on the BOE and against the Levy.

And Thomas Paine, I am a fully educated voter. I have been a yes voter in the past. Gunner and the BOE have made it so that I cannot with a clear conscience vote in favor of these people and their agenda.

In a voting republic, this is how the process works. We can vote those that we do not agree with, out.



Thomas Paine

Good 2 B Me I understand your stance and appreciate it. There are certain no voters that just irk me. There are a LOT of voters that feel your way and understandably so. I hope we can agree to disagree. I too would have voted for 2 new BOE members had the other options offered something or understood the process. After listening to the debate and asking questions I was extremely disappointed that I felt the status quo was better than what the other two were offering. I was actually shocked at how little either candidate understood the board process and I fear they may not put the amount of hours required into the job either. Subtle's review of the candidates is spot on to how I viewed them as well. My conscience wouldn't let me vote against funding the school because I didn't like BOE members or the super. I tried my best to separate the two.


I vote no until I can see the budget with my own eyes, not something that Jane Doe and Farmer Brown claimed while having a casual cup of tea. I don't want an amateur telling me what the district needs, I want documentation by an official. If I'm paying for it, I want to know what I'm paying for down to the penny, because this is a public school, so it's the public decision so it's something the public should know if they're to make the decision and they're the ones doing the funding. I don't agree with the current board, if they insist they need this huge (enter exact dollar amount here) levy, then things need to be reviewed.

Brick Hamland

Well said Thomas. For all the No voters out there it surprised me that there were not stronger candidates for the board from that side. There has to be No voters out there that have balanced a budget before and understand school funding. I have been vocal about how Ahner isn't a good candidate, but I wish him the best of luck... my children's education may depend on it. In your opinion, how many more levy failures have to happen before students start leaving the school?

Thomas Paine

This was the last chance for many. I expect many of the up and coming HS kids to open enroll elsewhere or at the very least consider it. If my kids were soon to be freshman and needed certain classes and extra curricular activities to get into college, I would certainly have to consider moving them to another school now. Its a shame. At this point I am taking a wait and see approach. Financially my guess is two to three years before the district is taken over by the state and a merger with Sandusky is a serious discussion.


You do realize if the levy passes we would still be paying a cheaper tax rate than any schools in the area. People come on and complain about minimum wage needing to be raised all the time. What Perkins taxpayers pay the district in tax contributions is the equivalent to minimum wage, THE ABSOLUTE LEAST of any school in the area by a loooong stretch.

You can TRY to hide behind a mask of 'I don't like Gunner, or I don't like the current BOE' but the bottom line is it's been over a decade and there have been many superintendents and numerous board members of all agendas, beliefs, and goals for the district AND YET THE COMMUNITY STILL REFUSED TO SUPPORT THE SCHOOL DISTRICT.

You can try to hide behind the economic downturn we had a couple years ago, but the decade prior to that was the most financially stable decade in my lifetime AND YET THE COMMUNITY STILL REFUSED TO SUPPORT THE SCHOOL DISTRICT.

You can try to rationalize it however you want if it makes you sleep better at night; but the bottom line is that this community, that supposedly has Pirate Pride, offers only the ABSOLUTE MINIMUM SUPPORT for the school district.

Heck, we pay HALF THE TAX RATE SANDUSKY DOES and Perkins is a community with ALMOST DOUBLE THE MEDIAN INCOME of Sandusky. We have been consistently horrible with our support and trying to spin it any other way is like trying to say you 'do a great job feeding your children' because you gave them a box of Saltines to share three weeks ago.

Oh, and Perkins2060, there won't be a school or a Perkins by 2060... make that 2020... if we don't pass the levy, it'll just be Sandusky South and anyone with half a brain will be sending their kids to Huron, Vermilion, or Avon / Avon Lake.


Zero TRUST, subtle. That is the problem. Zero TRUST.


So zero trust through 4 different superintendents and over a dozen board members all of whom (BOE Members) were elected? You aren't seriously going to try to play that card are you?


Thomas you are the one of few on here with any sence at all. My son has already left the district and I am sure that many more will follow suit. Why send your child to get a second class education. It is very sad and unless this situation gets taken care of the Perkins school district is in for a world of financial suffering. I choose to send my son to Perkins because of its high standards for education and athletics and now I have to send him to another district that can deliver him a top of the education. You people that just vote no because of a personal vendetta and spite, need to realize the impact you are having on an entire generation of kids that are not going to get the skills they need to take over this community and become successful members of what once was a great community


Vote no because you disagree with the issue, not to stick it to gunner. I mean really how ignorant and immature can one be. Check out other districts in the state that have had similar situations, and you will realize the impact that this can have on a community as a whole. Some times it takes 10 years to recover and some districts never return to what they once where


Do you live in Perkins?


I'm gonna call irrelevant on your question Bobby. There are a number of people commenting on here who obviously wanted the levy to fail, who live outside the district.

They wanted it to fail because they want to see Perkins fail. And they are being enabled by roughly 1/3 rd of our residents.


Quit your whining. You lost. Again. Live with it. Again.

The New World Czar

Does Perkins have a "three strikes and you're out" policy?


I was wondering where Be Hurling was today. Maybe he is looking at houses in Tiffin since the person he blindly serves may very soon need an unemployed guy with a partial education (from a community college) to champion him in Tiffin.


To the Norwalk Reflector: Notice how much passion there is AFTER the votes are in? Just imagine how active an article discussing the issues BEFORE the election would be. Please take note of this and consider having an article listing the issues and interviewing the candidates for various positions in the week leading up to the election. In addition to the additional education on the issues, the comments would be entertaining.

Stop It

I agree. But there is not much drug related in politics unless it has to do with cops and courts.

The NR would flail like a fish out of water.